Top 10 Exercises Working Out Pecs For Women To Strengthen Their Chest

working out pecs

Working out lays utmost importance to chest. Pick any fitness routine, you ought to lay emphasis on chest as great pecs not just look good but also they are amazingly powerful. This focus on pecs must be done at least twice a week during your workout routine. Working out pecs for women is not considered important but it actually must be significant for, strong chest helps in maintaining balance and strength along with firm posture. First and foremost query here comes in as how to work on pecs when you are a woman and what are the chest workouts for women which are truly enriching and strengthening. Let us look at some chest exercise for woman which are easy to proceed and give long term benefits of health and wellness

How To Work Chest Muscles And Some Tips On Female Pec Flex:

Some of the fitness routines we adopt, must have proper focus on firming and strengthening our chest. For it not just improves our posture but also helps in gaining strength and courage too. Our entire body must be flexed with the exercise routine we pick up. Some exercises working out pecs for women include:

1. Camel Pose:

Camel pose

Camel pose helps in opening up the entire body and thus stretching it too. This camel pose stretches and flexes your muscles both in front and at the back, it also helps in giving clear and glowing skin.

How to camel pose:

  1. Get down on your knees on a yoga mat
  2. Place the feet little apart from each other
  3. Now try to bring your arm backwards by trying to grab your heels.
  4. Bend backwards as you try to hold the heels
  5. Now open up your chest and back region
  6. Hold this pose for half a minute and proceed again

2. Stability Ball Chest Press:

Stability ball chest press

This stability ball chest press helps in broader range of motion for for chest and triceps. This targets the pecs to an even greater degree. It helps in giving strength to both core muscles and chest at the same time.

How To Do Stability Ball Chest Press:

  1. Hold a pair of dumbbells lie on a stability ball
  2. Keep your mid or upper back held on tightly to the stability ball.
  3. Keep your feet flat on the floor with ankles and knees in one line.
  4. Now with the hips lifted begin with dumbbells
  5. Hold the dumbbells by your chest, palms facing forward and exhale as you push weight towards the ceiling
  6. Hold this position for 1 minute
  7. Now slowly bring your hands down and inhale and keep the body firm
  8. Keep on repeating while maintaining the position.

3. Standing Chest Stretch:

Standing chest stretch

This is a rather warm up exercise for pecs and helps in strengthening the chest too. This stretching helps in preventing any injury or sudden flex on muscles.

How To Do Standing Chest Stretch:

  1. Stand straight keeping your spine erect and abs firm
  2. Now roll your shoulders back and lift your arms up by bending elbows keeping the forearms parallel to your head
  3. Now push your hands back and open up your chest
  4. Hold this stretch for half a minute and proceed again

4. Wide Push Ups:

Wide push ups

Wide push ups are simply the usual push ups with arms placed wider than normal shoulder width. Push ups are the most endearing exercise for chest and core strength. With hands placed wider, the chest is more flexed and this is the most effective chest exercise for women.

How To Proceed With Wide Push Ups:

  1. Lie down in push ups position
  2. Keep hands, toes, spine and abs straight and firm.
  3. Now place the hands wider than shoulder width in line with your shoulders
  4. Press down slowly by bending elbows and try to go down as low as possible
  5. Push back to the starting position and repeat 12- 15 times

5. Cat Pose:

Cat pose

Cat pose is a great warm down or stretch pose which helps to work chest muscles. Cat pose helps in preventing the stiffness of muscles and help get over sore muscles and cramps.

How To Do A Cat Pose:

  1. Get down on your palms and knees
  2. Be relaxed but do not hunch
  3. Arch your back now, as low as possible and move your chest outwards such that the neck stretches backwards
  4. Hold this stretch for a few seconds then relax and repeat

6. Dumbbell plank rotation:

Dumbbell plank rotation

Planks are a great way of strengthening core and improving body balance and flexibility. This exercise helps in twisting your torso which engages and strengthens the upper body thus giving a full body workout.

How To Do Dumbbell Plank Rotation:

  1. Get in plank position keeping hands under shoulders
  2. Keep the feet wider than hip width apart, holding a dumbbell in each of your hand
  3. Now twist your torso and lift left hand towards the ceiling, looking at the ceiling
  4. Now bring the left hand back to start and repeat on right side too

7. Weighted Push-Ups:

Weighted push-ups

Adding some weight to the routine push ups helps in flexing the muscles and making them work harder. Adding load also increases strength and firmness along with body posture maintenance.

How To  A Weighted Push Up:

  1. Lie in a push up position
  2. Put a sand bag on your upper back
  3. Keep the arms straight and hands placed wider than shoulder distance.
  4. Now slowly bend your chest and try to touch the floor with chest
  5. Now pause for a bit and then move back up
  6. Repeat at least 15 times

8. Chest Flies:

Chest flies

Chest fliest is all about excellent pectoral flex. This can also be done while lying on bench press.

How To Do Chest Flies:

  1. Lie down on the floor with face up
  2. Keeping the knees bend and feet flat hold dumbbells in each hand
  3. Now extend your arms straight to the sides
  4. Now hold and then after 1 minute bring the arms up until hands meet directly above your chest
  5. Hold for a minute and then lower weights back to the start position
  6. Repeat 10 times

9. Plyometric Pushup:

Plyometric pushup

Plyometric pushup is a faced paced and high intensity workout for pecs. It twitches muscles in your chest and primes them too.

How To Do Plyometric Pushups:

  1. Get in push up position
  2. Keep hands just outside chest and at shoulder width apart
  3. Feet must also be around shoulder width apart
  4. Now slowly lower your chest to the floor and press explosively such that your hands are off the floor for a few seconds.
  5. Repeat 12 times

10. Suspend Push Ups:

Suspend push ups

Taking up suspend pushups in an unstable suspension helps in working your pecs, core, chest and stabilizes muscles too. It is harder than doing push ups on the floor.

How To Do Suspend Push Ups:

  1. Grab the handles of TRX strap
  2. Now extend your arms in front of your chest and keep the feet shoulder width apart
  3. The body must now be around 45 degree angle with the floor.
  4. The body must be in straight line from head to heels
  5. Now lower your chest toward the floor until hands come just outside the shoulders
  6. With elbows inside and head in neutral position, lower down
  7. Hold it firm and feel the core strength
  8. Repeat 10 times

How To Work Chest Muscles In An Enriching Way:

Let us now look at some tips on female pec flex and how to get best from pec exercises for women. As it is not just to work chest muscles but to get overall body transformation. Some tips on chest exercise for women include:

  1. Begin first with warm up for at least 10 minutes
  2. Do not workout on a full stomach
  3. Proceed with simpler exercises first and the proceed with those which challenge your muscles
  4. Stretch your upper body at the end of each exercise
  5. Be sure to keep cardio and lower body workouts too in your routine to get best results for your pecs
  6. Proteins must be consumed for building up stronger muscles
  7. Do not push or jerk as it may cause injury, be gentle and proceed slowly
  8. Stretch before and after you workout

Working out pecs must be a strategic and step by step thing, do not rush into bench press or weights. As it may injure your muscles, so have a proper set beginning with warm up then progressing ahead and warm down to end with. Go ahead with all forms of push ups, bench press, pull ups, varying levels of dumbbell workouts, resistance bands, dips, and more. Rest muscles in between and progress slowly.

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