12 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

signs of a healthy relationship
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A relationship, especially a romantic one is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can have. The feelings of desire and compassion are often so intense that we are ready to do anything for our significant other. But often, this level of dependency can be healthy. And most of us at some or the other point have felt betrayed or heartbroken over the actions of our partner.

But relationships are not always supposed to be this hard, and they definitely do not deserve this much pressure. A relationship is a place where two people come together to make each other lives better. And sadly everyone makes it about their ego or their weakness, and because of these reasons, a healthy relationship cannot manifest itself. But if one was to let go of all ego and decide to have a fruitful relationship without any added pressure, they would be surprised at the results. Given below are a certain sign that determines whether a relationship is healthy or not:

1. Communication

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There is absolutely nothing as important and as imperative as healthy communication between the two people who are in a relationship. The communicating of thoughts and ideas gives us a direct idea about what the other person is experiencing and to be a better partner, you just have to do this to let your relationship blossom at a natural pace. Your ways to communicate should make your partner realize that you are ready to work for this relationship and also that this is zone where you can convey your thoughts and expectations freely. The dialogues are constructive and help you resolve differences in a more mature manner.it is extremely vital for couples to realize the significance of this. Consistent communication is one of the true signs of a happy relationship.

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2. Respect

Another great sign of a healthy relationship is the amount of respect you guys have for each other. A good relationship is the one where both the partners have a certain level of respect and admiration for each other. Not only is their a solid amount of acceptance but also a sense of value attached to how your partner is and you are appreciative of what their bring to your life. You respect them for who they are and you respect their beliefs and opinions too, even if they might not be similar to yours. This kind of humaneness and adoration in a certain amount will keep the relationship mature and full of dignity where each partner finds the place to grow and think for themselves.

3. Equality

A relationship cannot thrive if one individual thinks that they are better than the other one of the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship is that you believe in treating each other as equals, whether it is paying the bills, or distributing the chores or deciding to move to a new place, everything is done with a sense of equality where nobody feels inferior and everybody feels accepted and counted in. You listen to each others desires and concerns and always take decision that will benefit the other without assuming anything beforehand. There are no power imbalances or placing somebody on a pedestal, there is respect and there is understanding which is what helps you guys thrive as a healthy couple.

4. Trust

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Now, this can be one of the hardest traits to imbibe but trust is all there is to a happy relationship. Without trust you will never be able to become comfortable in a relationship as your insecurities will always take the better of you and keep you worried about how your partner “might” Change. Various other issues and other insecurities can also induce negative thoughts and paranoia that will make you want to believe that the relationship is poisoned, but it is up to you to act on weaknesses and resolve those issues and not constantly judge or mistrust your partner. Trust your partner and let it build over time through their consistency and their ability to follow through their promises and the actions.

5. Responsibility and Accountability

Just like trust, this is a big one. A sure shot sign of whether your relationship is healthy or not. As an adult, you need to be accountable for your mistakes and you need to take the responsibility for them. This means that you cannot blame the other constantly, or keep playing around the bush and not admitting it on your own. A couple should be comprised of people who are ready to work on themselves to make each other a better version, this requires the bravery to follow through your promises and make sure the other person can rely on you. This sense of responsibility should come on its own and is a true marker of a healthy relationship.

6. Support

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This is such a valuable point as anyone who is in a relationship should never feel alone. Your partner should make you feel like you can conquer the world with them by your side, and needless to say, you should be ready to do the same for them. You should be each other’s cheerleaders and constantly let them know that you believe in them. Equally compassionate, you should also be able to cheer them up when they feel down. And if you are not big on grand gestures, that’s okay too. It is just the quiet act of letting them know that you have their back and you are here for them . just that knowledge can be extremely uplifting and helpful for partners in a relationship.

