Best Trendy Loafers 2018 And Tips To Wear Loafers

loafers for women

Since human evolution, style or fashion has also evolved. We have always misunderstood women of this generation for not understanding the difference between men and women clothing but since the 1930’s this trend has been going on. Okay! Let’s just go to the point. I am talking about loafers for women. We see a lot of brands or fashion divas wearing trendy women’s loafers and simply rocking the ramp. These stylish loafers were originally made for men and as usual, women just stole them and rocked it.

Lets see what more we can know about these stylish footwear…

What Are Loafers?

Women’s loafers are shoes that don’t use a stitchery or stick-on model and are rather just slide on the foot. Therefore, these women’s stylish loafers are additionally now and again suggest to as slip-on. For the most part, they have a low foot back area or no back area. They are a style for men, ladies, and kids and can be easygoing or dress shoes.

Now coming to the history part of it…

The world’s first ideas about loafers had come from these 2 brands – Bass Weejun and the popular Gucci loafers, from these two styles the rest of the loafers have come from. In 1936 Weejun had made the first loafers which was meant to be a man’s shoe. But a lot of women started buying these loafers and were wearing men size. After 2 years of this, the company had launched a female or women version which was a copy of the original one’s.

But you must be wondering how did the person who made these stylish loafers even get the idea? So here we go…

The development of these fashionable loafers count on the shoes worn by Native Americans which were called the moccasins. But few of the present fashionable loafer styles changed extraordinarily, with a few loafer styles being extremely dressy and few do not even look like the first made shoes.

What Are The Different Types of Loafers?

Here are few types of trendy women’s loafer of 2018 you would want to know, before buying these best women fashion loafers.

Different Types of loafers:

1. Embroidered Loafer

Embroidered Loafer

If you want to stand out in the crowd but wear simple clothes, these trendy women’s loafers are just meant for that. The embroidery on these loafers will make up to the simple attire that you have and these trendy women loafers can we worn daily. I suggest you to check out Gucci Embroidered Bee Loafers.

2. Avi women’s Loafers

Avi women’s Loafers

Having 2 styles in a show can be a unique combination and so do these women’s loafers. When you confused which one to buy – traditional loafers or a mule loafers, you can buy these fold-able loafers which suits the occasion required. These women’s fashion loafers can be worn on denim as well as formal trousers. I suggest you to check out these latest fashionable loafers by Steve Madden – Steve by Steve Madden women’s Avi Loafers.

3. Loraine women’s Loafers

Loraine women’s Loafers

These trendy women loafers can be paired up with your jeans and slacks. It can be worn for casual purpose and a lot of women find these very trendy and fashionable. These trendy women’s loafers are really comfortable with which you can walk fast and hassle free. The small metal work in the front adds up to its simple work which gives you a simple and classy look. I suggest you to see these latest women’s loafers by Sam Edelman called Sam Edelman Women’s Loraine Loafers.

4. Daphne Satin Fringe women’s Loafers

Daphne Satin Fringe women’s Loafers

These trimmed women loafer have a very furry and playful end which will add up to your casual look. The the satin texture of these give out a very posh and classy look. These stylish loafers come in half and full cuts which can be worn according to the outfit you chose. I can suggest to these women fashion loafer called – The Fix Women’s Daphne Satin Fringe Loafers.

5. Pinch Weekender Penny women’s Loafers

Pinch Weekender Penny women’s Loafers

Women who care more about the comfort and durability of footwear, should try these type of comfort fashionable trendy loafers. These loafers have a very sporty look and is comfortable walking for a long time. I advise you to check out these loafers by Cole Haan called Cole Haan Women’s Pinch Weekender Penny Loafers.

6. Driving Moccasins

Driving Moccasins

These trendy women’s loafers have got this Driving moccasins name because of it’s soft leather bottom which makes for a more touchable experience on the pedals. Just image, shoes meant only for driving. Wouldn’t that be so cool? These not only help for driving, but also help for an easy walk. I would suggest you to check out these trendy loafers for women by Tod’s called Tod’s Gommino Driving Moccasins for Women.

