15 Common Fights Every Couple Has Had At Some Point

common relationship fights

Relationships are a beautiful thing. The warmth, the care, and all that companionship is really one of the most beautiful things in life. But, does that mean, it is immune to fights? well, let me answer that for you- no, it’s not. No matter how hunky dory your relationship is, at some point or you have had these common fights that every couple has.

You can be completely in love with your partner and they could still drive you insane. they say a little bit of fighting keeps the fire alive, as complacency is the enemy if a relationship. but how do you what is common to fight over, and what not? Or do you just rely on your better judgment and be a bigger person

? Haha, I don’t think so!

So here we have rounded up a list of 22 most common fights a couple has definitely had at some or the other point:

1. The One With “ What Do We Watch?”

what do we watch
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Thanks to Netflix, days and nights can be spend binge-watching your favorite tv shows, and that too without having to do anything! Be it a rom-com, or a documentary series, couples have now found a new way to bond but..what if you cant decide on what to watch? Believe it or not, this is one the most common quarrels couples have

2. The One With “Are You Still Friends Swith Your Ex?”

are you still friends
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No matter how chilled out you deem your significant other to be, at some point or the other, this question will come up! It could be something as innocent as still being friends with your ex on Facebook, but either of the parties will get insecure and this will lead to a fight. More often than not it will get resolved quickly, but a bit of jealousy is necessary for a relationship.

3. The One With “What Do We Eat ?”

what do we eat
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This one is the most popular. Are we spoilt by choices? Where is all this indecision coming from over food? The biggest decision of the day is deciding what to eat with your partner. Chinese, Thai, sushi? Take your time, and watch time and your SO’s patience run out. This leads into a cute yet petty argument in a matter of minutes and before you know it, you are both not eating anything!

4. The One With “How Much Did You Spend ?!?”

how much did you spend

Money fights in a relationship are unavoidable. aka “ did you really spend that much on your Xbox? Or a freaking haircut?” sticking to a budget can be such a chore, especially if your SO has the rationality of an eight-year-old when it comes to candy or flat screens! Finances can ANY couple fight. You could also have the YOLO mindset and chill, but eventually one of you will get pissed off and it will soon lead to an argument. Some point or the other, really.

5. The One With “You Are Going Out With Your Friends Again?!”

you are going out with your friends again
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Its Wednesday night and your partner has already chilled for two nights in a row? Hello?this one is a favorite- aka “ you like your friends more than me” or “ do you really need 20 beers on a working night?” also “ you are 26 years old you cant be this irresponsible !” this usually happens in the early stages of friendship, here you are still figuring out that he needs to spend some time with his guy friends, but you will be neglected.

6. The One With “Please Take the Directions”

Men don’t want to be guided, they KNOW what they are doing. Your partner here is on the edge with how long you are taking to reach the destination. Or fix the sink. “can’t we just call a professional” “over my dead body “ this has to be one of the most intense areas of relationship confrontation. This is the situation where you learn the finer nuances of your partner’s ego, or how much patience each of you have . fun times!

7. The One With the Drunkenness

one with the drunkenness
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It does not matter whether it 20 shots or just a glass of red wine. You are going to hear the truth and were going to fight over it. This has to be one of the cutest things ever because without the filters it so easy to know why two people just don’t give up on each other. But hey, this one can also be risky, as it can escalate without any control in a matter of minutes. It could also turn into something dramatic and anger ridden, so be aware. To be completely honest, this deserves a category of its own, because there are just so many levels.

8. The One With Sex

Oh, this has to be a favorite. It does not matter what you are actually fighting over.it could be that one of you wants to spice things up, or the other just wants to go to sleep, or the fact that, maybe your needs aren’t being, met completely or just about anything to do with sex. This is a touchy topic, and emotions and hormones both are involved, so the only way of winning is a good discussion or steamy makeup sessions.

