All You Need To Know About Dotwork Tattoos And Get An Idea

dotwork tattoo

Otzi (otherwise called “The Iceman’), the oldest man known and his canned human body, has tattoos. Since there was joint infection found underneath each and every one of his tattoos, it is believed that his tattoo work on his body helped to relieve the infection pains. But now, people usually get a tattoo done just because it looks good, it’s cool to have tattoos or to show something that represents them. I am not telling that these reasons are bad and abrupt, you can get a tattoo done for your happiness or satisfaction.

We know that there are different tattoo designs but there is this one tattoo type which is trending globally. Dotwork tattoos. These tattoos are done by placing a lot of tattoos in an order which forms a shape or designs the way you want and gives shading kinda look. These simple dotwork tattoo design technique usually are done with black, blue, Grey or red ink.

Let us Know More About These Dotwork Tattoo Designs

dotwork tattoo designs

What is a Dotwork Tattoo?

Dotwork tattoos are a standout amongst the most complex styles. Complex geometric pictures are made with spots or dots only. The dotwork tattoo professional must be exceptionally quiet and extremely skilled in light of the fact that they need to put each spot in the opportune place. A number if dotwork professionals have additionally given away the tattoo machine and are performing hand-jabbed tattoos. Dotwork tattoos designs are a style and have a style of their, and the shading of spots you come across is around 3D. You can’t get that sort of shading with some other technique. The dotwork tattoo idea is utilized particularly for geometric tattoos, religious and sacred tattoos.

Beautiful Dotwork Tattoos –

Here are few simple dotwork tattoo ideas which are for women and men…

1.Mandala Dotwork Tattoo

Mandala dotwork tattoo

Mandala print has a very long history. These tattoos were first used as symbols, then they had got some meaning. These tattoo designs are very appealing to the eyes. The latest dotwork tattoos design even mandala print.

2. Full Sleeve Mandala

Full sleeve mandala

Even this mandala dotwork tattoo is beautiful and this has a long dotwork tattoo across the entire sleeve.

3. Henna and Mandala

Henna and mandala

This is one of the best dotwork tattoos for women. It gives them a very bossy and dominant look. This dotwork tattoo has mandala dotwork tattoo design as well as the usual henna designs.

4. Jewelry Dotwork Tattoo

Jewelry dotwork tattoo

This dotwork tattoo design is put in such a way that it looks like jewelry. For those who do not have time to wear hand jewelry and don’t have time to buy them, can just get this simple dotwork tattoo design done.



This dotwork tattoo design looks like someone or something is just trapped inside your skin. This dotwork tattoo idea is very unique. It gives a fade away look which is appealing to the eyes.

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6. Black and Grey Horse

Black and Grey horse

This beautifully done dotwork design has black and Grey colors. The limbs of a horse are highlighted and the rest has a black shadow and Grey fade away design. Even this is a unique design.

7.Dramatic Dotwork Tattoo

Dramatic dotwork tattoo

This dotwork tattoo design has a very dramatic look and could mean so many things or it could simply mean that person just admires high tides and mountains. This is a very simple dotwork tattoo design which looks really mean when it is on both the hands.

8.The Moon

The moon

For a lot of people, the moon can mean a lot of things personally or they just like it because of its perfect symmetrical shape. This crescent moon dotwork art gives real moon look because of the composition and the placement of dots.

9. The cub

The cub

Those who love wildlife and wild animals can get this cute dotwork tattoo. The tiger cub just lying cutely is just something really adorable. This dotwork tattoo for women is most suitable and the leg region where the tattoo is placed is also perfect.

10. Cat Dotwork Tattoo

Cat Dotwork Tattoo

For all those people who love cats can try out this tattoo. You can just get a cat tattoo design which looks similar to your cats face. In the picture below the cats face is done in a geometric dotwork tattoo design.

11. Pokemon


Going back to your childhood is one of the best feelings you can ever have. So do your childhood cartoons make you feel. You must have watched Pokemon and trust me everybody loves it and nobody can hate Pikachu of course.

12. Small tree

Small tree

So simple and still so elegant this dotwork art is. Trees always look amazing when they are done in dotwork style. People who love nature or fern trees can get this tattoo done on your wrist.

13. Sloth


This dotwork tattoo design is for those who are just meant for lazing around and their spirit animal is the sloth. This dotwork art would just define you.

14. Planets

PlanetsThis dot work tattoo design is perfect for those who are always out of the world. Their dreams are just high up in the space.

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15. Geometric tattoo

Geometric tattoo

The geometric tattoo is one of the tattoos that has developed in prominence and holds it’s resilience. It’s one of the cool, staggering tattoos that numerous tattoo darlings and craftsman among other individuals pull out all the stops. It conveys an exceptional look of style and has a profound representative significance in it. The vast majority think about tattoos as an old workmanship, and they have been all around for quite a long time.

16. Penguin


This cute penguin tattoo is mostly chosen by girls who love cute things. And the balloons add up to the tattoo. This tattoo is black and white but it can also be done in many other colors and make it look colorful.

17. Panda


Have you watched kung – fu panda? Became a fan of panda? For all those panda lovers, can get this tattoo. You could get a simple panda too but this is just an upgraded version of panda but still looks cute enough.

18. Scene


This tattoo must have been one of the coolest ideas. The planets and a very dusky background is something that attracts the eye. It also has a touch of the earth which is a mountain.

19. Band


A lot of people like a tattoo which look like bands on their wrists. They wear in different shapes and patterns but this band tattoo is really different. It has a scenery inside it and the perfect filling makes it look just amazing and appealing.

20. Firework


This tattoo shows a woman’s hand holding a firework. This could mean a lot of things like the person maybe likes tattoo or that person believes a lot in the concept of human touch. It could also mean something personal to them. But this is a very unique and a lot of people wouldn’t get this tattoo done or wouldn’t even have got the thought about it.

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Types of Dot Work Tattoos –

Above we have seen different dotwork tattoo ideas. Now let’s see what categories do these tattoos fall under.

1. Mandala Dotwork Tattoo

Inking such a complex and significant dotwork tattoo like the mandala requires more than the standard equipment. Inking has a worked in a channel of flaw due to the outcome changes with the hand of the professional, and the skin of the individual getting it. Stenciling by hand can include another channel, which is the reason a machine turns out to be fundamental. Over accuracy, professionals need to choose their equipment in view of the impact they need to make. They can utilize different needles for a similar tattoo, and consolidate surfaces, for example, in dotwork.

2. Geometric Dotwork Tattoo

As a rule, geometric tattoos tend to be drawn from shapes and examples in the characteristic world. A few images, similar to the ones above, are related to more profound religious and social foundations. Among the essential shapes, circles can depict connections and group, and square-based plans remain for steadiness. Joining or associating them is an approach to pass on adjust between the two. More many-sided figures, for example, a solid (three-dimensional shape with 12 plain appearances) may demonstrate the juxtaposition of intricacy and solidarity.

I trust you were delighted in taking shortly more or less of every one of these styles. They are in no way, shape or form the greater part of the ones as of now coursing all through the contemporary tattoo scene, however, they are probably the most unmistakable. Should you need to discover more about these styles.

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