Check Out Some Insane Ways To Wear Crop Top And Look Stunning

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Come spring, and here we are waiting with the most endearing fashion trends. Specially the crop top buzz is aplomb and trendy with the plethora styles it can fit in and the diverse ways you can wear them. So we have some spring ready ways to wear crop top keeping up the couture quotient and fashion parameters swollen. So stuff your fashion forward arsenal with crop tops styles and check out the many different style with crop tops which will sure charm you.

Crop top fashion tips and trends:

There are ample ways to wear a crop top and most of all it depends on the season and reason you dress for. A crop top can shape you for your evening party, adventure trip, college day and even an all girls day out. Look at some wonderful ways on how to wear a crop top and keep up your style quotient. Pick the crop top styles which match your persona and allure your charm. Wear a crop top with skirt, jeans, hot pants, shorts, capri and many more styles; to stay stylish. Check out some popular style crop tops which are stunning:

1- Wear a crop top with a midi skirt:

Wear a crop top with a midi skirt-Crop Top

Midi skirts are shin length skirts which are trendy and smart, pair them with a crop top style and look flirty and stylish at the same time. Patterned crop top is your pick with a midi skirt

2- Style crop top with a long skirt:

Style crop top with a long skirt-Crop TopA long skirt goes stunning with a flared or an off shoulder crop top and add more enigma with some funky and cool accessories. A sure shot spring ready style to charm you

3- wear crop top with a high waist skirt and a blazer for formal charm:

waist skirt and a blazer for formal charm-Crop Top

High waist skirt for your unique formal charm with the crop top having plain shades and accentuated with a cool colored blazer, its a go to pick for any day

4- Wear crop top style with a business ready blazer:

business ready blazer-Crop Top

Make it a more formal look with business ready blazer paired with tailored pants and high waisted ones only. A fitted or long crop top or even a turtle neck crop top would look fascinating for this style

5- Crop top fashion with high waist shorts:

Crop top fashion with high waist shorts-Crop Top

High waisted shorts are the pick any girls would grab for spring and summer, so make it more enchanting pair it with a crop top which is cropped tee looking or bustier. Denim shorts go a long way here and even experiment with a printed pair

6- Get lose with your crop top fitting:

Get lose with your crop top fitting

Pick a baggier fitted crop top to get over the skin hugged ones. Pair it with a cool skirt or capri and look stunning

7- Crop top which is temporarily tied up:

Crop top which is temporarily tied up-Crop Top

Grab a shirt and tie it up for that crop top style and appeal. Pair with ankle length straight fit jeans and high heels. This is the most trendy and funky party look ever

8- Crop top and boyfriend jeans:

Crop top and boyfriend jeans-Crop Top

Amp up your otherwise dull denim looks, cropped chiffon blouse and boyfriend jeans go amazing. This is your comfortable look which you can pull off by staying put and feminine while you dress elegant

9- Crop top thrown over any dress:

Crop top thrown over any dress-Crop Top

A classic body con dress can look all the more stunning with a crop top over it. A lose top and tight dress below gives a definite contrast and fun factor for your style. Wear as tight a dress as you wish and stay comfortable with a crop top over it

10- Wearing crop top with a pencil skirt:

Wearing crop top with a pencil skirt-Crop Top

Pencil skirts are not just your formal pick but a cool stylish one too. Pair a knee length patterned pencil skirt with a lace insert crop top. Even the riskier crop tops with jaw dropping cut outs would be great with a lace insert skirt

11- Layer crop tops:

Layer crop tops

Crop tops look wonderful when layered and paired. Under a sheer top or over a spaghetti, this is a delightful and yet conservative look which you can pull off easily. Stay covered up with a crop top under shirt, this keeps the magic and charm intact and is no show too

12- Crop top tossed on a vest:

Pick your favorite vest and dash on the crop top, and jazz up some fun. This look is just glamorous and perfect for it covers the bustier crop top and also adds style

13- Crop top paired with hot pants:

Crop top paired with hot pants-Crop Top

Hot pants are the style which would never fail you and a crop top with off shoulder appeal or halter neck, would look just the right dose of glamour and style

14- Flared crop top and shorts:

Flared crop top and shorts-Crop Top

A flared crop top left over a low waist shorts is the right amount of skin show and style for your spring party. It just bumps up your style and go perfectly with linens and jeans too

15- Crop top paired with trousers:

Crop top paired with trousers-Crop Top

Pick a crop top for your regular office day and throw down your trousers along. High waisted pants or trousers make this a formal attire and spice it up with some sling bags and statement jewelry for more fun

16- crop top fashion with overalls:

crop top fashion with overalls-Crop Top

Play hide and seek with an overall paired with crop top for that stylish and elegant work. Specially for those who do not wish to show off their stomach, this is the perfect crop top style for you

17- Crop top topped the topper:

Crop top topped the topper-Crop Top

Yes wear a crop top over your top or blouse or even shirt for the layered and stunning appeal. This effortless and relaxed look is great for those light breezy days when you need to layer up but not as much as winters

18- Pair crop top with an unbuttoned shirt:

Pair crop top with an unbuttoned shirt-Crop Top

Pick a short skirt or a hot pant and air a crop top with an unbuttoned shirt over it for the classic teenage look.

19- Long sleeved crop tops and skirt:

Long sleeved crop tops and skirt

For an effortless chic and stylish look pair a sweater material long sleeved crop top with an elegant skirt until about knee length and wear your pumps to style high

20- Wear crop tops with lose palazzo or lose pants:

lose palazzo or lose pants-Crop Top

Palazzos are the right summer spring wear and pairing a tight sleeveless or off shoulder crop top with a loose pallazzo is just the right dose of chic and style

Crop tops based on your silhouettes:

Not every crop top fits your body type so pick the one which is most suitable and stylish. Some basic tips for body type and crop tops are:

1- Hourglass body:

Hourglass body

For an hourglass body type have a defined waist and hips and chest with same width. Pick the crop top with bare minimum lining of skin to show and show off cleavage to switch attention at the right place.

2- Pear shaped body types:

Pear shaped body have wider hips and narrow shoulder and waist. SO pick wide neckline or shoulder bearing crop top, and throw solid neutral bottoms

3- Apple shaped body:

For an apple shaped body silhouette, with narrow hips and wide shoulders and waist; pick a sleek and structured crop top with wider neckline and pair it with an A line skirt for mystic appeal

4- Athletic body type:

Woman with more athletic build, tone and muscular appearance, pick feminine frills and show off your abs. Pick skinny jeans for complete body enhancement

5- Petite body silhouettes:

For petites pick crop tops with a curve at midribs and well fitted at chest and shoulders to define your figure in a stunning way. A straight down bottom or a flared skirt matched with heels would look great

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