Top 15 Best Home Gym Equipment Which Are Powerful And Effective

home gym equipment

Are you ready to take charge of your health and fitness? Yes! It is time so no more excuses of time or distance from gym can be accepted now. For those who can not access gym easily we have the most effective home gym equipment list which is sure to help you get ahead on fitness track. And no, these home gym equipment are not fancy or expensive.

Gym in my opinion is just to help you stay up morally and socially, otherwise it all depends on your effort and determination. No gym can make you lose weight if you do not wish to. And for those who just buy expensive gym memberships only to forget about them, this year resolve to not spend on the membership but on gathering home gym equipment which is easier and faster for keeping up with your fitness goals.

Fitness equipment does not have to be huge and very expensive, if t meets the basic needs of the trainee then it can be bought. Home exercise can be easier and tougher, both at the same time. And all of it depends on you whether or not you are ready to follow a fitness routine. Home exercise equipment can be brought one by one if you have some space and would love to proceed with fitness routine at home. So by using home fitness equipment you can get back in shape on your own turf.

Top 15 Best Home Gym Equipment Which Are Effective And Easy To Install:

If it was for just socializing we all would continue paying heavily to gyms around but it is more about fitness. Though to begin with, a gym can be great in setting up a routine and guide you in using the fitness equipment in best way possible. But for long term regular gym, buying home gym machines and setting up a home fitness unit is a more feasible and effective option. While not every fitness equipment is for home exercise

 but there are some excellent home gym equipment which will help you stay fit and healthy, these gym equipment for home include:

1. TRX Suspension training kit:

TRX Suspension training kit

TRX suspension training kit a pocket sized powerhouse. Current trends have made this one item extremely popular for its ease and handiness to work out anywhere even on the go. It not just tightens, sculpts and tones your body too in as little as a 15-20 minute workout routine. Over 300 exercises with total body workout makes it very popular and effective. Suspension training is one of the most effective tools for stimulating and conditioning the core.

2. Body Solid iron kettlebells:

Body Solid iron kettlebells

Develop strength, power, endurance and balance in this one step power exercise routine. Just a $15 purchase for this kettle bell and this legendary Russian exercise device will do its job. Pick between 5 and 75 lbs of kettle bells for swinging at home. This effective fitness exercise can help you lose upto 20 calories in a minute.

3. Push up stands:

Push up stands

Engage more muscles with this powerful exercise routine using push up stands. Padded comfort grips help in reducing joint strain and increases muscular strength. It flexes arm, chest, shoulders, abs and back muscles. It is one the best upper body exercise. They can be stored easily and are very effective in preventing wrist wear and tear

4. Fitness stability ball:

Fitness stability ball

Swiss ball is wonderful for people with back issues, as it helps in protecting spine while doing crunches. Muscles become stronger with time and keeps the balance. This Swiss ball is also great in getting back to fitness post injury or trauma. Countless exercises can be performed on this ball by lying on it or holding it.

5. Treadmill:


Treadmill is a form of aerobic exercise which helps in burning calories quickly. From walking, jogging to running there are around 20 plus workouts you can proceed with on a treadmill. It is one of the simplest and most powerful home gym equipment which helps in trimming and down and building a healthier physique.

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6. Dual Ab Wheel:

Dual ab wheel

This dual ab wheel is a roller abdominal exercise equipment with easy grip handles. It helps in strengthening abs, shoulders and arms well. It is cheap but an incredible abdominal strengthener. It improves grip and balance too and can be stored anywhere at home due to its small side

7. Stationary Bike:

Stationary bike

This all weather bike can be your go to gym partner for quick calorie burning. This bike is sturdy and absolutely no frills spin bike. It helps in improving lower body resistance and quick workout which can be tracked easily.

8. Pull Up Bar:

Pull up bar

This is a versatile pull up exercise bar for door frame or on floor. It can be used for pull ups, chin ups, chin ups, crunches, dips and more. There are some very effective back and bicep exercises which can be done with this. Even tricep dips and wrist push ups can be done quickly.

9. Elliptical machine for home gym:

Elliptical machine for home gym

Elliptical machine is an easy and yet effective workout which can be done even while catching up your daily TV show or move. It helps in body toning and warming up for a stronger body balance.

10. Step platform:

Step platform

Crank up the intensity of your training session with this powerful and sturdy step platform. You can use it for plyo or cardio workouts and even as a bench. This lip proof sturdy platform can be used for a number of workouts at home

11. Adjustable bench:

Adjustable bench

Perform sit ups, twists and more on this multifunctional adjustable bench with a spectrum of angles. It helps in strengthening and toning the abdomen and also provides a stable space for other exercises.

12. Jump Rope:

Jump Rope

Jump rope is great to stimulate and enrich your heart rate and also helping in body coordination, balance and adding polymetric component to your fitness routine. It strengthens leg power and gives a toned body.

13. 5 Spring Chest Pull:

5 spring chest pull

This 5 spring chest pull helps in sculpting your upper back, shoulders and arms also toning and strengthening them. There are five springs which can be adjusted to meet our requirements which helps in toning, shaping and strengthening the entire body

14. Ab Crunch Machine:

Ab crunch machine

Ab crunch machine helps in working the core instantly, flips for a total body workout, trains the AB muscles and strengthens the spine thus optimizing the muscles of lower back. It can be used for a variety of workouts like push ups, sit ups, dips and more

15. Gliding Discs And Resistance Loop Bands:

Gliding discs and resistance loop bands

A great exercise for arms and legs, this gliding disc and resistance loop band equipment protects tendons and joints, and other low intense workouts. It helps in building muscles and regain balance and strength. It gives an on the go comfort and is lightweight for carrying around too.

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