7. Honesty

Now this one is an extremely important one as it sets the foundation for the entire relationship. You cannot build a relationship on lies and mistrust. There has to be an unbelievable amount of honesty in the relationship where you know exactly what your partner is about- good things and bad. This way you know exactly what you are dealing with and this will also ensure that you avoid basic conflicts in the future because you have some idea about the person. This comes from a place where you know your partner will hear you out and there will be no judging. You do not have to hide anything and you can show your true side to your partner to ensure healthy communication and complete freedom to be who you are. It will also teach you about consideration and compatibility in depth.

8. Boundaries

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This one is an exclusive sign that is often overlooked as couples think the more they are obsessed with their partner, the better. This is extremely untrue as a pursuit like that will only make you feel dissatisfied and you will lose your own sense of identity trying to make dissolve each other into one just because you are in a relationship. Each person should have their own sense of space and life outside their relationship too, this is very important so that partners in a relationship can still think for themselves and not completely give up their personalities. They should have their own interests, own set of friends and their own specific “me time” where they get to introspect and think for themselves. This way you will still mountain the aura and grown as a person with in-dependant and unique qualities of your own, qualities similar to the one that made who you are, even before you were in a relationship.

9. Sense of Joy

This one seems kind of obvious, but trust us when we say this, the best sign of a good relationship is the one where you are laughing and having fun. Lives are stressful in any case, and if along the way we find a special person who can make us a little more joyous, it is extremely great. You both should be enjoying each others company to the fullest. And these often do not require activities that are over the top, just simple moments where you are just so glad that you have this person in your life, where you feel thankful for the mirth and cheer they bring into your lives and how they can make you happy almost immediately. A healthy relationship is the one where you guys are extremely happy and content with each other, this does not imply that you never have dark moments are never irritated each other, it just means that there are more happy times than sad, more times of not being irritated but just thankful and glad.

10. Intimacy

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Okay, so another undeniable sign of a healthy relationship is the amount of intimacy you guys have. Sex is just that important, to both men and women. A level of physical attraction and satisfaction is vital to keep the tension alive in a relationship. Affection and admiration just never run out. But other than just sex, the amount of familiarity and comfort you have as two people in a relationship is also important. A relationship should be your safe zone, where you can be exactly who are and still feel appreciated. The other person isn’t clingy or dependant but truly in love with you and wants to be with you. It is basically a connection that stimulates both the mind and the body.

11. Loyalty

A point that sounds old school but is basically what determines a good relationship is how loyal your partner is in a relationship, or how loyal you are. This means that both of you always have each others backs and do not have to worry about something going wrong as you have consistently proved to each other how you are all in. You put in the amount of effort each day and let the other person know that you have their backs and they need not worry about anything. Reliability and confidence is something that you give each other in abundance and that is why you have no reason to constantly check your back and worry about them not being loyal. Both of you know what you are in for, and continue to treat each other with respect and support so that you can grow beautiful and grow together.

12. Balance

Now this one is really important as there needs to be a sense of mutuality and balance in a relationship. But the parties must have equal power to exercise in the relationship and distinct personalities that let the uniqueness of the relationship remain. This is stance where no one feels pressured to do anything they don’t want to do and each partner has some say in the relationship. It is equal and trusting, and completely non threatening. You can speak your mind and even have disagreements but it will still be alright because your healthy relationship and faith allow you to do that. You both feel loved and appreciated for who you are and there is no sense of doubt or inequality about that. You care about each other equally and that is all that matters.

The Signs of a Healthy Relationship

The Signs of a Healthy Relationship
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When we say that a relationship is healthy, it does not mean that it is completely devoid of any struggles or conflict. It is just that the strength of communication and connection is so intense that both the partners are filled with love and loyalty to make the relationship better and more fulfilling for the other person. There are accountability and responsibility and it is a place where even though the partners act like adults, they can be silly and lovely with each other. And though you might feel like you are floundering after the honeymoon phase is over, good relationships are just based on positivity, empathy and strong emotional connection. It is the willingness and sense of togetherness that is unique to you and your partner and always keep you craving more of them yet inspires you to become better at your life too. The strength of which can make any hardship easy, and honestly this can be one of the most gratifying and fulfilling experiences of your life.

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