15 Rachel Green Outfits That Rock Even Today!

Rachel green outfits
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If you grew up in the nineties, chances are that you were a huge fan of Friends, and why wouldn’t you be. The beauty of the show and the humour it brought into our lives was something so wonderful that we are still not over it. But another priceless thing that the show rewarded us with was Rachel Greene. A character so effervescent that you couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

Not only was Rachel a good example for a friend, but she also inspired and dazzled thousands worldwide with her unique and affable personality. It was through Rachel that we learn how to be adorable and honest, girly and independent , fierce yet empathetic- all at one. She was the unique combination of funny and beautiful and she did all this while always at her fashionable best.

Rachel And Fashion

The ephemeral wardrobe of Rachel deserves so much more appreciation because of the versatility and innovativeness she came up with. So much so, that even after these decades, she still the most fashionable icon ever. She was a revolutionary with her outfits, be it lounge wear or party dresses, she just knew what ticked and adorned he screen with so much grace, that you couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

Looking at Rachel made us realize the importance of looking good, to feel good. She , with her effortless ways, made us fall in love with the decade of 90’s, and made us pay closer attention to elements that could create an unforgettable look. Whether she was waitressing, or going out on dates, or even her work place ensembles, Rachel made us realize, in her subtle but stylish ways- that if you look good, you feel good! So here we have combined a list of the 15 best Rachel green outfit that rock even today :

1. The Denim Cropped Vest

The denim cropped vest
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While her shifts at Central Perk gave her the taste of autonomy, Rachel gave us a true glimpse of the fashion visionary she was. The denim cropped vest was stylish yet low maintenance and truly changed our opinion on all things denim. Paired with the cute black skirt, the vest made an appearance quite a few times and registered itself as an indispensable part of Rachel’s go to wardrobe choices. She also teamed it up with cute ankle boots and customized her outfits often to keep the look fresh yet sustainable, at all times.

2. The Plaid Love

The plaid love
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Holy moly, if anyone created the love for plaid, it was Rachel. Just look at that cropped turtle neck and knee socks combination. So high school girl and endearing at the same time. From oversized pajamas to cute boxers, Rachel gave lounge wear a new name, with her incomparable styles moments. She made it look so easy that we still cant recover. Remember those cute school girl socks, these styles have made their way back into the wardrobe of the millenials, and how we love it!

The plaid love
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3. The Skater Skirt Appeal

The skater skirt appeal
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We absolutely loved the skater skirt trend, and Rachel carried off with so much panache. The elegant black crop shirt tied up, and the cute apron she donned on her shifts. The look was equal parts stylish and convenient. With the famous Rachel haircut coming up in the trends, this look just immortalized her sense of style. Don this look with some black stockings and some cute little black pumps. And your look will be complete, all Central perk Style.

4. The green effect

The green effectThis mint green bodycon midi dress was literal goals. Rachel took her time to get ready, but boy when she emerged, did she stun us all. It was extremely flattering and the colour is an extremely refreshing shade that makes the look ll the more appealing. The dress is definitely one of the most iconic of all her looks, all through the season. A stressed out Ross also agrees.

The green effect
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Another notable mention is the green ensemble that Rachel wore at work. It was so chic yet comfortable looking that it made you want to get a job in the fashion industry simply because you might be able to learn a thing or two from the goddess herself. She just knew how to match the right top with the right trousers and look graceful to the t, whilst doing the same.

5. Hundred Shades of Blue

Hundred shades of blue
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The plaid shirt strikes again, and so does the denim, but look how innovatively! Rachel was the queen of customizing and personalizing her outfit and we saw glimpses of all that throughout the 10 seasons. Remember her blue overalls? Today every off the runway airport look emulates Rachel’s vision. She surely has given us so many style ideas out of ordinary clothes and elements, that now we know that anything can be put together, use your mood to create your own outfit.

Hundred shades of blue
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From turtlenecks to sweatshirts, to huge coats over half overalls, Rachel knew how to create a look out of completely ordinary elements and make us want to emulate it immediately. She wasn’t scared of donning huge button downs, or other unconventional elements because she knew it was essentially her personality that gave life to the clothes, and boy, did she make it look elegant without even trying too hard. Each and every shade of blue came to life!

Hundred shades of blue
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6. The Crop Top and High Waisted Denim Combination

The crop top and high waisted denim Combination
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Almost every few episodes we saw Rachel keep it casual, and of course that alone is a whole new fashion trend for millennial today. Like most of her curated looks, these were the simplest, most unassuming looks. Like a t-shirt that ends above the waist and says – Girls-? yes, just that and yes, we are totally digging it too. And those high waisted jeans, all things cute! Team it with a pair of white sneakers and you are good to go. Whether it is the coffee shop or the doctors, a look so universal, that all of us can follow it, but only Rachel can look that good while doing it.

