How To Stop Fighting In A Relationship

fighting in a relationship

We all have been there and done that. Relationships are just like a walk on the edge. Sometimes you have to skip sometimes you have to make yourself fit in but most of times the ride is smooth. Everyone has their opinions and is entitled to express them, but in a friendly way for not everyone appreciates temper tantrums. And we all wish for our relationship to rise above all odds of daily fights and routine misunderstandings. So we have an inspiring compilation on how to stop fighting in a relationship. Friendly banters are a part of coming close in a relationship but to stop fighting with your spouse over every petty issue is what brings us strongly bonded.

Husband and wife arguments are imperative only if they don’t hurt each others feelings. But when the quarrels become all the more painful for either or both of you, it is time to find out ways on how to stop fighting with your spouse. Husband and wife fighting over silly issues and turning out sour for their relationship is the last thing anyone wishes for in the marriage.

How to stop fighting with your spouse:

Partners or married couples both have their differences in their journey together, and there are instances when these fights take over their mutual love and admiration. Some such relationships sail through the hardships while others cave in and surrender. Being able to rise past our differences is the most important relationship goal

. And every fight is not about end-it-all-right-here thing, we must strive hard to stop fighting with someone who happens to be a very special person in our life. Blessed are the one’s who have the same life partner years after years and stay together until eternity. So we share here, some ways on how to stop fighting in a relationship and mend ways to keep the relation stronger:

1- Whenever you feel there is an argument just take a break:

argument just take a break

A minute off in between a heated argument is the best way to calm out things. You may not realize but if you continue fighting, you may end up hurting or losing your partner. Sometimes taking time off gives you the much needed wisdom in understanding your priorities at the point. And somehow it helps in getting over the anger and frustration which may trigger some extreme word or reactions out of your

2- Do not immediately begin reconciling:

Do not immediately begin reconciling-fighting in a relationship

If you have had a fight with your partner or spouse, you must not push for immediate reconciliation. As you both may not be in the right state of mind. And trying to reconcile when you may be high on temper or not thinking at all, can result in some serious damage to your relationship. So calm down and just blow the steam before returning to reconcile. Just stop, go out, take a walk or talk to someone else and just try to calm down, even a 2 minute break is sufficing for it brings down your anger

3- If you value the relation, just keep quiet and hug:

just keep quiet and hug-fighting in a relationship

The sooner you realize that this fight is going to end up badly for your loved one, the quicker you can begin to hug him or hold him at least. You value him as a partner and spouse. You may have arguments but you can’t let it get away with the love and and care you both have for each other.

4- Sleep off the anger:

Sleep off the anger-fighting in a relationship

Yes! The old school championed that sleeping angry makes you anxious or stressed. But recent researches suggest that sleeping with your anger can actually helps you calm down and think about the right and wrong. You may have difficulties in falling asleep at first but if you stay calm and just try to relax it can help you re-examine how things went.

5- Do not bring up things from past while arguing:

things from past while arguing-fighting in a relationship

Arguments are a part of any relationship. If there are two people then difference of opinion is bound to happen. But you can not take that issue to dig deeper and get to the sculls in each others closets. Past is past and it is long gone, you need to stop trying to embarrass each other and just focus on what are your priorities. Rather than just trying to show each other down, just try and keep your focus on current issue

6- Just keep calm and say a good night to each other before going to bed:

good night to each other before going to bed-fighting in a relationship

You may not wish to resolve the problem right away, that is fine. Our ego drives us until we get back to our calm senses. So it is better to sleep with it. But don’t forget to say a good night to each other. You would definitely have to discuss the argument in details but you also need to keep yourself calm and poised

7- Think, re-think and figure out the root cause of the argument:

figure out the root cause of the argument-fighting in a relationship

If you have the ability and courage to accept your fault it is the right thing to do. So begin by think and introspecting how you both ended up fighting. Try figuring out what is the problem rather than blaming who initiated.

8- Now after you have established what is the cause, re-think is it really necessary to fight over it:

re-think is it really necessary to fight over it-fighting in a relationship

Chuck out the petty issues and only if there is a huge problem which you must discuss with each other, you should forget the fight. For more serious problems you may need a lot more analysis into what went wrong and what is the problem. Be sure to find ways on how to resolve rather than whom to blame

9- Avoid interacting or arguing on phone or text:

Avoid interacting-fighting in a relationship

Phone or whatsapp are not the best ways to discuss anything. In my opinion the sole essence of communication is lost when we text or call for argument or quarrels. You may not even know if the person replying is the right one, or if he or she is happy, sad, angry or sorry. Face to face helps in understanding the non verbal aspects in a more explicit way.

10- Listen more and talk less:

Listen more and talk less-fighting in a relationship

During or after an argument, be sure to speak less and listen more. Give a chance to the other one to explain how he is she feels. It is not right to snatch away your partners right to share his or her beliefs and emotions

11- Keep yourself approachable and be open to their point of view:

Keep yourself approachable-fighting in a relationship

Do not shut all doors to you soon after the argument. For you need to sort it out, despite the fact that it means to separate or break up. You need to do it all on a positive note and amicably. If the relationship is meant to be then put all efforts to leave your ego aside and let your partner approach you.

12- Avoid physical or verbal abuse:

Avoid physical or verbal abuse-fighting in a relationship

Behave civilized and do not enter into any kind of abuses. Just remember “Your words and actions when you are angry or frustrated would be the most regretted one’s for your life” And we do not want that either. Your behavior drives most of your resolutions and the more in control you are, of your emotions and expressions; more mature the resolution becomes.

13- Remember what is important; winning or the happiness of your relationship:

winning or the happiness of your relationship-fighting in a relationship

The more you discover answer to this question, the easier it becomes for you to proceed. Your priorities would help you in deciding how to want to behave with your beloved and save your relationship from crisis.

14- Pick some laughter to avoid banters:

Pick some laughter to avoid banters-fighting in a relationship

Use a joke or add some hilarity to make matters easier to handle. The more you laugh it off, the easier it is to get past and move ahead. You must keep your calm and stay easy for the relationship matters more than the argument

15- After you have gone past the arguments, it is time to make up for the lost moments:

it is time to make up for the lost moments-fighting in a relationship

Yes this is the key to strengthening your relationship. Just take it as a reason to celebrate, “your relationship won over the momentary dispute” so party, go on a trip get cozy or just relax at home. Your relationship is back on track and you need to enrich it more and more by celebrating together as a happy couple, madly in love.

The above ways to stop fighting with your husband are truly inspirational and relation saving one’s. When we fight we often tend to forget how important the person or relationship is, and our impulses drive our actions and behaviors. So we need to check a few of these details on how to stop fighting in a relationship.

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