18 Brilliant Hair Color For Green Eyes – To Look Vivacious!

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Hair color makes one look vivid and hep, and hair colors look enchanting on women who have blue-green eyes, whats rolling in your mind about hair color for green eyes? women get enthusiastic about adapting to an altered gorgeous look once in a way or for an upcoming event, color on the hair feels nostalgic because it looks super-trendy. When applying a hair color choosing the right one makes all the difference.

One must cling to the logic of which hair color admixes with the color of your skin tone and your eye color. It is not an arduous task to determine the right hair color. There must be an admix between your eye color and your hair color.

Do you know? the rarest of an eye color is green, green-eyed people can take pride in the beauty of their eyes. There are best hair colors for green eyes that can be exhibited in a great way.In this Article, we have listed hair colors for women with different skin tones having green eyes.

How to Choose a Hair Color for Green Eyes

While you choose a hair color for green eyes, you have to open all your doors of imagination, the first thing you have to determine is, the shade of green that your eye has, see if it is blue-green or pale green. Now you got the shade right, next you will focus on your skin color and tone.

1. Skin Coloration

Technically, the tone of our skin is categorized in three kinds, fair, warm and cool skin tone.

For a woman who has a fair skin tone: Choose to apply vibrant colors and do not choose light shades. Light shades would look too dull on you.

2. Warm and Cool Skin tone:

Warm and Cool Skin tone

If you have a warm skin tone

.Meaning, if the color of your skin has a yellowish or peach-ish shade of skin tone, neither very light nor dark colors will rock on your skin. If you have a cool skin tone, meaning the tone of your skin is pinkish or bluish then any dark or medium shade goes well.

You have your eye color and skin tone matched. This reduces half of your work, now all you have to do is select a color for yourself from the multifarious types of hair color for green eyes.

Basic Hair Colors for Green Eyes

These colors are good for any eye color not just for green eyes. Apart from the choices of blond, brown, red or black as hair colors, there are varied shades within these individual colors too and these colours will still make you look lavish. You want to look bright, don’t you?

1. Blonde Hair Colors

Blonde is a fun hair color. There are various shades like, platinum, ice, silver and champagne. Light Blondes look bright and pretty. The shades are gold, amber, honey and butterscotch.

a) Platinum and Ice

Platinum and Ice

b) Silver and Champagne

Silver and Champagne

c) Gold and Amber

Gold and Amber

d) Honey and Butterscotch

Honey and Butterscotch

2. Brunette Hair Colors

Dark Chocolate.These are a lighter shade of the brown, Chesnut and Mocha. The darker shades are Mahogany and Cinnamon.

a) Chesnut and Mocha

b) Mahogany and Cinnamon

Mahogany and Cinnamon

3. Red-Riding hoods Red

Red is a sizzling and the richest color, it is an out of the world color. The shades are, Deep Red and Burgundy.

a) Deep Red and Burgundy

Deep Red and Burgundy

4. Jet Black Hair colors

Jet Black Hair colors
Jet Black Hair colors

Black color is fashion in itself. The shades are, espresso, blue black and true black.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes With A Fair Skin Tone

Fair skinned women please the aesthetic senses of the one who looks at them, colors are barely a barrier for fair skinned women.Be it choosing a hair color, lipstick shade or the color of their attire because any color homogenizes to their skin tone. Here are some flashy and great hair colors for green eyes.

1. The Goldilocks Brown Blonde Color

The Goldilocks Brown Blonde Color
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This blonde is a magnificent shade for a lady who has got a fair skin because it brings out the extraordinary glow on her face, having a fair skin with a great hair color for your green eyes are like ‘A feather in one’s cap’ because you are blessed with an unblemished skin tone and a rare eye color where nothing can stop you from looking fab.

2. Glamorizing Amber Blonde Color

Glamorizing Amber
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This blond is dark and classy in its own way and when you are sun – kissed you are going to fall in love with yourself when you notice your shining face and hair color on your green eyes.

3. Stunning Oxblood Burgundy Color

Stunning Oxblood
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Shades of red always seem and look appealing to women. This combination put together glares up a woman’s face who has a fair skin tone. This hair color for her green eyes is absolutely rocking.

4. Beauteous Chocolate Mahogany Color

Beauteous Chocolate
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Chocolate is the best energy booster and a stress buster for every woman and having a coco texture on your hair makes one feel on top of the world. This brown is an exquisite hair color for green eyes most importantly on a woman who has a fair skin.

