8 Trendy Ways to Wrap a Sarong – Step By Step

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Fashion has reached to such an extent that women can wear what men wear in different ways or styles. One such clothing type is a Sarong. Traditionally, Sarong is worn by men in Asia and few Gulf countries, they just wrap a sarong around their waist and it’s done.

But these days even women have started to wrap sarong which has become a fashion statement among women. This one cloth can change the way you look depending on its length and the number of knots. Longer the sarong, more ways to tie a sarong. From a restaurant to the beach, depending on the way you tie a sarong, you can wear it to that place or occasion.

Brands like Forever 21, Mango and there are websites too which sell particularly women’s sarong wrap skirt

How To Tie a Sarong in Different Ways –

If you own a sarong and do not know how to wear a sarong, here are few ways to wrap a sarong step by step…

a) Classic Neck Knot Dress

Classic neck knot dress
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This stylish way of wrapping a sarong can really vamp up your wardrobe. It covers enough and can be worn to the beach as well. This sarong wrap suits any body type.

  1. Take a sarong and place it behind you in a horizontal position from the upper back region.
  2. Now, take the top 2 corners together and twist them.
  3. Then, with the same 2 corners take it behind your neck and make a knot.The simple Sargon dress is ready to wear!

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b) One Shoulder Dress

One Shoulder Dress
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A perceiving women’s sarong wrap style for in vogue women. One little change to the strap style gives you this style and dashing up your body outline. An absolute necessity strive for beach lovers.

  1. Hold the scarf vertically under one arm.
  2. Bring the top 2 corners over the shoulder and tie a knot twice.
  3. Gather both the edges at the waist. Tie a knot 2 times.

c) Side Slit Dress

Side Slit Dress
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Hotshot your fit physique with this side slit women’s sarong wrap style and look smart. You can attempt a printed swimsuit set and a plain sarong for a sneak peak style. Show off your sexy legs with this side slit.

  1. Hold the scarf vertically around your back underarms.
  2. Double knot both the corners above the chest.
  3. Get the 2 scarf edges near the waist and double knot in the front.
  4. Twist the knot near waist to 1 side for a side slit look.

d) Long Sarong Skirt

Long sarong skirt
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This is one of the most popular ways to wrap a women’s sarong. This is somewhat similar to the side tie but this is also on the go.

  1. Place the sarong near your waist in the back.
  2. Bring the 2 corners together in the front and tie a knot
  3. It’s up to you if you want to leave the slit to the side or centre.

e) Bandeau Sarong Dress

Bandeau Sarong dress
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Take your normal towel style women’s sarong wrap to the following level with this soppy bandeau style. You will understand that a basic plan component can have a ton of effect to the way you wear it.

  1. Place the sarong at the back.
  2. Get it in the front from under your arms.
  3. Get the 2 corners together and tie them in the middle front.

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f) Kimono Sarong Dress

Kimono sarong dress
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Kimonos and capes wrap sarong style are everywhere, so update this in your beachwear collection too. It takes not as much as a moment for styling it along these lines however it looks impressive.

  1. Spread the sarong across your body.
  2. From 2 corners tie the sarong on one side
  3. Do the same with the other 2 corners but on the other side. And wear it.

g) Simple Side Knot Sarong Skirt

Simple side knot sarong skirt
ImageSource: www.sassysarongs.com

The easiest way to wrap a sarong and quite easy too. You can see a lot of people just do this and walk around.

1. Fold the sarong into a half, horizontally.
2. Wrap the sarong around your waist.
3. Tie the free corners.

h) Dressing Sarong Gown

Dressing sarong gown
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This sarong wrapping style is the best out of everything because you can wear it for a beach party as well as put it on a casual beachwear to chill around.

  1. Place the sarong at you back, horizontally.
  2. From the under of your arms, bring it to the front.
  3. Now, tie both the corners.
  4. Then, take the knot to the back of your neck from the front.

Try out these latest ways to wrap a woman’s sarong step by step to achieve the ideal way of wrapping a woman’s sarong. Woman’s sarongs are so easy to carry and do not even take a lot of space. Easy to go and anywhere to go. But mostly women wrap sarong skirts in the beaches because it helps them get tanned easily and also wouldn’t make them feel hot or make them sweat.

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