9. The One Where You Are Having People Over

The one where you are having people over
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This is the one where tension is running high because of all the house party pressure. This fight has to happen, it could be about the wrong chips, or about your partner’s introvertedness, or how he/she is not helping you more. Oi it could be “ why are we even having these people over?” no matter what, this is the one that tests your patience and resilience to move forward in a socially challenging situation, gritty teeth in the kitchen aside, it is your partner that is going to get the brunt of it.

10. The One With “Where is This Going“

Sooner or later, this is going to come to the surface. Whether it has been 3 months or 6 weeks, a conversation about where your relationship is headed is something you cannot avoid. It very crucial that both the parties be on the same page. because otherwise, the discussion will not be fruitful at all.also the importance of communication and honesty is pivotal here, as those are the foundation stones of any relationship. And the sooner this matter is resolved the better.

11. The One With “You are Always Working”

Aka “ I barely see you anymore” or “ its been so long since we went out on a date” this usually happens when our partner is super occupied with something and we are not able to devote them as much time we want. This is loaded with emotions, as you miss spending time with them. One of you always feels neglected and it is not fair, but it is fairly common. Long working hours, or street or the travel time that cuts your time short is what causes these types of fights.

12. The One With “I Am Not Doing the Chores Again”

Oh, the boon and curse of familiarity is something. As the dust settles down you come face to face with your partner’s habits and rituals and if not working equally isn’t a trait among the two people, fights are bound to happen. Considering how tiring days can be, it is advisable to distribute chores in a way that nobody feels burdened. Of course one of you will try to skip the chores you don’t like, but if you do this too many times, tension could be riding high.

13. The One With “I Don’t Understand What You Are Saying “

I don’t understand
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Often couples will misinterpret or will have to second guess what the other one is saying. This is very common in relationships and this type of fight can escalate to something else if not resolved quickly. So it’s obviously better to stop beating around the bush and come to the point directly. The key to solving this problem is clear and succinct communication.a relationship is where both the people have to acknowledge and respect each other’s needs.

14. The One with “Can You Stop Being on the Phone?”

can you stop being on the phone
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Aka will you please pay attention to me. These type of fights occur usually when you are ignoring your partner whilst browsing something. Declarations of ignorance are a pretty serious thing, and should not be taken lightly. In any case, it is extremely rude to be on the phone while you are talking to someone, but if at all you need to do something, excuse yourself from the conversation at first.because if you are simply addicted to your phone your partner may feel neglected and ask you to choose between the phone and them. Sticky spot, no doubt!

15. The One With “I am Having a Bad Day “

Oooh, this is a good one. This is the one where you dislodge all your frustration on to your partner because you have just had the worst day ever. You are lucky if you have a partner that is more tolerant, but mostly this makes for an ugly fight as one of the parties is getting blamed without any fault of their own. these arguments are usually petty and can be about anything. Random at the most, this is not exactly anyone’s fault just an after effect of a tiring day. All you need is a good night’s sleep to prevent you from being salty.

Couples Who Care.

Couples who care.
..Tend to fight more. Though this sounds like an optimistic statement, please do not be delusional.
Yes, a little bit of jealousy is fine in a relationship, but going overboard with complaints and tantrums is never acceptable. sometimes fights are unavoidable, and with the right perspective they can be seen as a way to make your understanding of each other’s personalities better, but it’s crucial to remember that you also have to be willing to be more accommodating and of course, communicating better.

Fights are also a way of understanding the limits of you and your partner, it may seem unpleasant at first but if you go through it like an adult, you will understand it much better. the idea is to make a relationship better, and more fulfilling. So you might have had a bad day, or there is just something your partner is unwilling to understand, you need to just ensure that you get your point across, because they do care, and you will be heard. It does not have to be necessarily dramatic, but if you want to vent do so, relieve yourself. Sometimes you just have to shake off the tension. Let it make you stronger, and if you know how to fight for what you love in a way that leads to being constructive and giving, you will be fine!

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