Top 20 Love Songs For Wedding For Your First Dance

love songs for weddings
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All set for your wedding celebration with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue along with immense excitement and emotions. Well! Before we forget, there is one most important part of wedding planning

 that we tend to forget most often. The love songs for a wedding which would make for your 1st dance at a wedding as a couple. Finding your first dance song is now our responsibility, so we bring you some of the most heartening and pleasing romantic for wedding songs.

Why first dance for wedding is very important for each couple:

The first dance at your wedding as a couple is a romantic and intimate exchange between the partners, expressing their unconditional love for each other. This is a moment of ecstasy and pride for it is the first official men and wife dance which captivates everyone around. Some more reasons why first dance as a couple at wedding is very important:

1- The first dance for wedding sets the mood right:

When the couple begins their romantic journey through the wedding dance sequence, it sets the mood right for everyone else too. The dance floor is set ablaze for others to join in and share their enthusiasm and love for the newly weds

2- The first dance is your moment and you must make it memorable:

As a couple when you share the stage together for the first time, it is all about you. The 5-7 minutes of complete solace and tranquility in each others arms, listening to your favorite song and sharing your first dance together. You would cherish this moment forever

The first dance is your moment
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3- For some this first dance symbolizes your life ahead:

As a metaphor for your married life, this first dance helps you depict love, passion, intimacy, romance and sensuality which helps in defining your bond from here on.

4- This first dance makes everyone at the wedding fall in love with you two:

Everyone present at the wedding would fall in love with your two post your wedding dance. It makes the elders nostalgic and the youngsters get enthused and full of zeal looking at your mesmerizing chemistry in the first dance

Some conventional and some contemporary first dance wedding songs:

There are so many songs to pick up from, you need not go after the chart-busters or most popular ones. It is just that the first dance wedding song must connect deeply with you two and you both must be in awe of it to make it your first song for wedding dance. Check out some of the most popular choices:

contemporary first dance wedding songs
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1- “Amazed,” Lonestar

I don’t know how you do what you do
I’m so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I’m amazed by you

2- Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

So honey now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

3- ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol

We’ll do it all
On our own

We don’t need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol
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4- ‘Everything’ by Michael Buble

And I can’t believe, uh, that I’m your man,
And I get to kiss you, baby, just because I can.
Whatever comes our way, ah, we’ll see it through,
And you know that’s what our love can do.

5- Make You Feel My Love, Adele

I’d go hungry; I’d go black and blue
And I’d go crawling down the avenue
No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
To make you feel my love

6- “A Thousand Years,” Christina Perri (from Twilight: Breaking Dawn)

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

7- I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night

A feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night

8- All of Me – John Legend

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
‘Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh-oh

All of Me – John Legend
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9- “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” Elvis Presley

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand,
Take my whole life, too
For I can’t help falling in love with you

10- “Fly Me to the Moon,” Frank Sinatra

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore

In other words: please, be true
In other words: I love you

"Fly Me to the Moon," Frank Sinatra
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