Best Beach Wedding Locations Around The World

Best Beach Wedding Locations

Wedding is the most endearing and cherished celebration in everyone’s life. And when we plan for our “I Do”; we wish to make it as perfect as possible. Wedding location makes a very important decision in wedding reception and destination weddings are truly the most mesmerizing of any celebration. So for that dreamy wedding extravaganza look at some of the best beach wedding locations around the world. These private beach wedding locations are truly a scintillating experience for bride groom and the guests too. For romantic beach weddings bring out the most stunning of pictures and these make memories for life.

Best beach wedding locations from around the world:

Beach wedding destinations bring a uniquely serene and magical experience for the sun, sand and the beach makes it truly worthy of this auspicious ceremony. From reasonable to luxurious beach wedding destinations, you have everything you wish for at the marriage, check some of the most stunning beach wedding locations around the world:

1- Mexico:


Mexico is probably the only country which has the most amazing coastline and all its beaches are supremely blessed in landscaping and serenity. Pristine clear waters and picturesque sands are truly sensational for a wedding ceremony. There are ample other activities for the guests including jungles, mayan ruins, water sport, playing golf and just enjoying the delectable Mexican foo. Specially the resorts at the Caribbean sea are a delightful endeavor for everyone. Do check out Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Akumal, Cabo san Lucas and Acapulco.

2- Maldives:


Almost all the resorts and hotels in Maldives have something special to offer. The glittering Indian Ocean and the crystal clear waters with some of the most stunning landscape and architecture gives an altogether different appeal to the wedding ceremony and the many relaxation spa treatments makes it totally worth it. The pristine coral reef, snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities make it a spectacular and dreamy offering for any bride. Lagoons and meals on the beach options make it unlike any other beach destination. From Taj Exotica to Bandos Maldives pick any resort and rest assured you would have the most stunning wedding ceremony

3- Hawaii:


Specially the Big Island At Hawaii has the most stunning landscapes around. The incredibly diverse topography of this island offers ample opportunities for guests to unwind from horseback riding to snorkeling, exploring the rain forest or just relaxing at the beach. Also Kauai the worlds most exotic island at Hawaii offers awe-inspiring waterfalls, canyons, beaches and more. This is a truly stupendous wedding celebration destination at the beach which has ample other relaxation opportunities for everyone

4- Bahamas:


This archipelago of around 2000 islands off the FL coast in Atlantic Ocean boasts sophisticated beach wedding celebrations. The perfectly sapphire blue sky, turquoise water, pure white sand beaches and some pink sands too makes this place a truly romantic beach wedding destination. More than 700 islands to pick from and vows amid the picturesque location makes it stunning for wedding photographs too. From New Providence to Bimini, Abacos to Andros; all its islands have vivid and serene views

5- Jamaica:


When it comes to the true exotic Caribbean culture, nothing matches the Jamaican coastline. The miles and miles of Golden sand beaches and surrounding lush greens on mountains are truly the blessed wedding destination anyone can imagine. Sandals is a great place for destination wedding and many wedding planner options makes it a hassle free beach wedding destination. Jamaica is the love land of the Caribbean and the people are truly enchanting as well, thus making the ceremony a delightful one. This tropical destination has some really romantic offering for those who seek unconditional love even in their wedding ceremony

6- British Virgin Islands:

British Virgin Islands

All of the resorts and hotels at British Virgin Islands give some ideal and intimate ceremony opportunities. White sand beaches and the unique flora and fauna is perfect for the destination wedding. This is a beautiful tropical paradise offering a plethora activities and options like snorkeling, sailing and hiking. This beautiful and bountiful lush rainforest region, offers ample cruises as well, and the most stunning locations here include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jos Van Dyke and Anegada.

7- Fiji:


Fiji has a wonderfully exotic touch to the wedding ceremony as its colorful sandy shore is most stunning of all. Blessed with 333 tropical islands, Fiji is a home of happiness in the Pacific. Its exquisite beaches, deep lush interiors, stunning undersea marvels and breathtaking views with rich culture makes Fiji a great beach destination for wedding

8- Bali:


Bali is bestowed with not just awesome beaches but rich cultural heritage too. A tropical location with wilderness around and the clean sand beaches to make a picturesque location for beach wedding. For an ultimate romantic wedding experience overlooking the awesome Indian Ocean.

9- Key West FL:

Key West FL

Key West is a wonderful beach destination for weddings with its clear white sand beaches and miles of coastline making it exotic and superb. The world famous water sports, night life and historic sites make for an amazing wedding getaway. Dive into the Florida Keys for an amazing and adventurous romantic beach wedding.

10- Bora Bora:

Bora Bora

Tahiti’s most famous Island Bora Bora on the Pacific is a pocket sized powerhouse of activities. Its small size and humongous offerings make it a stunning option for wedding. From swimming to sunbathing along with corals reef, shark feeding and lagoons all around. The colors, the beauty, landscapes and the water all around makes it an artistic endeavor.

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