12 Enchanting New Year Make Up Ideas – Get Dolled Up For 2019!

New Year Make Up Ideas
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For all the lovely ladies out there, its the right moment struck on the clock to get yourself a festive make over and start gearing up for New Years Eve.

Do you want to wind up the previous year and welcome the new year with all your fancy make up? Like you would do when you are going for a wedding or a date. New year’s eve is incredible with a list of resolutions to live by. How about gathering your thoughts and boosting all your energy levels to look jazzed up from head to toe.

Grab this opportunity and make the most of this new year eve, try on the trendiest make up hacks to stand out like a princess among st the lot. Rock and roll in your decked up look and love yourself for the new years eve.

If your thoughts are jumbling and you do not know from where to start and from where to end with your make up ideas. Here’s an article this new year bringing to you creative, mesmerizing and alluring make up ideas. Be it your smile, the dimple on your cheeks or when you blink your eyes. You will get set to blend in for the new years eve having all your make up ideas in place.

Glitzy Look For The New Years Eve – 2019!

1. Antique Look – Rock and Roll!

Antique Look
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This New Year try the retro and vintage make-up ideas. Glitter your eyes, galvanize your cheeks and smile with your flashy colored lips.

Some make up tips in the vintage style, watch it and explore!

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2. Classy Look – Accessorizing Your Eve Night!

Classy Look
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Try the subtle make up tricks and accentuate your feminity and get decorated with your accessories.

Check this video to get better insights on how to carry of your jewellery

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3. Pitch Black – Mysterious You!

Pitch Black
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Emma Stone looks elegant and hot in this dress, try the shades of black with a chic hairdo and a bright lipstick.

See the make up you can do for your black dress

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4. Contemporary – Pop Art

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Contemporary make up is inspired by the trend in the 60’s. The real form of make up to venture out with all the arbitrary ideas of colors.

5. Party Style – Muffler

Party Style
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Chilled new year, tie your muffler like a crown and give your eyes the twinkling bing. You will look smart and stunning.

Best ‘Aw Struck’ Make Up Ideas for New Year

Best ‘Aw Struck
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Most of the women are friends with make up and know the basic A B C of make up. To be inspired by Madonna or Princess Diana one has to get creative with her eyes, face and lips to compliment with the party attire. Here are some new year make up ideas to look ultimate.

New Year Make Up Ideas To Beautify Your Eyes

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1. Sun and Silicon Halloween Eyes

Sun and Silicon

You can carry of a dark colored dress with this eye make up. Use the gold and silver eye shadows and apply a bright colored lipstick shade.

This new year make up idea is rare and you can do this to your eyes if you want to get out of the box and go for something unusual.

2. Fairy Halloween Eyes

Fairy Halloween

If you are influenced by fairy tales and want to look like a fairy, this is the perfect style with a Halloween touch. Use catchy eye shadows and high spot your eyes.

This new year make up idea may take your time to get into this style if you like fairies.

3. Sparkling Tan Brown Eyes

Sparkling Tan
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Be it a light or a dark shade, all that matters is how is your entire face complimenting your attire and skin tone. This tan brown eye shadow and nude brown lipstick with the right amount of concealer on the face, glamorizes your face.

This new year make up idea can blindly be chosen.

4. Duo Colored Shimmery Eyes

Duo Colored
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These contrasting colors on your eye lids are apt for a party event. The real charm in this kind of eye make up is that you can add a silver or a golden eye shadow with the duo color.

5.Sapphire twinkling Eyes

Sapphire twinkling
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This New Year Make Up Idea will look glam this new year. Have you ever tried applying an eye shadow below your eyes? Try it this time, it looks hypnotizing on your eyes.

This sapphire cum turquoise eye shadow has to be stroked proportionately in the right portions around your eye. This is one idea, you can stick by this idea and try various other colors.

6.Wine Shadow Eyes

Wine Shadow Eyes
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This eye shadow is a flawless wine color shade that reminds us of colored petals on flowers and red wine, this fascinating color looks beautiful with a thin stroke of a sparkling colored eye liner. See to it that the color of the eye shadow is dark and go for light contrast eye liner.

This New year make up idea will display its real beauty only when this light and dark contrast color idea is followed.

7.Classic Glimmer Eyes

Classic Glimmer Eyes

For specific events we can try on all our bling ideas. Be it the make up or the attire. For block buster occasions like the new year this make up idea is epic. It is a grand even that we celebrate.

Get creative to the fullest with all your sparkling eye shadow ideas, use any sparkling colored eye shadow.

8.Contemporary Dotted Eyes

Contemporary Dotted

These studded and shining dots around the eye look out of the world, this is one new year make up idea you should think of if the dot style impresses you.

It is left to you on how you want to make those dots around your eyes. The best part about contemporary art is you can get as flashy and stylish as possible.

9.Highlighting your Eye Crease

Highlighting your

If you think you do not want the bling and loud eye make up on your eyes, you can still enhance the beauty on your eyelids trying some light eye make up. You can either accentuate your crease or highlight your eyes with a glittery eye liner.

This new year eye make up will get the charm in your eyes without too much of effort to add colors to your eyes.

New Year Make Up Ideas To Make your lips look Pretty

your lips look Pretty
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Applying lipstick is a plus point that adds on to the entire beauty in your face. You are a revolutionized person when you apply lipstick. You look so chic with those shades in parties.

1.Hot Red Shade

Hot Red Shade
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Try this hot red shade this year with your pretty red gown. This new year make up idea is a real party color shade. You will have eyes all on you with this red lipstick.

2.Engaging Purple Shade

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For few of you this color might seem too tacky. Contrarily, it is not as tacky as it seems in perceptions. It is a pleasing and alluring lipstick shade you can take this as a make up idea this new year.

3.Chocolate Brown Shade

Chocolate Brown Shade
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Brown shades are hot and a happening beauty trend, applying this brown lipstick shade makes one look complete.

The new year eve is coming up. Do not leave any part of your face incomplete, bring on the festive look and pep up yourself. Let in all the new year make up ideas come in and keep up the glow on your face this new year!

Be ready ladies! You will rock it this year with your make up ideas!

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