7 Effective Tips To Treat Dehydrated Skin – Repair It!

Treat Dehydrated Skin
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Skin care is an integral part of every woman’s life irrespective of her age. Be it any age group, age is just a number and every woman would envisage of having healthy, clear and good skin. Wouldn’t it go beyond your tolerance level, if you have to deal with patches, itchiness, dryness and a dull and flaked skin


The question that must be shooting your mind is the cause of this problem occurring with your skin. One of the possible reason is dehydrated skin. You must know that when your skin gets dehydrated it gets into bad shape for perceptible reasons and you should take precautions in prior so that it does not get worse.

This article aims at giving you the right tips on how to treat your dehydrated skin. Know them all and ensure to not let your skin get dehydrated. By chance, if your skin is already dehydrated then follow effective tips and hydrate your skin.

What is Dehydrated Skin Condition?

What is a Dehydrated Skin Condition
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The very name ‘dehydration’ says it all. Your skin gets dehydrated when there is lack of water in the body which leads to the loss of natural oils in the body.

When your skin is dehydrated it is left dry, itchy, flaky and red and sometimes your skin can get dehydrated because of the existing dry skin as well. Having said, there is always a way out and this dehydrated skin can be treated.

What Causes Dehydrated Skin?

What Causes Dehydrated Skin
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Dehydration is a temporary problem. However, mentioned below are the causes for dehydration in the skin.

  • Cause No 1 – Precisely the external environment.
  • Cause No 2 – Taking a shower with excessively hot water.
  • Cause No 3 – Air Conditioning.
  • Cause No 4 Negligence on taking the right diet.
  • Cause No 5 – Lack of skin care, using chemicals can be one of the major causes of skin dehydration.

Dehydrated Skin Vs Dry Skin

Dehydrated Skin Vs Dry Skin
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Although the two sound one and the same there is a slight difference between dehydrated and dry skin and they are as follows :

Difference No 1: Lacks In?

Lack of natural oil in the body makes the skin dry

Lack of water in the body makes the skin dehydrated

Difference No 2: How does it occur?

In case of dry skin, the skin gets dry because it is genetic.

In the case of dehydration, the skin gets dehydrated temporarily.

Difference No 3: What does it feel like?

Skin getting dry feels like premature aging

Skin getting dehydrated makes one get a combined feeling of dry and oily skin at the same time

Difference No 4: How can it be treated?

For dry skin, you can use moisturizers to moisturize it.

For dehydrated skin, one’s lifestyle can be altered.

Signs Of Dehydrated Skin

Signs Of Dehydrated Skin
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Here are common signs to identify that your skin is dehydrated

  • Sign No 1 – Less hydration in the body leads to dull and dry skin. When you do not have enough water in your body what happens is the texture of your skin becomes abnormal.
  • Sign No 2 – As your body is deprived of moisture, it makes your skin feel irritated and itchy.
  • Sign No 3 – Obvious fine lines on the skin and the skin breaks out if it is dehydrated.
  • Sign No 4 – When your skin is dehydrated there are higher chances that you will observe dark circles under your eyes.

How To Recognize Dehydrated Skin

Since we know the signs of dehydrated skin. One can test and identify the ways to determine if the skin is dehydrated or dry.

Test 1

Test if your skin will breakout or not with this simple test, what you have to do is to squeeze a part of your skin and notice what is happening to it. Here two things would happen after which one can determine if the skin is dehydrated or not.

If your skin comes back and is just the way it is, it means that your skin is not dehydrated.

If your skin forms lines, it means that your skin is dehydrated and has a breakout.

Test 2

See if your skin is flaky in spite of all the efforts you are putting in to moisturize it. If it is constantly flaky, it means it is dehydrated and it needs to be treated.

Tips On How To Treat Dehydrated Skin

Tips On How To Treat Dehydrated Skin
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You need to consult a doctor if you have tried all the ways and yet your skin remains dehydrated. Majorly, the treatment to a dehydrated body is by bringing a change in the lifestyle.

Although dehydrated skin may seem similar to dry skin, the methods to treat the two vary. Here are tips to help heal all your dehydrated skin. Adapt to them and avoid or save your body from getting dehydrated.

Tip No 1 – ‘Water’ Is A Universal Saviour

It is evident that water is a cure to many diseases. Water is prevention as well as a cure to a dehydrated body. One must increase the level of intake of water in order to be able to save the body from getting dehydrated or cure the body by drinking at least 10 glasses of water each day.

Tip No 2 – Say A Minimum Hello To Beverages And Alcohol

As you know that overdose of alcohol and beverages always leads to destroying the body, it is important that you cut down on the amount of alcohol and beverages you drink in a day.

The reason that alcohol becomes the reason for dehydrating the body is that alcohol metabolizes and releases an enzyme that is toxic for the body and leaves the body feeling dehydrated.

Tip No 3 – Say A Good Bye To Smoking

It is known that smoking has never done any good to the body. In fact, it has caused numerous diseases in the body. It is certain that a person who over smokes can get dehydrated because of the presence of Nicotine. Nicotine is an agent that absorbs all the moisture in the body.

Tip No 4 – ‘Fitness’ Is The Cure

When exercising becomes a part of your routine and you sweat out, your body needs water to sustain its temperature and keep the joints in your body lubricated. Unknowingly after your workout is done you would pick your bottle to gulp down some water. Thus, exercising indirectly keeps your body hydrated.

