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most expensive wedding venues
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Weddings are the most cherished memory for any couple. Being in love and vowing to spend the rest of your lives together is a romantic and stunning celebration for anyone. Whatever you plan for your big day, you just have one thing in your mind; which is, to make this day a mesmerizing and captivating one for everyone. And for those who have had the privilege to attend the most expensive wedding venues in the world, all you can dream of is an extravagant wedding function with everything over the top in utmost exquisite ways.

Pick your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue along with rustic themes and enchanting surroundings for your splendid wedding celebration. Be is a destination wedding

, mountain wedding, beach wedding or even a resort wedding; you have to make it as enticing and enchanting as possible. For weddings a lifetime memory, that holds a most special place in our hearts.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, specially what to pick from those exclusive wedding venues. And even if you have a wedding event planner along, you still need every ingredient which will make your special day a memorable affair for everyone in attendance.

We have seen some of the most regal weddings in this century and people without any royal lineage have celebrated the most luxurious weddings with their utmost research and wisdom. So we have a list of best wedding venues in the world which will help you plan your wonderful day in utmost special ways.

When it comes to a wedding celebration, every tradition has their own rituals, but most of all everyone wants a spectacular destination and once in a lifetime experience. No matter how much your budget is, but checking out these luxurious wedding venues around the globe is the best way to seek ideas for planning your wedding.

Top 10 of the most expensive wedding venues in the world:

Whatever we wish for in our wedding, we can’t just help but check the most luxurious of all such events in the past. Be it the royal weddings or the destination weddings; we all have a knack for all things perfect when it comes to our wonderful day. So check out a few of the most expensive wedding venues around the world, to help you take ideas and organize your special day in utmost delight:

1- MolenVliet Wine Estate; Stellenbosch, South Africa:

MolenVliet Wine Estate
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MolenVliet Wine Estate; Stellenbosch, South Africa is a place where literally heaven and earth meet. The views overlooking the mountains and a river, this has the most incredible landscapes around. The romantic vineyards and the serene locales make it an idyllic setting for couples looking for some extravagant luxury along with their wedding celebration. Specially those who just love the nature and romance amid natural settings, this is secluded space with just boat as the medium of reaching the spot.

2- Laucala Island Resort in Fiji:

Laucala Island Resort in Fiji
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Laucala Island Resort in Fiji is the worlds most exclusive private island resort. It is literally the paradise of lavish pampering and extremely exotic cultural and environmental setting. Imagine coconut plantations all around, sandy beaches and breathtaking natural surroundings, it is the most inspiring melange of contemporary and conventional theme for the wedding.

It has the most ethereal side of kaleidoscope with sport, culture, activities and everything else too all at one place. It has 25 private villas offering unmatched exclusivity. From tropical rainforests to sandy beaches, volcanoes to coral reefs and everything that makes the natural beauty of Fiji spectacular. Specially the sunset cruise, which has stunning views. Explore the awesome island with some adventurous water sport and activities which are lined up for everyone attending the wedding

3- One & Only Reethi Rah Resort; Maldives:

One & Only Reethi Rah Resort
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One & Only Reethi Rah Resort at Maldives as the most captivating horizons, located at the Laccadive Sea. With the amazingly pristine waters all around and ample things to do at the resort, this place makes up for a stunning wedding preposition. This island is private and secluded with thatched rooftops and direct beach access too. Spread across a wide area on the beach, you have some mesmerizing options you never thought could be at a beach.

4- New York Public Library; Manhattan, NYC:

New York Public Library
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New York is the most luxurious and Urbane city in the world, and when it comes to options for hosting an extravagant wedding, well! NY public library is the pick. The ethereal and stunning marble interiors NY public library is a rare gem. A dreamy destination for there is a long waiting and some expensive listings too as a part of your wedding celebration. Surrounded by books and amid the world’s most happening crowd, this space boasts of some marvelous weddings from past

5- Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte; France:

Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte
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For all those die hard romantics, France is your perfect pick for wedding. A historical setting with exotic serendipity and beautiful landscapes, this aristocratic space is a gem for all those seeking vintage theme for their luxurious wedding. This Chateau has the most stunning gardens surrounding and the perfect catering services available anywhere

6- Odescalchi Castle; Rome Italy:

Odescalchi Castle
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Italian wedding amid the castle, is the most fairytale kind of matrimonial bliss you can ever imagine. Get married like a character from Game of Thrones and the lighting, decor, vines, and flowers makes it a stunning space. Some of the most popular celebrities including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married here. The ambiance is romantic and splendid with lake and greenery making it mesmerizing for everyone.

7- Mushy Cay; Bahamas:

Mushy Cay; Bahamas
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For all those seeking some beach fun along with sun, sand and serenity; here is your luxurious pick. Private island owned by David Copperfield, is mystical and magical with its landscape. Described as “a completely unspoiled tropical environment with a myriad of flowers, swaying palms and foliage,” this is a mesmerizing destination for your wedding celebration. Almost like a dreamy location, this makes up for your breathtaking honeymoon too, with its perfect exotic offerings

8- Little Palm Island Resort; Key West FL:

Little Palm Island Resort
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Little Palm Island Resort; Key West FL, is almost as having your own private island, a wedding getaway so personal is a rare gem. It is kind of desert island with mystic beauty to it. White sand beaches, breathtaking sunsets, dazzling appeal and ample things to do, this resort in Key West makes up for some fun-filled and adventurous wedding celebration.

9- Oberoi Udaivilas; Udaipur India:

Oberoi Udaivilas
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A true gem from the east, this India five star resort is everything you have ever dreamt. Situated at the picturesque Lake Pichola, this resort is amid all the traditional and ethnic heritage you have heard about people from India. Best in class amenities and amazing resort retreat, this is marvelous experience for one and all. This is a great place for weddings, with a traditional there

10- Belmond Hotel Caruso; Ravello, Italy:

Belmond Hotel Caruso
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Belmond Hotel is situated on a cliff overlooking the Amalfi Coast. This is one of the most romantic destinations around the world. Napolean style bedrooms, frescoed ceilings and a luxurious spa. Wedding at this location can be extremely expensive, but all for the brilliant location and amazing experience.

No matter how expensive the wedding venue is, but the dazzling and striking experience it offers is truly worth the expense. These luxurious wedding venues from around the world are simply captivating and stunning.

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