Transitioning Back To Work After Holidays; Well Spent With Family

Transitioning back to work after holidays
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Waking up on the January 1st and wondering what are the odds of getting back to the routine you just left, well! let’s just say around Halloween. For the past 3 months have been full of festivity, fun and frolic. Especially after a splendid Christmas and New Years Celebration, we worry most about transitioning back work after holidays well spent with family. No more duvet days in your sweatpants and no more lounging around all weekend as a potato couch curled up in bed with your favorite show running non stop. It is hard to get past the holiday fever and frenzy specially when the festival hangover is all enticing and mesmerizing. I myself fail to get back rhythm as i write post a fulfilling break, but the most inspiring thought that strikes here is; sharing how the holidays went and how i look ahead to amazing times ahead.

How to transition back to work after holidays:

For all of us, the most challenging task is resuming back to work post a wonderful holiday season. January blues are real and this month looks gloomy for most of us, as our denial to switch from holiday to work mode keeps us away from reality. Not just the US but entire world is filled with holiday frenzy and fun all through the post thanksgiving weeks until the New Years. The more we try to get over the holiday hangover the more we think of the times we spent as family or just enjoying with friends. So we have some wonderful tips on how to get back to work post holiday season, which have been helpful for many and inspiring for others. But first let us look at reasons why January blues even exist:

transition back to work after holidays

1- Weight gain all through the post fall weeks until now:

The treats and drinks have been the culprit here, and no matter how traditional we are; there is no reason to choke yourself with egg nogs, coco and cookies. But we have grown among all of this and so much more, so we tend to gorge upon everything sweet and everything filled with carbs, this is the biggest reason for all January blues we undergo

2- Fond memories make you switch to denial from reality:

You are so much into the holiday fun even now that you completely tend to deny the reality of Jan 1st and a New Year already. No matter you celebrated this beginning in complete frenzy but the switch back to reality seems difficult

3- Regret:

Yes many of us have ample regrets, in terms how and why we did anything and why could not we do it the other way. These thoughts keep us from switching our own inner self to reality despite the fact that everything is back on track.

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4- Amnesia:

All the late night parties and fun seems to have left a lot more than just hangover. We are completely sleepless and our clock seems to have taken a different schedule. Specially the first night before we actually join work, seems the most nocturnal of our version. Awake all night, tossing and turning and thinking about the holiday fun makes it even worse to resume work again

5- Financial lows post the festival season:

Many of us over spend on the holiday season and even before January 1st, run out of money. This can be really challenging emotionally and economically too, thus keeping us stressed through the January.

Financial lows post the festival season
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Top 10 Ways to transition back to work post holiday season:

We have some wonderful ways to help you get back in the rhythm without much emotional upswings and personal downswings. These are not just feel good to read but actually work wonders too. Check them out and help yourself get better this January:

1- Keep mild exercises on all through the holiday:

Keep mild exercises

It may be challenging to go with your regular workout routine but a few minutes in a day even while sitting at home can be helpful. The most important ones here must be meditation and yoga as it not just keeps you fit physically but mentally too. Practice pranayama, surya namaskar at least 10-15 minutes a day and see how different and energized it makes you feel, in a positive way

2- Drink a lot of water:

Drink a lot of water
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Yes it will be the only way to keep you off impulsive eating and also helpful in digesting all that you have put your body through. Holiday foods are traditional and it is okay to eat a few past your diet schedules, but to help your body digest it all, you need to keep something going on track. Warm water is best remedy for body at this time. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of warm water each day all through the holiday season

3- Keep the Jan 1st as the day you switch back:

Keep the Jan 1st as the day you switch back
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Many of us have Jan 1st as a holiday so make sure even if you slept late on New Years Eve, you get early on Jan 1st at least by 8am and begin your schedule. Spend a little time on workout first and then sit back, relax and plan a schedule for the coming week. You may write down some timelines for things you ought to do this week and put up at places in your home to remind you for them

4- Check your last workday:

Check your last workday
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Log in on Jan 1st and check the last working day events, specially emails which you may have missed and are important for this time. Remember to highlight everything you left and should be done in the first week post Jan 1st. And keep a note of it in your daily plan. The more you read the work details the better chances are that your mind begins to fall back in the right place

5- Do the easy stuff first:

DOn’t just jump on to the challenging stuff, begin with baby steps as the break was emotionally and physically draining and yet exciting. The more you accomplish easy tasks the better you feel to take charge ahead

6- Reward yourself:

Reward yourself
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Keep some healthy rewards for yourself, one for each task you must do professionally in this week. And make sure to not forget the most important things to do, to make your work life balanced and on track

7- Stay away from holiday discussions and gossips:

We all simply love to discuss what happened and who did what, its okay to gossip but not on the first day of the New Years. Keep them for the next weekend and stay off things which will make you go back to the holiday frenzy and nostalgia.

8- Do not weigh yourself:

Do not weigh yourself

Yes you read it right, not forever but just not yet. Make the first week post New Years as the challenging for back to fitness. Make sure to stay off carbs and fats completely and eat more greens and drink more water. 7 days are enough for you to at least get over some weight.

9- Do not discuss the holiday happenings at work:

Do not discuss the holiday happenings
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It is exciting to share everything happening that went past you in the past few weeks, but do not discuss at work. The more you discuss the lower chances are to bring back the routine you left weeks ago. To rise up your emotional upheaval you need to prevent yourself from discussing much about holiday fun

10- Make sure to take a soothing spa before going back to work:

Make sure to take a soothing spa
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The most important way to block all negative and over indulging memories and thoughts is to go for a long and soothing spa. And a therapeutic one will help clear off your mind and help you feel revitalized and rejuvenated. This is the most important tradition i have stuck with in the good part of past decade, which helps me get back on track quickly and in a very zealous way

Quick-fix-tips for back to work post vacation:

  1. Arrange your desk before you break for vacation
  2. Get to work at least half an hour before the schedule to get jump start
  3. Do not schedule meetings yet
  4. One at a time, and keep it simple and slow
  5. Do not get overwhelmed by long list of things to do
  6. Keep a few minutes for fun too
  7. Take a few power naps of 15-20 minutes each
  8. Leave work on time
  9. Eat fresh produce, and take proper meals
  10. Go to bed early

Though transitioning back to work after holidays may take a while but the above efforts are simply needed to help you get over January blues and emotional trauma.

Be sure to keep everything light and in moderation for the first few weeks post Jan 31st madness.

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