7. Reversible Gancini Leather loafers

Reversible Gancini Leather loafers

Love your loafers and want to match it with both your silver and gold accessories. These trendy women loafers can do that work for you. The front metal band can be reversed and be matched with your silver or gold accessory. I advise you to check out these fashionable loafers for women by Salvatore Ferragamo called Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible Gancini Leather Drivers

8. Modern women’s Loafer

Modern women’s Loafer

An elegant looking loafers for women. The fine flat that feels exactly as good as it looks. The hand-polished leather is super soft and still structured. You would anytime be up for trading your plumps for these stylish women loafers. I advise you to see these latest women loafers called Everlane The Modern Loafer by Everlane brand.

9. Stellato Pointy women’s Loafers

Stellato Pointy women’s Loafers

These Loafer are made with rich, topple leather and in contrast you get a feminine pointy toe look. These trendy women loafers give you a elegant look and can be worn with a dress, jeans, semi-formals but just be sure about the color. I advice you to check out these loafers by M Gemi called The Stellato.

10. The Mules

The Mules

Mules have a history which goes back to Rome. These fashionable loafers for women do not have a back or anything covering the heal. These mules were worn in the bathroom earlier and as time passed these are worn in public and has become a huge fashion. You can wear these latest women loafers with any dress or even jeans. I advise you to check out these latest loafers by Sam Edelman called Sam Edelman Laurna Mules.

Here are the variety of trendy women loafers which can maybe give you a basic idea on how and what are loafers and it different types.

Best Trendy Loafers for Women

After being enlightened about the different types of latest loafers for women, you must be thinking of the affordable brands to purchase them. So, here are the best Trendy loafer brands for women.

1. Faux Leather Pointed Loafers – Forever21

Faux Leather Pointed Loafers - Forever21

2. Pale Pink Sneakers – Miu Miu

Pale Pink Sneakers - Miu Miu

3. Pointed Toe – Nicholas Kirkwood

Pointed Toe - Nicholas Kirkwood

4. Belanger Loafers – Jeffery Campbell

Belanger Loafers - Jeffery Campbell

5. Pointed Faux Leather Loafers – Forever21

Pointed Faux Leather Loafers - Forever21

6. Faux Leather Loafers – Forever21

Faux Leather Loafers - Forever21

7. Heeled Loafers Grey – Alexa Embellished

Heeled Loafers Grey - Alexa Embellished

8. Pointed Loafers – Charles & Keith

Pointed Loafers - Charles & Keith

9. Razmataz Loafer – Stuart Weitzman

Razmataz Loafer - Stuart Weitzman

10. Slip-On Loafer – Dieppa Restrepo

Slip-On Loafer - Dieppa Restrepo

These were the best trendy women loafers collection of 2018.

How to wear loafers for Women

After getting all the info that you needed or wanted regarding the loafers… bow its time to read on how to wear them. don’t mistaken, we are not gonna talk about literally how to wear them. It means on what outfits you can wear these loafers for women.

1. Jeans


Almost everybody wears jeans and sneakers, lip – flops, sandals or converse but this latest women loafers can be worn on jeans as well. Depending on what type of these fashionable loafers would go along with your outfit is all you need to understand. It give out a street style look which is eye catchy and simple.

2. Winter jackets

Winter jackets

You can style your winter wear with this trendy loafers for women. It would completely look top notch and a top shop look. Even if you’re wearing a skirt or shorts or denim, on that just wear a thick winter jacket and your stylish loafers.

3. Sweat Pants

Sweat pants

Women who don’t like to change their attire and like to go out how they are and still want to stand out, can wear these stylish loafers with your casual sweat pants. Its a casual spring look and ready to go anywhere look.

After reading all of this info about latest women’s loafers of 2018, you’ve got at least a basic idea on how to stay casual and still look eye catchy. You must have also be clear that loafers can almost go along with any kind of outfit but just need to judge, what loafers for which outfit. Also, pay attention to how you feel after wearing the loafers as feeling comfortable is also an important element.

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