Know Some Anti Aging Workouts For Staying Youthful And Fit Always

Anti aging workouts
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Premature aging can be distasteful for your style and fashion. Specially when you see those wrinkles, muscular lumps around arms and thighs and also your entire body getting weaker by the day. Anti aging workouts are probably the best way of staying fit, young and feeling refreshed. Many times women even in their early 40’s or late 30’s experience lower immunity, lethargy and excessive stress. This causes premature aging in them. Their skin and body starts showing up the signs of aging. Thus it is very important to follow a diet and fitness regimen

 from early on in life. As the only thing that beats signs of aging are reverse aging workouts.

Anti aging workouts which are effective and efficient:

There are some specialist workouts which are focused on preventing signs of aging and building and strengthening the body to make it more youthful and full of energy. Some of these reverse aging workouts are:

1- High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT:

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT
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High Intensity Interval Training has become one of the most trending of all workouts. It has the potential to help you shed large number of calories in minimum amount of time. The body is put to short period of all out work first and then followed by short period of rest. This helps the body to work harder than cardio or weights. HIIT is a fast paced workout with bursts of exercise and recovery periods all in alternating time. HIIT helps in boosting up your metabolism, building muscle, strengthening the core, melt fat layers and also reverse signs of aging at cellular level. Begin with a few minutes in a day and proceed with at least 30 minutes HIIT workouts for getting the youthful glow on your skin.

2- Yoga for anti aging workouts:

Yoga for anti aging workouts
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Yoga by default is a form of exercise which brings your heart,  mind, body and soul all in tandem. Yoga helps in building and strengthening your muscles. Yoga makes you feel rejuvenated and also helps in better workouts. Some of the yoga poses help in fighting premature aging and also keep you healthy and fit forever. Some of these yoga poses which aim at anti aging workout for women are:

  • Warrior pose or vibhadrasana:
Warrior pose or vibhadrasana
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It strengthens back, shoulder, calf, arm, thigh and balances entire posture. Begin with mountain pose and proceed further. Exhale as you breath out with your legs apart. Turn one foot at 90 degree and other foot at 45 degree angle inside. Hold the position.

  • Tree pose or vrikshasana:
Tree pose or vrikshasana
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It helps in making your balance and posture correct, giving you amazing poise and connect with self. Stand in mountain pose first and shift the right foot to touch your inner thigh beneath the knee. Now join hands and keep the pose for a few minutes.

  • Seated twist or Bharadvajasana:
Seated twist or Bharadvajasana
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Seated twist pose helps in strengthening your muscles and core. It also detoxifies the body and the core too giving you a rejuvenated feeling. Sit in staff pose, bend your right knee and place right foot on the ground. Turn your torso to the right and take your right hand to the ground. Inhale deeply and let the spine lengthen, hold for a few minutes

  • Downward dog position or Adho Mukha Svanasana: 
Adho Mukha Svanasana
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Downward dog position strengthens your body, specially your hands and feet. It builds up strength while stretching your entire body. It rejuvenates your entire body. Begin bending on your hand and knees, keeping the legs and hands straight with palms and feet resting on ground. Stretch elbow and relax upper back, now spread fingers wide. Exhale as you tuck in the pose and hold for a few minutes.

  • Forward bend or Uttanasana: 
Forward bend or Uttanasana
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Forward bend with palms touching the ground is all about complete stretch and balance. It helps in bringing a youthful look and feeling. Stand with feet together, now bend and let your palms touch the ground, try and bend with head turning into knee. Exhale and then hold for sometime.

  • Squats: 
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Squats help in building strength and muscles. It is the best way to get fit and rejuvenated at home, without any equipment.

3- Brisk walk at least 30-45 minutes a day:

Brisk walk at least 30-45 minutes a day
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Brisk walk not just helps you to keep in shape but it brings you peace of mind too. Make sure to walk early in the morning and see how wonderful it makes you feel.This also helps in beginning your day on a positive note which reflects in your skin glow. This relieved stress and also helps in bringing back the youthful charm

4- Zumba:

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Zumba by default is an anti aging workout which focuses driving all the energies into something musical and strengthening. Being a dance based workout it makes you feel rejuvenated and happy also giving you the much needed flexes and reflexes.

5- Swimming:

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Swimming by itself is an all in one workout. A few hours lap swim can bring you a lot of peace and happiness. And as a strengthening exercise it helps in giving you adequate balance, stamina and also keeps you free from stress. This helps in rejuvenating your skin and body too, making you feel refreshed and re-energized

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