5 Ultimate Tips for the Complete Guide to Using Hairsprays

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Do you also get scared at the thought of caked up hair? Do you also believe that hairspray would only make your perfect set curls look flaky and outdated? Hair sprays for women have been around for quite some time, but what is it that makes us hesitate before using one? Why do we get scared before reaching for a can when all we want is for perfectly conditioned hair to just not give in to frizz?

What Exactly Does a Hair Spray Do?

The hairspray is a lacquer, varnish of a type which mixes a high pressure gas passes when the valve packing. The product is intended for hairstyles, especially in finalizing the same, ensuring a good fixing. There are no limits to the use of sprays, at any age, hair and thick wire size the use of hairsprays is valid to ensure an intact hairstyle.

Common ingredients of a hairspray include alcohol and polymers, similar to those found in paint and glue but are flexible and fast-drying. The formulation makes the shafts of hair stick together.

What exactly does a hair spray do
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Why Do You Need a Hairspray?

Hair sprays can be of great help when it comes to holding your hair in the desired style and really,it is as simple as that. And though these lifesaving cans usually get a bad rep, because of the age old wetness or sticky wiredness, one must admit that with the advancement of technology and diversification of beauty products, we are lucky that those days are long gone.

The products have a lighter formula and with different levels of fixation, which prevents the wires from getting the appearance of dirty. The present sprays, after application, give more naturally to the hair and are easy to be removed in the wash. They are flexible and can make the hair look effortlessly voluminous minus the grease.


How Does one Use Hairsprays?

  1. Hold the hair spray’s nozzle at least 12 inches away from your hair while keeping the spray can in continuous motion. This distance facilitates distribution of the product, allowing it to be distributed throughout the hair also.
  2. Ensure that the nozzle is not jammed or gummed up as this will make the spray come out of the can in sticky spurts instead of a fine mist.
  3. To give more volume to your hair with the spray, shake your hair while keeping the head upside down.
  4. Throw back the hair slowly and apply some spray underneath hair strands. Let one part dry before you move onto another.
  5. It is advisable to apply hair spray on the hair ends only, avoiding the scalp as much as possible.
  6. Tame the unruly strands of hair by spraying a little bit of the hair spray into the palm of your hands and then applying it on the strands to smoothen them out.
  7. If the hairstyle is a bun, you can sprinkle the nearest spray around the hairstyle for security; so it will be tight.
  8. If you want to leave the flat or curly wires, the tip is to apply the right next fastener strand by strand and after that pass the board or curling iron.

For so many of us, summer hair is just a bane. The humidity, the heat, they can completely ruin any hair hairstyle. It’s dry, greasy, and unmanageable. While there are hundreds of leave-in products that promise to keep your hair frizz-free, no one really has the time to wash hair every day to ensure that the conditioner kicks in.

It is necessary for us to ensure that we use products that will do the needful without causing any excessive damage. After all, we all crave smooth lustrous hair that does not look one bit greasy.


What Hairspray Should One Use?

So we rounded up some of the best anti humidity sprays:

1. Macadamia Professional Anti Humidity Finishing Spray

Macadamia Professional Anti Humidity Finishing Spray
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A lightweight finishing spray designed to shield hair from humidity and fight frizz, maintaining your style all day even in the most humid of climates. Provides light hold and can be layered over hairspray.

2. Sexy Hair BSH Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray

Sexy Hair BSH
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This is more of a controlling spray that keeps the hair intact on summer or rainy days.it also keeps any hairstyle from collapsing due to the climate It is also the perfect guard against frizzy hair in a humid climate.

3. Garnier Hair Care Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Anti-humidity Hairspray

Garnier Hair Care
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Anti-humidity hairspray provides 24-hour ultra strong hold and frizz control for smooth hair. This spray keeps your hair Strong yet flexible with the help of its paraben-free formula which is infused with bamboo extract.

Smoothing hairspray wraps hair strands, creating an instant shield against frizz

Style stays sleek and shiny, even in extreme humidity. The light, the sparkling fruity fragrance will leave your hair smelling fresh and vibrant.

