Tips For Making Long Distance Relationship Work

Long Distance Relationship

Going by conventions and trends long distance relationships are challenging and never really get to be examples for others. But there are some wonderful ways to make long distance relationship work. No matter how often you get to talk to see or meet a person, there are ample ways to find that connect and progress in your relationship. Extra distance does make things tricky, but who said relationships are going to be easy. Things get gloomy and lonely at times, and there is no physical contact or face to face explanations which can save a relationship. But when you connect with someone heart to heart, things can be simple and easy to take forth.

As a personal example, I had a rather century old kind of wedding, where I had ‘You’ve Got Mail’ kind of story. We met on the internet and texted for a few weeks, then it proceeded to video calls and finally, we met, but just a couple of days prior to our wedding. And in a way, the long distance relationship factor worked wonders for me. I truly believe even if the couples meet and talk regularly, they must write long emails to each other. The emotional aspect in long distance relationship is more spontaneous and firm, rather than the physical attraction which rules in routine meetings.

Long distance relationship tips:

For some the distance plays a very important role and they dare not take a strike against the conventions. But for millennials this is not a binding factor, there are ample examples where social media and technology has made it possible to stay connected and in love despite the demographics. Check out some tips on long distance relationships and how to make best of it:

Long distance relationship tips

1. Begin slowly, one at a time:

For any relationship be it long distance or not, it is very important to not push it too far too soon. Begin casually and proceed step by step. It is very important to first understand how the relationship makes you feel and is it worth giving a try from such distance.

2. Go the traditional way: letters, photograph prints and video messages:

The fun and spontaneity in sending long letters and emails along with your pictures is truly the most mesmerizing part of a relationship. For long distance relationship activities, sharing pictures can be a great way of keeping the flame alive.

photograph prints and video messages

3. Share playlists:

The best way to connect in a relationship is to find your common favorite songs which you truly cherish. And share these playlists with each other. They are incredible in keeping you bonded emotionally.

4. Set your expectations and do not force the other one:

If you need to meet once every quarter or bi-annually, just set the rules first. For long distance relationships; even after years into marriage the biggest challenge is when one of the partner wants to meet more often and does not care about the other one’s responsibilities. So better to set expectations early on and stick with them

5. Set a time to call each other daily:

Who says happy relationships require talking 12-14 hours a day. A simple hour long chat filled with immense love and care is far better than hours of talking without any emotion. Be sure to keep up the promises with each other when you talk, say calling at specific time and not ignoring other one’s calls

Set a time to call each other daily

6. Greet Each Other Daily:

A simple good morning and good night become so special when you are in a long distance relationship. Nothing looks more refreshing than to receive an early morning text from your beloved. This keeps the intimacy factor alive. Top it with audio, video and pictures too, the fun part would keep the fire on

7. Make hilarity a Part of your Communication:

Love and relationship works best when comic timing of either or both the people is great. Add some pun, provocative yet hilarious captions too, at times, to make it interesting and fun.

Make hilarity a part of your communication

8. Play games online:

The most favorite long distance relationship activity for me was playing games online. Some amazing ways to kills the boredom and monotony of not being able to meet the person often can be compensated when you make the games interesting and focused on knowing each other well. From 20 questions, guess the movie, guess the song to many more fun games make it very interesting to connect with each other over skype, phone or whatsapp.

9. Do activities together:

My wonderful memories also stay with some of the most fabulous shows and movies we saw together, as in, both of us on skype and the movies being played were same. Even the shopping became so much fun with skype on everytime we had to make a choice regarding anything we bought.

10. Share random cute songs with each other:

The songs showing your mood or just for fun, at odd times makes it even more fun to be in a long distance relationship. There are so many situational songs which become our favorites just because we care to share them a lot.

Share random cute songs

Long Distance Relationship Problems:

The virtual aspect of a relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea and thus many times despite everything else in favor, the relationship is not met with effort from both the sides. There are some real challenges in long distance relationship, which include:

  1. You have no set rules or expectations
  2. Being so involved in long distance relationship that you ignore every other relationship you have
  3. You start ignoring each other and thus grow apart soon
  4. You are jealous of the friends and circle your partner has, which makes arguments too prominent
  5. You are too tired or lazy and thus do not interact the way you should
  6. You forget important days and milestones in your long distance relationship and do not celebrate them
  7. Miscommunications or barriers which are inherent in texting or emailing makes it challenging for many
  8. Stonewalling makes it painful and challenging for many and they begin drifting away from the person who stayed silent
  9. Becoming too possessive over telephone interactions itself
  10. Cheating just because you don’t meet that often
Long distance relationship problems

Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Relationship:

There are ample romantic ideas for long distance relationship which keep you feel intimate and passionate about each other despite not meeting each other too often. These ideas include:

  1. Send romantic texts
  2. Share romantic or love songs often
  3. Watch a romantic movie together being on a video call and watching same movie at far apart places
  4. Surprise him with a visit, long distance relationship ideas are not that gloomy, just keep surprise factor alive and see how wonderful they can be
  5. Send romantic presents: Long distance relationship gifts are very important way to keep the spark alive.

LDR or long distance relationship is fun, enticing and emotionally connecting too. Just make sure to read the above and follow, for we care for your true love.

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