10 Trendsetting ways to revamp your Semi Formal Attire!

Semi formal attire for women
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Be it a social gathering or certain event, an evening out with friends or a meeting at the cafe, there are times when you want your outfit to do all the talking. Semi formal attires are the perfect choice for such occasions. It is more about a mood than anything else. Where the event is not too serious or too casual, so you give it the right kind of attention.

And honestly, is there anything more fun? Not only do you get to design the way you look, you have a free reign in both the casual and formal arenas, where you can mix and match and dress according to your every whim and fancy.

Giving in to the androgynous nature of the face of fashion women can chose semi formal attire based on their given mood, and the plethora of items available to them is also endless. Dances, bar Mitzvahs, weddings, every where you want to look more classy and less fussy, and that is exactly what all these semi formal attire ideas promise:

Semi Formal Outfits for Everyone:

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but the major emphasis when it comes to semi-formal outfit ideas for women is the whole notion that if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. And you feel beautiful only when you communicate your inner interest through the way you live. These ideas are based on not just relevant trends, or fads but more on what items work together to give you that dynamic level of confidence. The key is to look more classy than too dressy, and these attires communicate just that:

1. The One for Work

The one for work
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With the coming of fashion bloggers, each of us now have insight into the ideal wardrobe. Our lives have become so much more simple because there is someone out there telling us the do’s and don’ts of fashion.

Do you want any advice on how to dress for an interview? Or do you want to look professional but not become too dressy? Then this is the right place. Power suits and office attire found its way into our wardrobe way back in the sixties when women started working. But w now have the opportunity to look back at all these decades and choose the best bits to customize our work outfits.

And a definite break from the boring neutral colours can be this combination of wearing a pair of classic trousers and a well fitted shirt that isn’t so formal. The kind that could be worn to a party too- yes, always look for another way to wear an outfit. Or you could also dress in a t-shirt and jeans and to add the professional touch just wear a blazer on top. Or you could wear printed trousers with a blazer. Remember to keep one fun element in your outfit. The only thing you need to make sure is that your shoes are not open toes or casual. In Don Draper’s words – “ Keep it simple, yet significant “

The one for work
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2. The One With the Jeans

The one with the jeans
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The impact that denims have had in our lives is incomparable, honestly, there is nothing more versatile and occasion friendly than this piece of clothing. Whether it is a formal event or no, we can always rely on denim to make our days much easier. So when you think of semi-formal attires, it is only natural that denims come to the rescue, the way they can change the mood of an outfit is incompatible.

Wear and extremely classy top with your favourite jeans ( the one that makes your butt look great !) and lo and behold! You can change the mood of your day. For a neat and minimal look that is elegant yet serious, wear your favorite heel to add to the contrast. If you happen to go for lunch in the same outfit just add a scarf or few accessories, and there! You are good to go!

3. The One for the Wedding

The one for the wedding
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Now we all know that nobody, absolutely no nobody is supposed to steal the bride’s thunder, but that does not mean that you do not get to rock your wedding party ideas. The thing is that too formal of a dress for anyone other than the bride makes you stand out t the wedding, and not to mention0- makes you look awkward. So what you can do is go for a more semi formal tone, one wear your dress looks the best, but also something that looks effortless. And let’s be honest, aren’t we all too tired of buying dresses that are so situation specific, that you cannot wear them again. This is the best part about semi-formal outfits, they are extremely situation neutral.

Here’s a party dress that is elegant and simple at the same time and can recycled for other occasions as well. The most beautiful thing about this dress is that it looks important enough to be worn for formal obligation, yet it has a fun sexy element attached that makes it look secy too.

4. The One for the Daily Shenanigans

The one for the daily shenanigans
Image source: fikirkatalog.net

The way you dress definitely determines how you feel, and we all know that the days where we dress like hobos, end up being the worst. If you want to sit at home, that’s okay too, but to have a kind of power stance where you can course through the day finishing whatever that you are supposed to do, you need to decide accordingly.

Okay, but we do admit that we are not stylists who will design their outfits every day- so what do you do? Well, for starters, you can learn about your tastes and decide to mix and match. This is an ingenious way as for a semi-formal outfit, you will know for sure that you look amazing, plus you will have the satisfaction of using all the clothing articles present in your cupboard. Pair up a cute skirt with some dress shoes and a shirt. Or use your favourite pin striped trousers with an oversized sweater to get the boho semi-formal look.

