Follow 6 Safe Ways To Highlight Your Hair At Home – Save Money!

Highlight your hair

At times you want to do things independently. You may be fond of trying all the fashion hacks and doing your beauty care all on your own. Speaking of this, are you familiar that there are numerous ways of highlighting your hair at home?

Highlighting your hair

is nothing but streaking portions of your hair strands with hair colors of your kind. Nevertheless, there is always a different approach of doing it.

Question mark buzzing around your head and how in the world is it possible to highlight your hair at home? The answer to this is, why not if you know of a procedure and have a help guide that can guide you through different ways to highlight your hair.

Methods to Highlight Your Hair at Home

No matter what methodology you choose for your hair, just do it the right way and when you highlight your hair at home you are certain of what’s going into your hair and you would not be worried about what will happen to your hair as you will do your best to be safe.

You can go for browns, black and flashy colors. See what suits your hair the best.

Things that you should know before highlighting your hair

1. Buy a Good Highlight Kit

Watch this video :

Here are some of the best highlight kits you can consider. While considering a highlight kit check on the color of your hair and always for a shade darker than the actual color of your hair.

Where to Buy Good Highlight Kits :

2. Know Your Hair Length

The usage of a highlight kit will depend on the length of your hair, in case you have short hair go for a kit that has a cap, in case you have long hair go for a kit that has a brush with which you can apply the highlights.

3. Know this Before Applying Highlights to Your Hair

Avoid washing your hair 2-3 days before applying the highlights to your hair. Reason being, hair color gets caught on dirty hair ( hair is slightly oily and oils can also protect the hair) better when compared to clean hair because clean hair can slip of your hands and the color on clean hair can have bad effects on your hair, like burning your scalp.

4. Know Your Hair Color

As it is recommended to use a highlight kit which goes well with your hair color also ensure that the highlight kit has mentioned captions specifying the color that suits the actual color of your hair.

For instance: See to it that you use kits that mention things like ‘for blonde hair’. So that you can figure out which color is precisely for your hair.

5. Test the Color Before You Use It

It is necessary that you test the color that you are going to use. Apply it on a bit of your hair by leaving it for a few minutes but also ensure to follow all the instructions that you see on the kit.

Do not overlook little things, know why and what are you doing with your hair and take a step forward only after you have understood its effects on your hair. Get educated with the methods of highlighting your hair.

6. Right Shampoo and Conditioner

You have to keep in mind that you have to use a color protected shampoo and conditioner that gets along well with your hair after you have used highlights on your hair.

Method No 1: Foils Work A Good Way to Highlight Your Hair

Foils Work A Good Way To Highlight Your Hair

The main idea of using a foil to highlight your hair is the ensure that the hair color does not spread out on your hair entirely but just stays on those bits where you have covered your hair with a foil. This technically happens because the very nature of a foil is to hold the heat and make the hair give out the real color that is gone into the hair.

Requirements to follow this method :

  1. Highlights kit
  2. Hand gloves
  3. Comb(with a sharp edge)
  4. An aluminium foil
  5. Hair clip to divide your hair
  6. Developer to get mixed with the hair color
  7. Bowl

Pay Attention:

  • Always use your hand gloves when you have to begin to apply the highlights
  • Wrap a cloth around your shoulders or wear an old dress as the highlights will drip down and stain your clothes.
  • Be careful with the color, avoid putting your finger in the eyes and if you are skeptical about the product then consult your hairdresser to suggest you the right product.
  • Do not over leave the color for too long

Here is how you highlight your hair with a foil :

  1. Take a bowl and add lightening powder and a developer. Add some water to it and mix the two of these.
  2. Take a sharp edged comb, divide your hair in two, turn the comb to the side where it is edged, pluck out bits of your hair strands and lift your hair up and comb it upwards.
  3. Take a long piece of foil to highlight your hair.
  4. Take your comb and roll a bit of the foil on your comb in order to give your foil a base.
  5. Now bring down the hair that you are holding and place it on the foil. Once you have placed your hair on the foil, remove the comb.
  6. Now your hair is on the foil, its time you begin to highlight your hair. Use the brush and start highlighting those separated hair strands. The edge of your hair will be left, turn it around and brush the ends as well
  7. Use your foil to fold the hair that is highlighted and also fold the sides of the foil. Your hair is highlighted, covered and folded well with the foil.
  8. You will take a little of the next bit of your hair, comb it upwards, push it on the other side and clip that bit of your hair

Note: Your hair will look nice when you alternatively streak it.

Repeat the same procedure for the rest of your hair. How much of your hair and what part of your hair you want to streak is all up to you. Leave this color for about ten minutes and you will see how your hair turns into light or a dark color.

In case you have dark hair, it may take longer for your highlights to show up, you might also have to blow dry your hair if your hair is dark.

Hair chunking: This method is similar to that of highlighting your hair with a foil. However, in this method of hair chunking, you would only use a color brush to color the top of your hair and in the usual foil highlighting, you would highlight your hair until the bottom of your hair strands.

Watch this video of hair chunking :

Method No 2: Highlights Work Good Even Without a Foil – See how!

Highlights work good even without a foil

You can highlight your hair at home without a foil without breaking your head too much on using too many things. You do not need a brush, a bowl or an aluminium foil, you will just need a product that will cater to your requirement of highlighting your hair. This method will have a cream and a granulated product to blend in and apply on your hair.

Requirements to Follow this Method:

Use Jolen cream bleach as it will give you all that you need to highlight your hair.

