13 Brilliant Ways To Rock The Over The Knee Boots This Season!

over the knee boots

So here’s the thing about over the knee boots, aka, the otk, they seem intimidating at first, but what many may not realize is that they are so very IN this season. The over the knee boots when glamorized and co-ordinated well can make you look like complete boss ass woman. The thing about over the knee boots is that they never go out of style, they were a hit in the seventies and have been a constant fixture on the runway and off the run way.

The ways to wear the over the knee boots are many, and yes they can be included in your daily wardrobe too. All that is needed is a bot of panache and some confidence. It can work wonders for skinny as well as wide calves. The look can be assembled according to your taste, and given any occasion they are suitable to be worn.

The Over the Knee Boots and Its Impact

They are not just a winter staple anymore, when paired with a skirt or a sweater, the level of glamour that oozes out of these boots is still impressive and very well received. The versatility of the over the knee boots have been explored by models worldwide and can be a major source of fashion inspiration for many if they have the guts to try it. Here we have compiled the 12 exclusive ways in which you can embrace this fashion and upgrade your style quotient:

1. The One With the Sweater Dress

The one with the sweater dress
ImageSource: www.fashiotopia.com

Look at how classy this looks. A turtleneck t-shirt dress that will accentuate the classiness of your look and the over the knee boots that will just compliment your calves to perfection. The look is easy to put together and can be a constant fixture for fall and your Instagram worthy uploads. This attire is as fashionable as it is convenient this look is excellent for tall girls especially because of the clear gap between the dress and the boots. The sweater dress has made a huge impact on the trends and clubbing these two ideas together could be a win-win situation.

2. The One for Daily Use

The one for daily use
ImageSource: www.redreidinghood.com

If not the sweater dress, than just the sweater. Bring out your favourite denims and t-shirt or sweatshirt to complete this fall look. This elegant and will definitely make an impact without causing too much of a hassle. The Instagram worthy look is easy to put together its just that the over the knee boots add a sense of glamour to the otherwise common look. This look is also portrayed by lots of female celebrities off the screen because the style quotient is seemingly high without being too conspicuous. Team it up with a leather or denim jacket to add some extra edge to your look.

3. The One With the Skirt

The one with the skirt
ImageSource: www.instaloverz.com

This look is unbeatable. No matter what you say at some point or the other you saw this on screen and pined for this look. It’s instantly sexy and extremely stylish, and every actress or model who sported this look oozed with confidence. The look is extremely good when you want to make a statement and the glamour quotient of both the items really adds to the drama of the entire outfit, it does not matter which type of skirt you are wearing, your look will be enhanced. Imagine Rachel Green from friends. Or take elements from any 80’s or nineties show to curate the look that will make you look all feminine yet like a boss woman all at once.

4. The One With the Dress

The one with the dress
ImageSource: www.luxelookbook.me

The midi dress has been a constant favorite worldwide, but did you know when teamed with the over the knee boots, they can add some panache to any look. You can even transform your summer dress with the help of the best pair of boots. The best part about the over the knee boots with an elegant dress is that this look can work for a date, or to a meeting, or to a gathering- whatever you want. The look in itself is complete and requires little to no accessories to manage the finish. The runway was hit with a look at one point and can look good on almost all body types.

5. The One With the Blazer

The one with the blazer
ImageSource: www.goodgoodgorgeous.com

A blazer is the ultimate article of power dressing. The uniformity of an attire can be completely balanced if the subject chooses to curate a look in a way that nothing looks jarring. Whether you are skinny or heavy, the best thing about wearing the over the knee boots is that not only do they make your legs look long and uniform they tend to make everything look a little more classy and nuanced. So if you decide to go to work wearing an outfit that makes you feel like a conqueror, choosing the blazer and over the knee boots would be a superb idea. Look taller, feel sharper and let the attire do all the talking.

6. The One for the Curvy Girl

The one for the curvy girl
ImageSource: www.livingly.com

When we spoke about the versatility of the over the knee boots we meant it. Who said only edgy looks could be obtained with the over the knee boots. There is a misconception that scares quite a few women and which is why they steer clear from wearing over the knee boots. But if you were to introduce flattering items like jumpsuits or rompers in the situation, the over the knee boots would be just as big a hit. And if you are big on prints, the daintiness could also be balanced out with the boots. For curvy girls, the over the knee boots can be a relieving and refreshing change of fashion choices, and this look could work really well for spring too, not just fall or winter.

7. The One With the Wide Calves

The one with the wide calves
ImageSource: www.natalieinthecity.com

The wide calves over the knee boots have a charm of its own. They tend to look most stylish in any given circumstance. The personality is such that it makes everyone look good. The boots are a favorite on the runway and off, and are clearly different from other over the knee boots. This excellent for the more leggier ladies, and has a touch of subtle sensuousness that can revamp any given look. These are definitely more comfortable because of the extra room they provide, but not just that, they are extremely wearable for and suitable for any given occasion too.

