Best Coats for Petites

Winter is here and all the furry puffy outfits are already showing up big time. And winter fashion makes for the most important style for anyone. winter coat types make for most stylish fashion saga, as most of our year is below the freezing line, amid the flurries and ravishing the glitter and glimmer all around.

There are body type flattering coats and then best coats for petites too, also not to forget the splendid coats for curvy figures and the coats which are flattering for your body. We definitely need those flattering coats for the body figure be it for petite, curvy, straight or plus size. Let us look at some winter coat types and get ideas on how to choose flattering coats to keep up our style high.

Best body type flattering coats for winter weather fashion:

Winter weather brings in a lot more fashion and styling choices than any other season. And these are different styles of coats which are truly mesmerizing and style transforming for any body type. Depending on your body type, there are ample choices to pick from, be it the hooded or the peacoat, every piece of winter apparel brings in its modest and charming appeal. Look at some coats flattering for your body:

1- Double Breasted Fit and Flare Coat:

Double breasted fit and flare coat

This fit and flare coat creates an illusion of a petite frame of the body. It also makes the waistline look thinner and sexier along with giving a definite flattering shape to your body.

2- Trench coat:

Trench coat

Trench coat is a heavy duty rain coat which not just prevents wind or water droplets from entering but also gives a sheer perfect style for those mild chilly days with thunder

3- Anorak:


Anorak is a waterproof jacket with a hood giving the polar region look. It covers the entire body from neck to knee and gives a stunning winter weather appeal

4- Camel coat or the robe coat:

Camel coat or the robe coat

An outerwear made from double humped bactrian camel is a robe cover with stylish appeal. Used as an outerwear for covering your stylish and sexy inner garments during chilly wintery days

5- Boyfriend coat with pockets:

Boyfriend coat with pockets

The perfect stylish pick for winter weather specially for petites to show their curves and also keep their body frame slim.

6- Flange belted coat:

Flange belted coat

Waist clinching coat is to add dimension to your petite frame. This belted coat gives a definite curve to your waistline and a stylish transformation for your winter fashion

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7- Car coat:

Car coat

Car coat is a short and square cut style of coat specially designed for times when you drive and in style. With perfect fitted waist and specially designed collar, this car coat gives a seemingly straight fit to every body type

8- Italian day coat:

Italian day coat

Best fit for any petite figure, this Italian day coat is gorgeous and stunning. Knee length and fitted, in stylish colors is a great pick for your formal outerwear this winter

9- Envelope collar double breasted coat:

Envelope collar double breasted coat

This tailored double breasted coat keeps your petite frame portioned well. Giving perfect waistline highlighted with the fitted coat lining, this is a great stylish pick for winter coats

10- Twill peacoat:

Twill peacoat

Peacoats are designed to make your narrow or petite frame look shaped up. Their drop waist peplum makes the waist line perfectly seamed with the peacoat.

11- Duffel coat:

Duffel coat

Duffel is a coarse woolen material which fasten with horn toggles made from walrus teeth. Rope closures give it a classic vintage appeal and near knee fall gives it a stunning style transformation

12- Parka coat:

Parka coat

Parka is a wind proof jacket with a hood which gives perfect shape to plus sized women. Pick a drawstring design double padded which gives a great waistline and adds more curves to your figure.

13- Padded or puffer jackets:

Padded or puffer jackets

For those chilly winter days when you need the most effective shield from the freezing winds around. These puffer or padded coats are stunning and keep you shielded from chills around

14- Aviator coat:

Aviator coat

For extra cozy and warm appeal pick an aviator coat with fur line across the collar. Also choose some metallic or shiny colors for extra appeal

15- Belted plaid coat:

Belted plaid coat

Just what the Duchess wore at the Christmas Church service this winter, to hide her baby bump and yet keep it stunningly stylish. Belted plaid coats are sure fashion statement giving a straighter frame and keeping your look narrow and straight

How to Choose Flattering Coats for Petites:

flattering coats for petites

There are no secrets for keeping your stylish body frame and whatever you pick make sure it accentuates the body shape rather than hiding or hanging over. There are some tried and tested tricks to pick flattering coats for the body figure which will help you decide which fits your body better:

  1. Pick coats which accentuate your waistline to keep you looking tall
  2. Pick sleek and simple cuts
  3. Keep the length appropriate and do not pick anything too tall or too big
  4. Go for bright and neutral colors
  5. Check the brand’s petite collection and not the regular for your selection