Always remember to play it cool with one formal article and one casual article, this way the outfit looks balanced. Skirts are also a great choice as you can seemingly pair them with almost all types of tops.

5. The One With the Blouse

The one with the blouse
Image source: srathardforlife.tumblr.com

The interesting aspect about the formal blouse is that it commands a level of seriousness, which is often required at the workplace. And though it is sexy and elegant and equal parts feminine, if not paid attention to, the neutrality of office colors can make it look extremely monotonous. And like we said before, the power stance can be dictated through the clothes you wear- it is necessary for us to choose attires in a way that they spice things up. For our moods and the environment.

Choose a skirt once in a while that complements your body shape and goes with the blouse to create a nice amalgamation. Something semi-formal is the perfect way to look the part and look fun. Again the look will be versatile in a way that if you decide to go out for a round of drinks after work, you can do that without looking out of place at the club.

6. The One for the Brunch

The one for the brunch
Image source: louellareese.com

You had a night of partying, but you re meeting some girls for brunch this afternoon but you are in no mood to dress up. But there might be some guests you don’t know, and you obviously cannot be bothered to look for a dress that is appropriate enough for n event like this. What do you do? go semi-formal, girl! Yes! Choose two articles that are almost contrasting but they make everything look much better. And guess what? You will not even have to spend a whole lot of time looking for those things? Spruce it up with some good shoes and dazzle your way through the noon without having to work up a sweat.

7. The One for the Show Night

The one for the show night
Image source: lulus.com

Has the feeling of having seen too many LBD’s gotten to you too? Do you keep pondering about how you need to find something sparkling yet innovative to dazzle on the night when the eyes might be on you? Well then, it is time to change your perspective honey, and bring out the big guns- go for dresses that do not have specific tone and are semi-formal so the ideas can be combined, this way you can add one big element with like big red pumps or gold jewellery to make you look like a total diva. Because the semi-formal elements will make you look gorgeous without making it look too over the top.

8. The One With the Jumpsuits

The one with the jumpsuits
Image source: luvtolook.net

The best thing about semi-formal attire for women is that it gives you the freedom to dapple with a lot of styles. It also gives you the freedom to be outrageous and challenge the norms once in a while. Thanks to the coming of androgynous fashion, women have a lot more options available to them in the form of clothes and they can choose to experiment as much ant.

But one such for of clothing that has remained untouched by any stigmas or typecasting is the jumpsuit. They just have a way! Fun day out with friends- you can wear a jumpsuit, a meeting at work post lunch- wear a jumpsuit with a blazer! Jumpsuits, especially the right kind are so versatile that they look equal parts formal and informal and can be used for any occasion. Get some cute heels and a designer bag to bring in some more sophistication and just keep ruling the looks!

9. The One for the Cocktail Night

The one for the cocktail night
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A nice evening out with friends should not entail worries about what you are going to wear. Whenever you get a chance, choose a dress of your liking, and choose one that is versatile enough to be worn on multiple occasions. But think about it practically, you do not have to shell out a lot of bucks, and obviously a drinks night doesn’t require some red carpet treatment, so invest in skater dresses, t-shirt dresses, shirt dress, dresses that are cute, comfy and a little sharp- all at once.these are suitable for dinners and dates too, as they are breezy, but just as sensual and elegant.

10. The one for the semi formal rockstar

The one for the semi formal rockstar
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This is for the ones who do not follow the rules.. caution: extreme panache ahead. If you are not afraid to look the part of the bad add you are, then this style can be your personal favorite. Not only will you be taken seriously, but people will also admire you for your personal style. Think leather jackets and trousers, knee high boots with a casual tee, huge aviators yet and embellished coat, huge culottes with a crop top. Think big, think stylish. Your personal style can be a reflection of your mood or a reflection of your inspirations. It is something to watch out for, always!

The rise of love and demand for semi formal attire is something that is only going to keep increasing in the coming years. It is undeniable how the collective consciousness of women all over has been increasing, and this is just a refreshing phase at which women are realizing the depth behind having a sense of style that is unique, personal, and comfortable.

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