Know Some Healthy Habits Before 30 Which Will Improve Your Lifestyle

Healthy Habits Before 30
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Having your health and wellness maintained all through your life is the most important part of our lifestyle. Specially when you are a full grown, mature adult who is about to reach 30, it becomes even more important to pick a few habits which are healthy and also endearing to help you keep up your routine. It is thus important to know some healthy habits before 30 which will shape your wellness in the coming years. Most women see a significant part of biological and physiological changes around 30, which includes being married, having a baby and also getting the body back in shape after delivery. Hormonal outbursts make it very important for us to adopt diet habits before 30 which will help our well being ahead. The quicker you start to eat healthy the better it is for your health and wellness.

Learn some healthy habits before 30 to keep up your fitness:

Health in your 30’s may not be in tandem with what you expected when you were 25. Most of us have seen a complete change in their stamina and strength overall. Despite all our efforts we may not get the diet or fitness goal we wish for. And there are ample effects this improper health and fitness routine can cause. So it is better to pick some of the most healthy habits to start focusing on your longer well being. Look at some healthy habits before 30, which you must pick in time:

1- Drink more water in a day:

Drink more water in a day
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After a certain age, say 30; our body tends to slow down on metabolism and system functions. It is natural though but we need to enrich our system with more and more strength to carry the daily tasks well. One important point here is to drink ample water and keep the system running and functional. Water helps in circulation and detoxification too. This will strengthen the system and help in preventing a lot of health hazards.

2- Pick a workout routine you enjoy:

Pick a workout routine you enjoy
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From the variety of fitness and workout routines, you must now be able to pick the select few which you enjoy thoroughly and don’t have to push yourself into each day. Zumba, Pilate, Aerobics, PIYO, Swimming, running, weights, cardio, brisk walk and many more of these workouts must be tried and your favorite pick must be selected. All you need by age 30 is a natural transition all through your day. From morning chores to work to workout to meals and sleep. You must not feel the pressure of working out rather you should look forward to it. This must be level of interest and enjoyment you derive from the workout.

3- Contain your caffeine intake:

Contain your caffeine intake
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By now you must have full control on your caffeine intake. Rather than stimulating or driving you all day, caffeine must now be restricted to just an occasional indulgence or completely stay off it. Caffeine does not do any good in your system on its own. Rather it makes your body a slave to the tea and coffee doses in the day. So health in your 30’s must no more be a slave to any sort of addiction.

4- Avoid too much of a sedentary lifestyle:

Avoid too much of a sedentary lifestyle
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By the time you reach 30 you must schedule your day well. Do not sit in front of TV or laptop for long hours. Rather indulge in some outdoor recreational activities. These would help in diet and fitness too. Make walking a habit for you. Do not sit at a place for more than 20 minutes, learn to walk and move around all the time. Even at work begin taking small breaks for walk every 20-25 minutes.

5- Have a healthy balanced diet:

Have a healthy balanced diet
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Post 30 your body would need a lot more fibers and fresh produce to keep the system healthy. No more junk over indulgence as it adds up to cholesterol and other health hazards. For smoother transition, pick a fruit-vegetable only day for your weekly detox and after every meal or with every meal make it a habit to have a bow of fresh fruits or salad. These healthy greens must make for major portion of your meals.

6- Control your alcohol intake:

Control your alcohol intake
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Drink in moderation as a little wine or champagne is good for your heart. But too much alcohol may damage your system. Do not consume more than 3 drinks in a day or more than 7 drinks in a week to stay healthy and fit. Stay off cigarettes and drugs. They don’t bring any pleasure just a momentary unconsciousness which is damaging in the long run.

7- Learn to cook your meals at home:

Learn to cook your meals at home
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Home cooked food is always better than eating outside. Cooking at home helps you to keep your health intact as the options you pick in oils, vegetables and spices will be healthy and fresh too. This is also a cost effective option which helps you in cutting down your calorie intake too

8- Get your health checkup done regularly:

Get your health checkup done regularly
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In addition to your annuals, get complete health check ups done every 6 months. This will help in keeping a preventive check on your wellness. Also keep measuring your pulse, heart rate and weight. Any sudden change will help you in tracking the health related ailments in time.

