How To Do Cat Eye Makeup And Get The Perfect Cat Eye

cat eye makeup

A cat eye makeup is a flirty and funky makeup trick every girl should have in her fashion repertoire. From the golden era to the millennials, everyone just loved wearing this cat eye make up to up their fashion game. For those glittering, glowing and flattering cat eye makeup tricks, look no further. We have every details on how to do cat eye makeup and still flaunt natural eye makeup with your cat eye silhouette.

Cat eye makeup is simple but needs a little practice and specific tools to get it right. Cat eye eyeshadow is a deep and smoky hot touch that adds further to cat eye eyeliner which is broad and firm. You can either use eye makeup tape or other tools to get the perfectly measured line of cat eye eyeliner.

What is Cat Eye Makeup:

cat eye makeup

First of all for those who have yet not seen or heard about cat eye makeup, it is a kind of eye makeup trick which makes your eyes look deep and intimate just like the eyes of a cat. Full of sparkle, depth and serenity along with broader outline thus making your eyes twinkle. That mysteriously gleaming eye makeup is to die for, specially for evening gala or a concert. Despite the sultry and deep look it makes the rest of entire makeup low key and yet powerfully significant cat eyes. This dramatic classic cat eye look is perfect for anyone looking for some impactful fashion game

Cat eye makeup step by step tutorial:

Cat eye makeup step by step tutorial

Getting that perfect cat eye makeup takes a little practice and effort. Just a simple trick that makes your eyes look like cat eyes and elongated with eyeliner depth. Cat eye makeup is also called feline eye makeup and its is deemed a perfect way of making your eyes glow and steal the show. First prep up the eyes by wiping it clean and applying cat eye shadow to prime your lid. This will also help in smoother application of eye liner. Cat eye makeup is perfect for any kind of eye shape and face type. Step by step guide on how to do cat eye makeup:

perfect cat eye makeup

1. Draw a line outside your outer corner of the eye:

The first step is to draw the tail for cat eye makeup. Just close your eye lid to make the surface even and easy to cover. The use a good cat eye eyeliner and draw a line from outer corner of the eye, at an angle pointing towards your eyebrows. Make it a long and thick eye liner stroke for the eyes need to look prepped and deep.

2. Now make a triangle at the outer end or wing:

After the first step when you make a line, add another line from upper eye lid and draw it to make a triangle. Connect top of the flick you just drew with lash line keeping the outer edge of iris covered beautifully forming a sharp triangle. You may also first put a dot on the outermost end of the wing and inner most beginning at the end of your eye lid. Then join the dots with a smooth stroke of eyeliner. The make another line dropping at upper eye lid from the wing end.

3. Now fill in the triangle:

Use a liquid eye liner for filling the triangle you just made. Layer the eye liner well so that the color is smooth and perfect.

Now fill in the triangle

4. Now connect the triangle to the lash line smoothly:

Begin drawing from outer corner of the triangle to the inner eye corner just the same way you would draw eye liner for normal eye make up, keeping the triangle uplifted. Make it thick when the triangle meets your eye lash line and progress with thinner stroke as you meet the inner corner of your eye.

5. Use Q tip for touch up:

Now whatever smudging or mistake you did, try to fix it using a Q tip. Just dip the Q tip in makeup remover and slowly move it outside the eye liner to get the extra liner marks away. Erase the smudges and sharpen the eyeliner and make it look smooth and perfect.

6. Use mascara now:

Carefully apply mascara and do not smudge the care eye liner you applied.

7. Now proceed on to your second eye in a similar way.

Cat eye makeup using a tape:

Cat eye makeup tape is a smudge free and hassle free way of doing cat eye makeup for beginners who have minimal practice for this flirty eye makeup. Just take a piece of scotch tape say 2 inch in length and put on your hands first to let it get less tacky. Then put this tape at the lower eye lid, just beginning from the point where you wish for cat eye makeup wing to be and paste the tape downwards. Now take your eye liner and draw a line on the tape boundary towards your outer eye corner. You can also put another tape on the upper eye lid beginning from the place you wish to have eyeliner triangle and pasting it upward. Then draw the triangle smoothly. Apply eyeliner and let it get thicker at outer corners. Then apply mascara and proceed further with second eye in the same way.

Tips for Cat Eye Makeup:

Tips for cat eye makeup

Check the cat eye makeup tutorial for lasting impacts and wonderful appeal. To make the cat eye makeup smooth and perfect follow some of the below steps, these would surely make your eye makeup stunning and mesmerizing

  1. Use liquid or gel base eye liners for filling and only liquid marker shaped liner for making the boundaries.
  2. The color of eye liner depends on the color of your eyes, to get that smoky hot appeal. Every eyeliner gives a different appeal to your eyes; like black gives bold appeal, brown gives subtle smoky appeal, White makes your eyes loo bigger if applied on lower eye lid, gray makes your eye look softer and brighter, Nude makes it look shimmering, Navy eye liner is trendy and glittery eyeliner makes it funky and sparkly.
  3. Sit down and rest your elbow on a table to avoid shaky eye liner application. Also rest the pink on your cheek for proceeding in cat eye liner application for smudge free process
  4. Apply dots first and then join them for a better shape specially if you are a beginner. You can also use dashes instead on your eye lash line for easier filling
  5. Do not pull or stretch your eyelid for things can get messy. Let the eyes be the way they stay otherwise
  6. Use primer or concealer to fix any bigger smudges or spills. You can also use petroleum jelly to clear all mistakes done with eye liner. Clear lip gloss can also be used for removing makeup which has smudged or smeared out.
  7. Use a nude brush on the eyeliner to smoother it, just make it sure the brush is clean and free from any colors
  8. Use black eye shadow to clean up broken eye liner line.
  9. Tight line your eyes by putting gel eye liner beneath your eye lids just touching the eyes. Tight lining will remove the visible spaces between the eye lid and eyes.
  10. Use translucent powder to prevent dreaded crease stamp on the cat eye makeup. Then thicken with mascara coats on the lashes.

Follow the tips for cat eye make up and stay retro, stylish and perfect.

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