7. Athleisure

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Now, this can probably be found in every wardrobe. The pieces of clothing are universal and are just that comfortable. Rachel adorned the look for a baseball game, and 20 years later athleisure is all anyone can think of wearing. The comfort and sense of warmth is of the higher quotient in this ensemble and it is more about convenience and cuteness rather than fashion. But still iconic, and everyone will love it. And more importantly, everyone will wear it sooner or later.whats amazing is that Rachel pulled off this trend so effortlessly even before it came into existence!

8. The Love for Layering

The love for layering
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From completely revamping her look from plaint by teaming it up with a slip dress, or event completely revamping Cami tops, Rachel created a revolution with her fashion statements. Only Rachel could have pulled the brown on brown look without making us cringe. Shirts under a spaghetti strap dress are still so much in trend. And the sleek layered looks that she created make us believe that there can be so much more to and attire, more than what meets the eye. She knew how to create a look from scratch and make seemingly incompatible things work. And she did it with ease!

9. Oversized Sweatshirts and Bright Coloured Trousers

Oversized sweatshirts and bright coloured trousers
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How cute can she make lunge wear look? The limit does not exist. Along with that flawless hair, Rachel redefined every bit of casual look, makes you wonder who exactly get this ideas from! No one could have had the guts to pull such androgynous looks and still look pretty and cute. Not to mention, she looked this good when she was Home! If only all of us looked this good while chilling. And the gusto with which she wore orange or red trousers and still looked like a million bucks! Excuse me, but who looks that good without having spent hours on their look? Only Rachel Greene.

10. The Tie-Up Top

The tie up top
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Do you see how far ahead Rachel actually was. The designs that we all are practically drooling over here in 2018, Rachel totally nailed those elements even before people knew that they existed. It is sleek and its edgy and will definitely garner more than your fair share of looks and give you a dazzling sense of confidence with its unique design.

11. The Lace Shirt

The lace shirt
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Only a shirt this extraordinary and delicate looking could distract us from the sheer beauty that Brad Pitt exuded in this episode. Not only was Rachel completely efficient at carrying the sheer top look, she did it with so much elegance that we were all left drooling. Much similar to the current fashion week trends, the top is all things feminine without being too frilly and it adds the old school touch that makes it grand enough to be part of any occasion without going over the top.it accentuated her curves the right way, and made us want to imbibe the cool but stunning style for every Thanksgiving dinner!

12. THAT Yellow Dress

THAT yellow dress
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No matter how out of this world this dress looks, all of us admitted it was a bit too much for a casual date. But does that mean we love it any less? Of course not! This was the episode where Rachel brought out the metallics and though she has been known to give the most amazing strapless and form fitting looks, this one was just something else. the design was unique and truly ignites the passion in other girls to wear more form hugging attires.The floral print and beautiful silhouette created one of the most unforgettable appearances on the show, this is the reason why everyone remembers THAT yellow dress!

13. The Black Skirt Dress

The black skirt dress
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Honestly, have you ever seen anything cute and elegant at the same time? Anything this unabashedly beautiful, anything this effortless. Do you see how the trend is back again? Rachel proves time and again that she was always ahead of her time. The high and low skirt looks like every man’s dream and every girls envy. You cannot even call her rude for exchanging the gift because she looks looks just that cute.

14. The Black and White USA Outfit

The black and WhiteNobody could have imagined that Rachel would actually dare to pull the black tights and shirts combo, but she did it, and looked so effortlessly chic while doing it. The ensemble is not even for a costume party, but the sharpness of it makes it look like it might as well be one.look at the way the tights compliment the entire outfit. This look could work anywhere, a party, lunch, or college. No wonder Rachel is regarded as the queen of versatility.

15. Her Entire Workplace Wardrobe

Her entire workplace wardrobe
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Boy, did Ms.Green know how to rock a white shit. The button downs, the heels, the pencil skirt- make way for the lady boss. She taught us that it is important to look seriously good and sophisticated if you want to be taken seriously at your work place- which co incidentally is all about fashion too. The smooth transition from a waitress to her new found independence in the fashion industry makes Rachel look like a true queen, who stumbles yet always manages to rise, and her fashion choices give her all the confidence she needs.

Her entire workplace wardrobe
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From those extremely well tailored suits that changed pour perception to form fitting ensembles, and of-course the check shirts that merged seamlessly into the scene. Her impeccably designed suits, and the personality with which she waltzed around, that has inspired generations of working women. Who could forget the turquoise blue suit or the lovely customized ways of wearing the white shirt. She knew what clicked and she wasn’t afraid of making it stand out. after all, its these quirks that make her our true style icon, the original diva – Rachel Green.

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