9- Never ignore these signs:

Never ignore these signs
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After reaching 30, even a bloating or reflux must not be taken easily. Your body shows these signs in time, and you must treat them under proper medical guidance. Get all your discomforts checked by your healthcare provider and proceed with prescriptions in terms medicines and food too

10- Start to eat healthy in terms quality and not quantity:

Start to eat healthy in terms quality
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Now its time for you to begin a healthier lifestyle. Pick quality foods over quantity. Even if that means the food would be expensive, it may seem so but eventually by eating healthy you would prevent a lot of uncertain expenses

11- Limit your sugar intake:

Limit your sugar intake
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This is the most important healthy habit to start anytime post 20. You must not stuff sugars or artificial sweeteners as they harm more than benefit our body. Sugar is the single most harmful factor for our health and wellness. So contain your sugar intake by substituting sugar with fruits or honey

2- Set your sleep hours and keep them fixed:

Set your sleep hours and keep them fixed
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30 is an age when you simply wish to conquer it all. You tend to give in more hours into work and leisure. Staying up till late and not getting even 4-5 hours of sleep at night, waking up late on weekends or sleeping all day to cover up for the lost sleep during the week are all unhealthy choices we make. You must fix your sleep hours way before 30. At least 8 hours of sound sleep every night with fixed hours to hit the bed is the most healthy choice you would make.

13- Begin your day with refreshing yoga:

Begin your day with refreshing yoga
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Yoga and meditation must not be a part of your routine. Even a 10 minute early morning yoga gives a lot of positive energy and health for the day. Fix your yoga poses or exercises for each morning and even on weekends proceed with them for better health and wellness.

14- Pick stairs instead of elevator or escalator:

Pick stairs instead of elevator or escalator
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Despite the delay you feel in taking stairs, trust when we say stairs are a healthy choice. I remember my grandmother would always say, the more steps you take the more minutes you add to your life. And yes it is true. For the health and fitness benefits of climbing stairs are ample. Stairs must become your daily routine past 30 and spare a few minutes rather than rushing at the Nth hour in an elevator. Also walk more drive less, for the same reasons of health and wellness

15- Take time out for your own personal fun:

Take time out for your own personal fun
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Meeting your friends, going for a movie or camping in woods; proceed with what makes you happy. And post 30 this must be your healthy routine essential. You need to keep stress and tensions away from you. Find your happy space which is healthy too; and keep doing it at least once a week.

16- Adopt one POST 30 HOBBY:

Adopt one POST 30 HOBBY
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Yes there is a thing called “Post 30 Hobby”. Your interests and hobbies until were restricted to what you may have done so far. But now is the time you must pick a really serious hobby and make it goal oriented. Say if you pick reading then make it read 10 books in a month as your “hobby at 30”. If you pick running as a hobby then make it at least one marathon or half marathon every quarter. Or pick a sport and excel in it.

17- Get adventurous:

Get adventurous
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Go for a trek or hike the mountains, go para-sailing or scuba diving or bungee jumping; its all worth the time. Post 30 you must learn to enjoy life in utmost passionate ways and adventure is just one form of showing passion. It would bring a lot of youth and refreshment to you.

18- Digital detox your spaces for at least a few hours in a day:

Digital detox your spaces
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Stay off tablets, mobile phones and television for at least 1-2 hours in a day. This digital detox should become your time to connect with self. Read or write or get creative, this is the most stimulating and healthy way to spend those few hours each day

19- Never skip breakfast:

Never skip breakfast
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By the time you are 30, you must make sure you have a proper healthy breakfast as this is the most important meal of the day. Stuff proteins and good fiber each morning and enjoy delectable options like yogurt, granola, oats, fruits and bread

20- Lay emphasis on skin nourishment:

Lay emphasis on skin nourishment
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Stay off oils and prevent too many cosmetics on your face. Stick with cleansing, toning and moisturizing as a habit and never skip a monthly facial. Wash your face every night and wipe off all the makeup. Use night lotions for hydrating the skin for the night.

21- Be in time; learn time management:

Be in time
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Good habits to start in your 30’s must begin with time management. Now is the time to stick with punctuality in every term. From being on time to paying your bills on time and never delaying your meals or workouts are all a part of time management. Do not waste time and spend adequate hours or minutes to each activity that keeps up your daily health and wellness

Diet habits before 30 and after 30 must be checked. For our body after entering 30’s needs a lot more care. We must pick healthy habits before 30 to help make our lifestyle healthier and enriching.

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