Tip No 5 – Resort To The Right Food Intake

Eat foods, vegetables and legumes that can increase the water content in your body. To mention of a few, they are pineapples, peaches, apricots, watermelons, cucumbers, lettuce, kidney beans and black beans. Your body would automatically get hydrated quicker after eating these foods.

Tip No 6 – Sleep Well

Vasopressin is a hormone responsible to keep the body hydrated and this hormone is not disturbed when you sleep well at night. In case you fail to get a good night sleep, this hormone fails to be regulated and it can bring down the hydration levels in your body.

Apart from this, there are studies that suggest a person who sleeps a few hours less than what he generally does is prone to their skin getting dehydrated. Therefore, if you want your body to be well hydrated, sleep well and drink sufficient water as well.

Skin Care To Treat Dehydrated Skin

Having gone through a list of things to do to keep the skin hydrated internally with the support of following a healthy lifestyle. Here are ways to hydrate your skin externally

Tip No 1: Cleansing

Washing your face with warm water is one of the best ways to clean all the germs that are settled on your face. For a better and positive effect, wash your face with a good face wash every day that suits the texture of your skin.

Tip No 2: Use An Effective Face Serum

Use a serum that consists of Hyaluronic acid as it has the properties of keeping the moisture on your skin intact. It will take away all the acne, germs and rashes on your skin and benefit your skin by making it soft. This face serum will save your skin from getting dehydrated and hydrate your skin throughout.

Tip No 3: Be Wise In Choosing Face Scrubs

There are certain face scrubs that do the reverse of what is expected. See to it that you do not use harsh face scrubs as they can damage your skin instead of exfoliating it. Face scrubs help in clearing all the dead skin cells on the face.

Home Remedies To Treat De-Hydrated Skin

Dehydrated Skin Vs Dry Skin
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Home Remedy No 1 – Turmeric Treatment

Turmeric + Coconut Oil

Turmeric Coconut Oil
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What to do :

Mix 1 tsp of turmeric powder and few drops of coconut oil in a bowl. Apply it at least thrice a week to see an improvement in the condition of your skin.

Why turmeric powder?

The antimicrobial properties existing in turmeric make it powerful to fight against all the bacteria settled on your skin, which means all the skin that is dehydrated gets better. Besides this, turmeric powder has a great way of scarping out the acne, hyperpigmentation and scars on the face.

Why coconut oil?

The primary role of coconut oil is to keep the moisture intact and locked be it on the skin or on the face. However, using just coconut oil would be too glossy on your face, it would be great to mix it with another home remedy.

You would be making the right choice by using coconut oil as a measure to treat dehydrated skin because of its moisturizing and shine giving properties.

Home Remedy No 2 – Aloe Vera Treatment

Aloe Vera + Cucumber

Aloe Vera Cucumber
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What to do :

Take 1/2 a cucumber, grate it well. To this add 1 tsp of aloe vera gel. Mix both of these wells. Leave it on your face for about 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. You can do this twice a week and see the difference in your dehydrated skin.

Why Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is a humectant and it has the effectiveness to sustain the water in your skin. This is at most needed for skin that is completely dehydrated, the moisture present in Aloe Vera helps hydrate the skin and make it glow like never before.

Why cucumber?

Cucumber is known to be a vegetable that is having the highest water content. Apart from this, it has anti-inflammatory compounds that helps the skin get rid off the irritation and the excess waste on the skin. Recharge your dehydrated skin with cucumber and bring back the natural shine and fresh feel on your face.

Home Remedy No 3 – Yogurt Treatment

Yogurt + Avocado

Yogurt Avocado
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What to do :

Take 1/2 a piece of avocado and blend it well. To this add 1 tsp of yogurt. Mix both of these well. You can leave this paste on your face for about 45 minutes. Try this remedy to hydrate your dehydrated skin.

Why Yogurt?

In yogurt nutrients such as zinc, calcium and protein are present. These nutrients contribute to the skin’s health and charm. Apart from this, the presence of lactic acid in yogurt helps in curing your skin from all the skin related issues. In that case, yogurt is a great source to hydrate your skin.

Why Avocado?

Avocado is effective because of its properties such as Vitamin-E, potassium and lecithin, These nutrients moisturize the skin and help in healing desiccated skin. The skin’s outermost layer takes in all the moisture and hydrates the skin.

Home Remedy No 4 – Brown Sugar Treatment

Brown Sugar + Olive Oil

Brown Sugar Olive Oil
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What to do :

Take 1 tbsp of brown sugar and to this add 1 tsp of olive oil. Mix them well. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for about 30 minutes, then wash it off with luke warm water. You can try this remedy at least thrice a week.

Why brown sugar?

Brown sugar is a humectant, the task of a humectant is to seal the moisture on your skin. Brown sugar is considered to be a good face scrub and it is known to be a great exfoliator to the skin.

Why olive oil?

Olive oil makes your skin soft and helps retain the glow on your face because of its moisturizing properties. The reason why olive oil is a great source of providing moisture to your skin is because it is an antioxidant and it is made of natural acids.

To summarize it all, do not take your skin for granted if you see it dehydrated. If needed go that extra mile to hydrate your skin by altering your lifestyle and make the most of all the home remedies that have the moisturizing benefits to swap the history of your skin from dehydrated to hydrated skin.

Skin care is vital for you to feel good about your skin and every woman must always aim at keeping the skin healthy, glowing, moisturized and clean.

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