Theories on Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

Why do dogs eat grass
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Ever seen a dog eating grass and wondered why! Well we all have, but there may be different reason why dogs do it. Some may just grab a bite and play around while other dogs may even spit it out or swallow it. But one thing is certain when a dog eats grass they still don’t have the enzymes to digest it and break down its fibers. They may have a temporary stomach reflux which they are trying to subside and they find grass around for a quick grab.

Check some theories on why do dogs eat grass:

Dogs eat grass and we don’t know why. Infact there is no sure shot answer to it. But there are a wide number of theories surrounding it, check out some interesting ones here:

1- Dogs eat grass when they are nauseated:

There was a study comprised more than 1500 client owned dogsthat found only 8% of plant eating dogs showed signs of some illness before resorting to grass eating and 22% of these vomited after eating grass. The dogs that seemed sick prior to eating grass were most likely to vomit after.

Dogs eat grass when they are nauseated
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2- Dogs eat grass when they have some stomach re-fluxes and inflammations around esophageal path:

When dogs have some stomach grumbling and tummy trouble they may find grass blades just a way to counter the tummy trouble. They just begin nibbling grass and may or may not vomit from it

3- Dogs east grass when they have some dietary deficiency:

Some thinkers believe that eating grass is an indication of a dietary deficiency in canines. But studies have failed to prove the explanation regarding dietary deficiency. Give your pet dog a high-quality balanced diet so you do not have to worry about dietary deficiency.

Dogs east grass when they have some dietary deficiency
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4- There have been studies in wild chimps suggesting eating of plant material relates to increased intestinal motility and to help dogs or chimps get rid them of these intestinal parasites.Despite the dogs being controlled for parasites, there are still cases of them eating grass which relates to the fact that instincts may drive their behavior.

5- Grass eating is a normal tendency inherited from dogs’ wild ancestors. People believe that in the wild, dogs’ ancestors would have ingested prey stuck on plant matter, which showed up in their bowels and this still drives dogs to eat grass. Though dogs are omnivores but still they may have genes to like plant matter or use it as an appetizer.

Grass eating is a normal

6- The most likely reason that dogs eat grass is because it is a rewarding and playful. So dogs eat grass because it causes a release of dopamine which is fun-filled and they just love it

7- Dogs are more omnivorous and have larger appetite, so many dogs eat grass as they like to eat far more than they’re fed. If short meals or missed meals are proceeded for dogs they begin grabbing grass as they simply enjoy the process of eating anything around. This is more satisfying psychologically than actually as grass gives a feel of an afternoon snack which may not have added anything to the dog actually.

8- Some also believe for their evolutionary past. For ancestral dogs to have survived their good hunting abilities would have been a plus point in order to feed and nourish also survive. Grass eating may have been evolutionary to help conceal their scent from prey and to capture them quickly

For ancestral dogs to have survived their good hunting abilities
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9- Modern dogs today may probably seek out plants as an alternative food source which is easy and exciting. And grass is the best and easiest pick for them. They even eat the wild vegetables and fruits too.

The above compilation on Theories on why do dogs eat grass is to help us in understanding why our dogs grab the bladed grass. While there is no theory proving it right but all of the probabilities must be read to understand how our dogs may have adopted this

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