8. The One With the Grey Boots

The one with the Grey boots
ImageSource: www.fasgle.com

We can guarantee for a fact that the first boots that come to your mind when anybody mentions over the knee boots are the quaint grey ones. They are so good looking that they make a comeback every fall. Everybody knows you have unlocked the fashion code if you are seen walking around in those. For the perfect Instagram worthy outfit always make sure that you war colors that make it look pleasant and not too much of a contrast. As usual, blacks and whites are the safest colours to play with, but once in a while give other colours a chance too. Here is a look, one that has black leather tights and any sweatshirt – these can be teamed with the grey coloured over the knee boots and you can add a scarf to the outfit to make it look more wholesome.

9. The One for the Skinny Girls

The one for the skinny girls
ImageSource: www.sequinsareagirlsbestfriend.com

If you are not already familiar with the sensation these attires have caused on social media, then you are living under a rock, the best part about this attire is that it adds the requisite amount of drama to a skinny girls personality. But honestly, no better model to rock this look. Skinny fit denims, a comfy looking yet classy shirt , a well tailored jacket and some edgy over the knee boots. Welcome to the badass club. Off the runway, this look is a staple, add a pair of chill sunglasses, and you are sure to look like America’s next top model.

10. The One With the Slouchy Boots

The one with the slouchy boots
ImageSource: www.society19.com

The look of casual exuberance and charm, the slouchy boot is again a sign of abundance and anyone who can carry this off will look like a sure shot model. The look in itself is so chic and avant garde, that it resonates with the ambience of say Paris or Italy. The slouchy boots came into style with regular boots way back in the 60’s and their timelessness is what makes people come back to them. Team it with off shoulder dress, or an A line skirt, they go well with anything and everything. With a bits of quirk and dollops of style quotient, the slouchy over the knee boots has always been a winner.

11. The One That’s All Black

The one that’s all black
ImageSource: www.epnetwork.org

This is always good news. Everyone’s ever favorite black is undeniably on of the best mentions on this lift. The black boots combination that is a winner of all hearts is the all black combo. Where the sleek little dress or an outfit that’s worth breaking hearts resurfaces, the effects are unprecedented.the patent boots and the monochrome look can make each and every person look suave and seem uber confident. The black dress or another black ensemble that is both sleek and elegant is a perfect choice are perfect choice. There are many ways to be a badass, but this is the easier way to look like one.

12. Statement Boots

ImageSource: www.catwalkconnection.com

Honestly, the taboo around wearing over the knee boots is pretty outdated now. The city and its style has changed over the years, and following the norms should not be the priority.so if you want to dapple with different colours and statement boots, by all means go ahead and pain the town red. Depending on your outfits choose a colour that goes well, but even if it doesn’t and it is pretty enough, then just keep it. Wear a different, unique colour to take a break of the daily formal wear and venture into your adventurous side to discover more and more.

13.The One With The Flat Over-the-Knee Boots

The One With The Flat Over-the-Knee Boots
ImageSource: www.whowhatwear.com

These are a little more understated when compared to the rest, but still one of the most preferred ones for daily commute and schedule. Team some classic white pants with an oversized jacket and some aviators and you are good to go. This is convenient for a busy day where do not have to spend hours curating a look, infact this outfit can also be worn to formal occasion, just ask him, the wholesome and classy nature of this look has made it an instant hit with the media. There are different types of heels, so the people who do not want to indulge in high heels

can opt for the flat over the knee flat boots.

14.The One With The Low Heeled Over-the-Knee Boots

The one with the low heeled Over-the-Knee boots
ImageSource: www.tradesy.com

The heeled boots are much sought after and have the elegance and subtle attitude that comes only with wearing the bets of boots. The outfit design for low heels can be varied ofcourse, but the most fashionable one is the time less mini pleated skirt. It seems as if the gap between the hemlines is something out of an iconic photograph. The look has be emulated by many and continues to remain a favorite no matter how many years pass. So pick a skirt that’s cute and team with a flattering top and don’t those amazing boots.

With fashion trends that change in a span of days, and increasing social media updates, it is very easy to know what in and whats out but the fact that most women are unwilling to go for the over the knee boots is just a loss. As they will be losing out on incredible fashion choices, they need remove the stigma that these boots re meant for only a certain age. They can surely be worn by women of any age, as long as they know how to make it look elegant and classy, there is no limit on age or body type to rock a particular outfit, all you need is a bit of imagination and a bit of confidence.

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