How to Stretch Out Shoes And Make Them Fit

how to stretch out shoes
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We all have been in a situation where we just can’t take our eyes off the stunning footwear only to find that it is just available a size lower than yours. Despite all that confusion we tend to buy hoping to somehow fit in the shoe at least a couple of times. Been there, done that; well from now on you do not have to worry about sizing, as we have some excellent tips on how to stretch out shoes to make them fit your feet. Shoe stretching can be done at home with simple items readily available and also with a professional shoe stretching device. So to help you with those shoes too small to fit in but too awesome to be trashed, look at some of the best ways to stretch out shoes and make them fit your feet.

Best Ways on How to Stretch Shoes:

There are ample tricks you can proceed with, for stretching out shoes. Not every show will show the same results for each of the ways, so keep trying. Most leather or suede shoes may take longer then usual for stretching out. This is because they are made of thicker material. Also some designer picks may not be easy to stretch, as they are at a risk of getting damaged. So proceed with utmost caution, and follow the below steps to stretch shoe length:

1- Wear Your Shoes at Home for a Few Days:

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Wearing your shoes for a few days at a stretch will help in reshaping them to fit you perfectly. This may not be easy for every show, but most shows will stretch out easily with this technique. This shoe stretch method is the most natural one as nothing is else is used and only thing that’s done here is; to keep wearing them for a couple of days.

2- Use Socks to Stretch Shoes:

Use socks to stretch shoes
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Wear thick layers of socks and then put on the shoes for quicker shoe stretch. This is almost the same like the previous step but we are using socks to get the stretched shoe shape quickly. You may also use socks as a keeper in show to stretch them out. Just stuff rolled out socks such that you press them deeper into the shoe. Keep stuffing at least a few socks and let it stays so for 24-48 hours. You will see the show has stretched out then

3- Newspaper stuffing to stretch out your shoe:

Newspaper stuffing to stretch
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Just like socks stuffing, you just need to put a lot of newspapers scraps folded into balls. Keep stuffing them until they seem stretched out. Now keep the show aside for at least 24-48 hours. The show will stretch out quickly. Be careful as this may also distort the shape of the show, so do not stuff when the show starts getting damaged in shape

4- Freezing water in shoe to stretch it out:

Freezing water in shoe
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Freezing the water in a shoe helps in stretching the show with utmost perfection. Just take a ziplok and full it half with water. Now lock it and put it in the shoe such that it stays pushed in. Now put this shoe in a freezer for a night. The water starts to ice and thus expand, which helps in stretching out the shoe

5- Using a Hair Dryer for Quick Stretching:

Using a hair dryer for quick stretching
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The quickest but temporary way to stretch out your shoe is, just wear a thick layer of sock, and put on your shoes. Now blow the dryer all over your shoe. This will stretch it out quickly and will stay so for at least a few hours. This may be temporary as after a days wear they tend to get back to normal shape in the beginning. But if you continue blow dryer method eventually in a week or so the show will stretch out permanently

6- Using Oats to Stretch Out Shoes:

Using oats to stretch out shoes
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Using oats is a cowboy trick for leather boots, and is known to work best on thicker materials. Oats are great as they swell up when they are wet. So take a ziplok and put oats in it. Now push it in the show and put ample water to soak the oats. Keep this overnight and the next day, you will see your show stretched out.

7- Stretch Your Shows Using a Bottle:

Stretch your shows using a bottle
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Take a few glass bottles which are almost the shape of your feet. Now wrap a sock on it and push it inside the shoe. Keep it overnight and see it works wonderfully on stretching out your shoe

8- Use Rubbing Alcohol for Stretching Out Shoes:

Use rubbing alcohol for stretching
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Just spray rubbing alcohol mixed with water in equal quantities in the show. Now wear it over socks for at least a few hours. This will help in stretching the shoe quickly. Additionally you can soak the socks in rubbing alcohol and water mixture and wear them. Now put on the shows and keep wearing until the rubbing alcohol dries out. This will stretch out the shoes well

9- Use Potatoes to Stretch the Shoes:

Use potatoes to stretch the shoes
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Just press big potatoes inside the shoe and keep it for at least 24 hours. This will speed up the stretching out process for your shoe. Also potato help in absorbing bad odor from shoe, thus making it fresh and fit for your feet

10- Use Professional Shoe Stretching Instruments:

Use professional shoe
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There are some professional instruments which help in stretching the shoe. You may go to a cobbler for the same or try doing it yourself. Just follow the instructions and proceed. These professional tools can stretch the shoes both length wise and breadth wise too. Also you can set the measure which you need for your shoe, after stretching it out. Additionally you can use shoe stretching spray also which will make the show easier to stretch and also prevent any damage too.

How to Prevent a Situation Which Calls for Stretching a Shoe:

stretching a shoe
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There are ample ways you can prevent ending up in a situation where you need to look for ways to stretch out shoes. First and foremost pick the size which is most fitting and feasible for your feet. Some more preventive steps include:

  1. Get your feet sized whenever you plan to buy shoes. Go to professionals at show stores, and using their measuring scale get your fit
  2. Measure both your feet as most of us have a different size for right and left foot. Also go ahead with the larger size and buy the shoe
  3. Check for proper shoe widths too, there are ample variety of sizes available and also for narrow, wide and normal feet. Do not compromise just for the sake of buying a shoe. It must be fitting enough for you to purchase it
  4. Buy shoes in the second half of your day, as your feet get swollen after a few hours in the day. This is your right size and will prevent you from using any of the above tricks for stretching out your shoes
  5. You may also choose some shoes which can stretch a few millimeters. Many loafers or slip-ons are made of canvas which has a little elastic attached. This helps in keeping the show fit to your feet and also not hurting you
  6. Pick weather appropriate shoes, as many materials shrink in winter or rainy season. So wearing weather appropriate shoes will help you in getting a perfect shoe fit all the time
  7. Wear Sandals as they are most comfortable and don’t need much stretching. They fit in for a size plus and minus also without causing any unease. So pick sandals for most of your comfort walks.

Wear Sandals as they are most comfortable


Wondering how to stretch out shoes and make them fit, well there are ample ways listed above, which you can proceed carefully at home too. Check for the material of your shoe and proceed with shoe stretching techniques which work best in your case. No more worry of show bite as you have all the brilliant hacks for shoe stretching. Be sure to check out high heel hacks for comfort and style.

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