20 Evident Signs that your Husband is Cheating on You – Don’t Ignore Them!

husband is cheating on you
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Every woman is inclined to making her marriage work well. In this path of having a happy and loyal marriage, often there are huddles that some women have to cross. It is good to be prepared with the worst. Off late, have you seen drastic changes in your man? Do you think he is cheating on you?

At times, there are circumstances going against how it should be possibly be. Every strange situation definitely leaves us with some clue that it is not going the usual way. The reasons for this to happen can vary. In a marriage, if your husband is cheating on you and even if you do not know, you will sense it indirectly or directly through your intuitions. Provided you keep your eyes and ears alert.

Its naive to ignore signs when you are suspicious of being cheated. Be watchful because sometimes you just won’t know how the beautiful moments in your marriage are just fading away right in front of you and by the time you understand it. It is too late

Do not be disappointed ladies, go through this article as it has all the scenarios showing the signs that your man is cheating on you as it is to help you tap yourself and know how to deal with this issue.

Signs that your man is cheating on you – Stay Vigilant!

Stay Vigilant
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Cheating in a relationship is not a positive sign, yet one has to deal with this negativity by first being a keen observer rather than jumping to conclusions.

How would one reach to these conclusions? Simply through signs that show your man is cheating on you. Take a look at these signs and think of how can you deal with them.

Listed below are possibilities of signs that your man is cheating on you.

Sign No 1 : Your Gut Will Say It All

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Gut feeling of a wife mostly never goes wrong. Reason being, you are with your husband 24/7 apart from times when you both are at work.

You have a very clear idea of his reactions and how he is in terms of his behaviour. When you closely observe, your gut will know that something is not fine. Do not let this thought be. It is a sign clearly indicating to you that you have to be watchful of your husbands actions

Sign No 2 : He starts taking you for granted

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Get aware that he may stop paying too much attention to you like he would before, he may not bother to hear what you are saying and forcibly just nod his head, he will barely make it a point to talk to you when he is at work and when he stops bothering to check with you if you are fine. It is a sign that he is taking you for granted just because he must have found someone else.

Sign No 3 : He doesn’t miss you anymore when you are not around

He doesn't miss you
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When he has stopped telling you he misses you which he used to say often earlier and abruptly he has stopped checking on you when you are not around. Yes, it so happens that he could be occupied sometimes or is tired.

Nevertheless, if it frequently happens then you need to take it as a sign that there is someone else who has filled that space in his heart that he has stopped missing you.

Sign No 4 : Deviating from a conversation about the two of you together

Deviating from a conversation

There were times he would be happy while talking about how you guys met and both of you would have got so lost reliving those lovely memories. At once, if he has stopped talking about those lovely times you both spent together and when you talk of it he constantly ignores talking about it and he does not seem as interested as he used to be back then. It is a serious sign that he is not on the same page and he could be deviated because of someone else.

Sign No 5 : When he pretends to have forgotten everything

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Your man might be cheating on you if there is like a sky and earth difference in how he was and how he his in respect to remembering old memories of the two of you, because the special times are really memorable to all.

If he remembers and on purpose hides the fact that he does not remember the memories you both had then it is a sign that he is not interested in remembering the old times anymore. It is a very clear sign that he is cheating on you.

Sign No 6 : He is around and still not around

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Sometimes you want to spend time with him talking about the home affairs or about how your day went by. If you notice that he gives a deaf ear to you, he stops giving you an eye contact and is always just pretending to listen to you while he is watching tv and he makes the chat less interactive.

If you see this happen repeatedly you must consider this to be a sign that he is just physically there with you and mentally lost in his world.

Sign No 7 : He gets conscious when you touch his phone

He gets conscious
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Understand this sign that your man is cheating on you when you pick his phone to probably check on something, he snatches away his phone from you or gets offended that you touched his phone without his permission and always has a security lock for his phone and does not want to share the password with you.

Sign No 8 : Does not take calls in your presence

Does not take calls
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When someone is confident that they are doing the right thing, they do it on your face, they do not hide or have secret conversations unless it is necessary.

If you see your husband sneaking out of the room every now and then and that too he is not answering calls when you are with him. It is a good enough reason to consider it as a sign that he could be cheating on you.

Sign No 9 : Ignores your calls

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When you make a call he does not answer your call immediately and he responds back with a message instead stating that he is busy and still never bothers to call you back, could possibly indicate that it is a sign he is cheating on you.

If he really bothered to respond back to you and had the courtesy to know the reason why you called he would ensure to call you back.

