Different Types Of Body Piercings You Must Know About

Different types of body piercings

Body piercing is the ancient form of accessorizing with jewelry, where small punctures are created and glittering gems are put on it. There are ample spiritual, religious and ornamental reasons which are attributed to adorning different types of body piercings. There are aesthetic reasons and also sexual pleasures associated with body piercing and currently this whole concept has transformed into a larger body art trends. There are different types of body piercings which are popular all over from centuries. Despite the pain in getting the body parts pierced, many people go ahead with piercings at some strange places. And there are some real pleasures which are associated with these body piercings, all worth the pain.

Different types of body piercings which are popular all around:

Body piercing is an art of wearing jewelry on various areas of our body. Some of these body piercings are related to cultural and religious concepts. In some traditions women wear jewelry at specific areas on the body, maybe to depict something like being married or grown up or even virginity. While in other cultures these body piercings may be for aesthetic reasons like the marvel of the jewel or its make where both male and females put them alike. Some of the most popular kinds of body piercings are:

1- Ear piercing:

Ear piercing
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Ear piercings are the most popular kind of body piercing and they are known to have roots back in the old time too. Many people get the ear lobes of their babies pierced as early as newborn stage, which may not be recommended though. For the infections and germs can cause a lot more damage than benefit to these young children.

Different types of ear piercings are: The most common type of ear piercing is earlobe piercing. Even babies get earlobe piercing as it is a part of some popular cultures. These also include standard lobe piercing, upper lobe piercing, Cartilage piercing, transverse piercing, tragus piercing, anti tragus piercing, conch piercing, daith piercing, orbital piercing, snug piercing and helix piercings

2- Facial piercings:

Facial piercings
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Facial piercings cover entire area of face from eyebrows to nose, lips and cheeks. Nose piercings are the second most popular piercings worldwide and in some South Asian cultures they are related with marital status of women in some religions too. Even eye lid piercing is a very common facial piercing kind. Both nostril and bridge piercing are very common in nose piercing.

3- Lip and oral piercings:

Lip and oral piercings
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Though these lip piercings and other oral ones are on face but they are different from the rest. The most popular of this is tongue piercing. These piercings are generally quick to heal. It also includes frowny piercing, tongue web piercing, labret piercing, Madonna piercing, Medusa piercing and smiley piercing too.

4- Genital piercing:

Genital piercing is common both in male and females. It depends largely on individual anatomy. Most of these genital piercings health quickly and well. Though sexual abstinence is needed for healing time. Some of these increase sexual pleasure while others are just aesthetic. There are different kinds of genital piercings like triangle piercing, clitoris piercing clitoris hood piercing labia piercing, christina piercing and more for females. For males it includes pubic piercing, hafada piercing, kuno piercing, ampallang piercing, frenulum piercing, prince albert piercing and more

5- Nipple piercing:

 Nipple piercing
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Nipple piercing is just done around nipples in both males and females. It can be pierced at any angle but is usually centered at the base on the nipple. It may take longer than a year to heal completely. It is largely related to the sexual arousal and more sexual satisfaction. They can get infected quickly and need a lot of care all the time

6- Navel Piercing:

Navel Piercing
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Navel piercing is also an ancient form of piercing the body. Egyptian royal members would do it. It generally heals up well. There are some popular kinds of navel piercings which include innie piercing which is performed just above the navel plug. Outie is performed just outside of belly button and the rick of excess bleeding is prevalent in this. Lower rim navel piercing and upper rim navel piercing are also common on bottom and top

7- Hip Piercing:

 Hip Piercing
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Hip piercing is performed in the pelvic area through the skin. This is a trendy and bold for of body art. It looks beautiful when its symmetrically patterned on both sides of the hip. There are two major kinds of hip piercings; surface hip piercings and microdermal hip piercings.

Tips before getting your body pierced:

Getting your body pierced soon, well there may be some really important aspects you should take not of. There are ample infections and delay in healing which can cause immense pain so check your preparedness for body piercing before getting it poked.

1- Check with your healthcare provider for individual risk and proneness for any infection:

For people with an open wound or any already prevailing infection, it may not be a good idea to get body pierced.

2- Know about the healing timeline beforehand:

There are different healing time lines for different kinds of body piercings. Be sure to check which body piercing you are going for and how much time it takes to heal for a normal healthy individual

3- Be sure to check the lifestyle impacts:

If you are into a job or study at a Church based school which prohibits any body piercing on face, you may have to often remove the jewelry which is prone to causing severe infections. Also if you get anything trendy for the current generation but say after a few years you outgrow the same, you may either have to live with it or get it stitched from a medical practitioner

Be sure to check the lifestyle impacts
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4- Only pick a trained body piercing professional:

Qualified and certified practitioners have a deeper understanding of body anatomy and physiology and thus chances of any infection are reduced

5- Be sure to check your health history and share with the professional undertaking body piercing session on you:

If you have any allergies, heart condition, blood pressure issues or diabetes. Everything must be registered with the body art professional before hand. Also limit aspiring from at least a week ahead of body piercing, to prevent excessive bleeding.

6- Check for, proper tools must be used:

Nickle free pins, rings and studs must be inserted as they reduce the chances of infection. Also the jewelry to be used must be of good quality and must not break off as soon as put.

7- Always ask for a needle for piercing rather than gun as gun causes a lot of unnecessary damage to the tissues around.

 Always ask for a needle for piercing
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After Body piercing care instructions:

Ample care must be taken soon after body piercing specially for those vulnerable areas. There are a lot of guides available and the body piercing professional will share the details when you get it pierced. Learn more on how to take care of body piercing:

  1. During the healing process always wash your hands with an antibacterial soap before touching the body piercing area.
  2. Wear clean clothing and be careful while putting on or putting off the clothes, you must not hurt the piercing.
  3. Avoid contact with anyone else’s saliva, sweat and other body fluids as they may cause severe infections.
  4. Clean the items which will come in contact with the body piercings, say your cell phone or your other accessories. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe every such thing to prevent infections.
  5. Use condom or dental bar while healing for all your genital piercings.
  6. It is generally recommended to wash with soap and water or saline solution as given by the body piercing professional. Soon after the body art is done. Wipe it gently with a damp cloth or tissue as no water must be left in the areas around
  7. Check for infections and see a doctor immediately if you get any pus or yellow deposition

    infections and see a doctor
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  8. Use ice for swelling or pain soon after piercing. Some swelling, redness and heat are common along with a little fluid discharge, but for anything unusual see a health care provider immediately
  9. Do not bath in tub for this may cause water seeping in piercing so shower for a the first few weeks to avoid any infections
  10. Do not use skin products or cosmetics in the area for until it heals completely. As these lotions or products may cause infection in the area.
  11. Avoid sun bath, swimming and sauna as these may cause infection and worsen the pain too
  12. Use non adhesive dermatological tape and keep the body piercing covered whenever working in dusty and dirty environments.
  13. Wear cotton fabrics and loose clothing to prevent undue contact with body piercings
  14. Only change the jewelry after consulting your body piercing professional and always use a good quality harm free jewelry.
  15. Try to keep the piercing area dry and exposed at all times possible.

Try to keep the piercing area dry
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Everything you wished in terms details of body piercing and Different types of body piercings is all here. Some being religious while others for aesthetic reasons and many for sexual pleasure too. These body art basics are popular and trending from celebrities to popular culture alike.

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