5. Elegant Mysterious Black Color

Elegant Mysterious
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Black depicts a sign of power, and this color is a perfect contrast color for a woman who is fair skinned. It is a striking bold color that well go well with all your clothes too. You will look so revived with this hair color for your green eyes.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes With A Cool Skin Tone

Now to determine what’s a cool skin tone is puzzling, is it not?. It is not as confusing as it seems, you just have to remember that if you have a pink or blue shade in your skin tone it means you fall in the category of having a cool skin tone. Here are some of the pretty colors that will compliment your skin.

1. Royal Cinnamon Brown Color

Royal Cinnamon
ImageSource: www.hairstylecamp.com

This hair color for green eyes is gonna look Voguish. It will be a darker shade when compared to your skin tone, that’s where the magic lies. A dark and light combination go hand in hand.

2. Con cut Grapes Black Color

Con cut Grapes
ImageSource: www.reader.gr

This hair color for green eyes looks angelic on a woman as your skin tone as well co-operates the best way with this sort of a hair color. Your face is going to blossom with this shade on your hair.

3. Cocoa Mocha Brown Color

Cocoa Mocha
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This Mocha color is pretty much tempting as it takes one into the chocolate zone.Just as you remember chocolate when you look at this hair color, it is just the same in reality when you apply this color. Nothing can stop you from looking groovy and your green eyes will look so mesmeric.

4. Barbie Doll Blonde Color

Barbie Doll
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This hair color for green eyes and your skin tone will make you look entirely different. This barbie doll blonde coruscates on your pink skin tone and you can relate with the dolls who would have been your best companions in childhood.

5. Metallic Silver color

Metallic Silver color
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This hair color for green eyes will drastically accentuate the color of your hair, it seems to be a rare shade yet will give you a sophisticated and graceful look. This shade of hair color will exhibit its real charm and when you wear bright colored clothes you will look ‘wow’.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes With A Warm Skin Tone

If you are thinking that for your warm skin tone there might not be too many options, then that is a myth. In regards to fashion, there are never ending hair color shades and there are numerous

Hair color for green eyes for a person who has a warm skin tone is ravishing.

1. Toffee Brown Color

Toffee Brown Color
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Women go batty about chocolate boys, how about a dusky chocolate girl? don’t you think she is the sexiest in the entire lot. Oh indeed, she is!. This toffee shade is bang on! for her skin tone.

2. Energizing Red Color

Energizing Red Color
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This is an ultra- trendy color. This red is worth trying as this color has its relevance that you cannot get away from . This hair color for green eyes indicates that you have accomplished a part of fashion.

3. White Champagne Color

White Champagne Color
ImageSource: www.thehairfiles.com

This color is blazing in the sense of how it appears. This hair color for green eyes and a warm skin tone is a prime choice one could make.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes With A Dark Skin Tone

Dark skin signifies a skin tone that is superlatively high-class. Brown and Black Hair colors for the ones who have green eyes is appropriate.

1. Hazel Brown Color

Hazel Brown Color
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This hair color for green eyes will look kicky on your dark skin tone. In reality, you may not flaunt about it but the hair color is so buff that the beauty of this brown shade on your skin tone cannot go unnoticed.

2. Wood Mahogany Color

Wood Mahogany Color

This brown is the best for a dark skin tone as it is the darkest brown shade and this helps your skin shine along with your hair. It is more of a jet black color. This is great for all you ladies who love the dart blackish look on your hair.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes With An Olive Skin Tone

Olive Skin tones are a combination of cool and warm skin tone.

1. Bluish and True Black Color

Bluish and True

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes With A Tan Skin Tone

If you are in a perception that no colors are made for a tan skin tone, you have to broaden your perception and start to believe that there are lovely semi-brown shades for your tan skin.

1. Chesnut Brown Streaks Color

Chesnut Brown

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Pale Skin Tone

Green Eyes and Pale Skin Tone

Ensure to take safety precautions before you opt to apply any hair color:

  • Use gloves while applying hair color so that the chemicals in the hair color do not stick to your fingers
  • Do not leave the hair color for more than the required time frame
  • Ensure to use trusted brands of hair color to avoid any damage to your hair

Some of the best hair color brands are, Loreal Paris, Garnier, Clairol, Matrix, Revlon, Matrix etc. Give your look a change and get fancy with trying colorful shades of hair color.

Women who are pale are more or less fair, its just that the tone of your skin is more yellow. You can use all dark hair color shades and light hair color shades too except for Silver and champagne blond as your face will look too featureless.

We have seen tons of information on the chemistry of hair color, skin tone and how they look with green eyes. It is going to be a walk over to finally choose that ultimate hair color for green eyes.

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