4. Matrix Biolage Styling Freeze Fix Anti-Humidity Hairspray

Matrix Biolage
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This lightweight product has good holding power and helps in controlling the frizz. It also lifts the hair up by giving more volume to any hairstyle. It is a water-free fast-dry spray that provides firm hold all day long. Say goodbye to stiffness.

5. Alterna Bombay Smooth Hair Spray

Alterna Bombay
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This spray consists of organic Bamboo & Kendi Oil. With Eco-certified ingredients it provides Strength+Flexibility+Sustainability. It is also free of any chemicals, parabens, gluten, or synthetic colour that may cause excessive damage to the hair. For Strong, Sleek, Frizz-free Hair this is the perfect product. It cultivates stronger, smoother, healthier hair. It also has Color Hold Technology for superior color protection. The bamboo Extract strengthens, while Kendi oil smoothes for strong, silky hair. It also helps to extend the life of your blow-out.

6. Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield

Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield
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An instant hair solution that weightlessly provides six times more humidity protection to prevent frizz on any style. It is extremely helpful in controlling unruly and small strands of hair which spoil your look and do not let the hairstyle become complete and perfect. This is also an excellent product for fine hair.

7. Moroccan oil Luminous Hairspray

Moroccan oil Luminous Hairspray
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Argan oil, packed with vitamin E, gives this aerosol its high gleam factor, so not only does it strengthen your hair it also gives it a burst of shine. The spray lifts dull ends glossy without making hair look slick or weighing it down. It also ensures that your hair doesn’t look dull or brittle.

8. Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Firm Hold Hair Spray

Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Firm Hold Hair Spray
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Look like a superstar with this high-performance aerosol hairspray that provides a strong, firm hold with a modern, brush able finish.

Perfect for anyone looking for an ultimate stay put hold that lasts, this formula leaves no buildup or flakes behind and is also great for your hair if you are travelling. It provides a fabulous hold, smells great and styles your hair elegantly too.

9. Extra Strong Hold Hair spray for All Hair

Extra Strong Hold Hair spray for All Hair
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Now you can keep your hairstyle intact throughout the day as this hair spray will freeze your hairstyle and keep all your curls and tresses in shape with only a few spritzes. Also flexible hold spray, you’ll be able to tame the flyaways and keep your style looking pristine. The Paraben Free salon hair styling products are infused with blueberry fruit extract to keep your hair strong, long, and looking its absolute best.

10. Sebastian Re-Shaper Brush able Humidity Resistance Strong-Hold Hairspray

Sebastian Re-Shaper Brush able Humidity
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This immaculate product lets you keep your hairstyle set no matter how edgy it is. It is brushed able too, ensuring maximum flexibility and no stiffness. It lasts up to 18 hours. It is not sticky or heavy but gives just the right amount of hold.

The Benefits of using Hair sprays:

  • Hair sprays are extremely helpful in controlling unruly and small strands of hair which spoil your look and do not let the hairstyle become complete and perfect.
  • Hair sprays are pretty effective in providing volume to your hair. Hold your head upside down and shake your hair and throw it back again. Apply a little hairspray underneath the strands lifting them. Doing this will lift hair off the scalp and it will appear in the maximum volume.
  • They also help in controlling the frizz so that your hairstyle is not affected.
  • They can also be used to add texture to your hair. Lightly spray in a flexible hairspray to your tresses and tousle the strands with your fingers. You’ll get the same effect that you would with any other product.
  • The application of this product leaves your hair with a stronger hold which stays all day. The reason hairspray is preferred over hair creams, mousses and gels is the flexible control that’s water-free and humidity resistant

But it is true, excessive use of Hair Spray does have its side effects:

  • Brushing through a lot of hairsprays could cause hair damage. Your hair is essentially locked into place, so using a brush or a comb to brush through with force could cause individual hair shafts to break off.
  • Since hairspray generally is packed with a lot of power, too much on your hair can actually make it go limp.
  • You may develop an allergy such as an itchy scalp or asthma after using a certain hairspray. It is necessary to shampoo and condition on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy.

Even though there are a wide range of hair products that promise to make your hair beautiful and healthy, one must be careful and conscious of what they subject their hair to. Of all the choices that we are provided with, we must be aware of what the ingredients and effects are.you can choose the products which best suits your specific needs and requirements and style your hair the way you want.

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