Sign No 10 : He often gets back home late for no reason

He often gets back home
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It is understandable that a working man needs a break from his/her routine and it is natural that your husband would be out once a way. But if he keeps getting back home late and has no valid reason for being late, do not think it is something you can overlook, it is a sure sign he is up to something.

Sign No 11 : He unnecessarily gets offended

He unnecessarily gets offended

In general, men do not hold on to what happened in the past. But, if you happen to observe your husband unnecessarily getting bugged with you and getting into an argument with you every now and then. One can assume it is may be because he is stressed.

But, if he keeps doing that he has genuinely forgotten how to value you. You have to treat it as a sign that he is not valuing your feelings anymore and it is a sign that he is cheating on you.

Sign No 12 : He starts hiding things from you

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When you have had times where he would walk up to you and want to discuss every little thing with you and now you see that habit of his has vanished somewhere, you really need to ponder over why has he stopped doing that all of a sudden.

If he stops discussing things with you like he used to earlier and when you ask him he does not feel he is answerable to you. You must treat this as a sign that your man is cheating on you. May be he has someone new to share all this with.

Sign No 13 : He has stopped appreciating you like he used to

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If your man is someone who is madly in love with you, he would always compliment you if you cooked his favorite dish , if you went out of your way to surprise him and his response is very cold it is in no way a positive sign.

You have to re-look into what went wrong that he did not react at all and if he does this every now and then and does not bother to see the good that he used to see in you, its high time you realize that he has gone off track.

Sign No 14 : Stopped getting intimate with you

Stopped getting intimate
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A physical intimacy is like a cherry on the cake in a marriage. It adds life to your marriage and being intimate often with each other sustains the charm in your marriage.

It is unlikely if there were great intimate times between the two of you and now your husband does not bother to intimately get romantic like he used to be with you. This could happen for two reasons, either because he has lost interest in you or either he has found someone he is happy to share that intimate relationship with.

If it happens once or twice it can still be ignored because not all are in the right frame of mind always. If this happens always, then this is a sign that your man is cheating on you.

Sign No 15 : He wants to go partying all alone

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Think about this, you have always gone along with him partying and there would have been situations where he forcibly would take you along and there is a contrast in his behaviour where now he tells you that he would go all by himself for a party and would take you along some other time.

If this is happening every now and then, what would have happened to your man all of a sudden that he has stopped letting you tag along with him while he used to be hellbent on taking you along earlier.

Sign No 16 : He is over conscious of looking well groomed

He is over conscious of looking
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When a man is cheating on you at times you cant uprightly get it. His actions will unknowingly say it all. If you happen to make an observation that he has changed his dressing sense and has got more conscious than what he was before

It could be that he wants to look well -groomed for himself or if you repeatedly see this new person in him please understand that this is a sign indicating something fishy. He is probably dressing up really well because he wants to look presentable before someone interesting in his life.

Sign No 17 : You sense that he has gone away from you

You sense that he has gone away from you

The small changes are not as small as they seem, when your husband is an extremely caring person and in no time he turns exactly the opposite that can really knock you down.

When he stops asking you those small questions such as how are you feeling? How is work treating you? If you are unwell, he asks you about what you want to eat and what is the medication you are taking. If he has stopped bothering about all these little things. It is a sure sign that he has gone away from you.

Sign No 18 : Surprising stains on his shirt

Surprising stains on his shirt
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It is so obvious when you see lipstick marks or a hair strand that is not like yours on your husbands shirt.

This is in no way natural,treat it as a sign that he is cheating on you. Take a moment and think over it, you have not hugged him in a long time nor have you kissed him on his shirt then how can the lipstick marks appear from no where.

Sign No 19 : He no more expresses his affection

He no more expresses
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In any marriage, a couple expressing their love and affection for each other is natural and it should happen in a marriage because the two of you are together to love each other all your life.

Take it as a real sign that he has got deviated from you when he has stopped hugging you and kissing you while he wakes up and leaves to work . The little happiness between the two of you is no more there.

Sign No 20 : He is blinded with the fact that you exist

He is blinded with the fact
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You will understand by his body language that he is least bothered of the fact that you also live with him at home.

He no more eats his meals with you, he no more has his morning coffee with you and no more stay with you while you go to bed . He always gives you reasons of not being able to give time to you and is just in his own world all the time.

It is agonizing to deal with the signs of a man cheating on you. It takes time for a person to get over this phase. Be it a man or a woman. If you are somebody sailing in this boat of feeling cheated, take charge of your life and change this painful situation into a favorable one.

Dear women, the signs stated above could possibly be wrong too. Thus, when you come across a situation where doubt arises. Immediately confront it and talk it out with your partner after you have observed too many signs repeatedly.

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