See this :

Requirements to follow this method

You Will Have :

  • bleach accelerator
  • bleach cream
  • A small cup
  • Sharp edged comb
  • Butter knife

Pay Attention:

  • Wrap a cloth around your shoulders or wear an old dress as the highlights will drip down and stain your clothes
  • Be careful with the color, avoid putting your finger in the eyes and if you are skeptical about the product then consult your hairdresser to suggest you the right product
  • Always read the instructions and follow them to go ahead with this procedure
  • Do not over leave the color for too long

Here is How You Highlight Your Hair Without A Foil :

  1. Take the small cup that you see in the pack and add the cream and bleach accelerator. Mix both of these well(use the quantity as per the instructions on the product)
  2. Once the thick highlights are ready to go on your hair, comb your hair neatly and divide your hair in two parts.
  3. You start highlighting your hair not from the direct roots but from that part of the hair from where you want the streaks to begin.
  4. To start the highlights, take a butter knife and slightly dip it from the sides of the highlight cream.
  5. Give this a touch up on your upper hair in a line.
  6. Leave the highlights on your hair as per what’s given in the instructions box.

Note: This method is suitable when you have to streak the upper part of your hair more than streaking your hair all the way down. Not that you cannot streak the lower part of your hair strands but it would not be really convenient. See what works best for you.

Method No 3: Highlight Your Hair With Bleach – Lighten Your Hair Color!

Highlight your hair with bleach

The purpose of highlighting the hair with bleach is to lighten color of the hair, it is precisely just to lighten your hair. Trying this method of highlighting makes sense only on women who have dark hair, it won’t make any difference if you are trying this method on a hair color that is naturally light. This is not streaking your hair but it is more of giving a new color to the majority of your hair.

Requirements to Follow This Method :

  • Comb
  • Wella blonder bleach
  • Bowl
  • Hand gloves
  • Hair color brush

Where to Buy:

Pay Attention :

  • Always use your hand gloves when you have to begin to apply the highlights
  • Wrap a cloth around your shoulders or wear an old dress as the highlights will drip down and stain your clothes.
  • Be careful with the color, avoid putting your finger in the eyes
  • Do not over leave the color for too long

Here is How You Lighten Your Hair :

  1. Read the instructions on the box for the quantity and remove the cream in a bowl.
  2. Now use a hair color brush to mix this cream and start to apply it all over your hair.
  3. Leave it for about 20 minutes on your hair.
  4. If required you can also use a toner and leave it for about 3 minutes.
  5. Wash it off after 40 minutes with a conditioner and shampoo

Method No 4: Highlight Your Hair With A Cap – Watch How To Do It!

This method of hair highlighting is also known as hair frosting. You have the same intention of colouring your hair strands. However, the difference is in the technique of highlighting. You can go for frosting your hair as well if you like the salt and pepper effect on your hair.

Method No 5: Highlight Your Hair Without a Cap – Not Much To Do!

In this method of highlighting your hair, you will need a spray and a flat iron that will do it all for you. You do not need a cap nor do you need foils to make the highlight task a successful one. The color on your hair would not be too dark but you would see a difference in the shade of your hair. This is a peroxide spray and when it comes in contact with heat it lightens the hair.

This method is suitable when you alternatively want to streak your hair on a few chunks of your hair. Trying this method is effective when you use it along with a flat iron otherwise it will just be like patches of color stuck to your hair.

Requirements to Follow This Method :

  • Marc Anthonys easy lites spray
  • Flat Iron
  • Comb
  • Hand gloves

Where to buy :

Marc Anthony’s easy lite spray

Pay attention :

  • It is always better to use hand gloves to protect your hand from the heat of the flat iron because it can affect your skin
  • Go for the hair spray only if your hair is not sensitive to it. Do not take a risk with your hair

Here is How to Get Those Light Colored Highlights on Your Hair :

  1. Neatly comb your hair and grab out that section of your hair that needs coloring.
  2. Wear on your hand gloves and spray that section of your hair.
  3. Iron that section of your hair which is colored, iron it until it gets dry so that you can observe the effect of that colour on your hair.

Method No 6: Hair Painting – Paint it with Great Color!

Hair Painting Paint it with a great color

It is astonishing that a technique named hair painting exists! Hair painting is spreading out the highlight color on your hair naturally with the help of your palms so that it mixes up with the color of your hair and gives a better outcome to your hair in terms of hair color. This is a fun method of hair highlights and at the same time, you have to protect your hands from the strong color.

The difference in this technique is that it is not a bleached color and it makes the color of your hair lighter.

Requirement to follow this method :

  • Olapex Bond Multiplier

This is useful to protect your hair from the chemicals that go into your hair and it helps in making the hair lighter and more shinier.

Where to buy :

Amazon Link

  • Comb
  • Bowl
  • High-lift color

This highlight color is used to bring a lightened color on your hair and it is precisely used during the hair painting technique of highlighting your hair.

Where to buy :

  • Hairbrush
  • Clips

Pay Attention :

  • Use hand gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals present in the high lift color
  • Do not leave the color for more than the prescribed time

Here’s how to do hair painting :

  1. Take a bowl and add the high-lift color and Olapex bond multiplier into the bowl. Mix them well with the help of a brush.
  2. Divide your hair in different sections and grab a chunk of your hair that you want to color.
  3. Dip the hairbrush in this cream and start to apply it from the top of your hair in a way that you are painting your hair strands.
  4. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then use an Opalex shampoo and conditioner to wash and condition your hair.

How to Maintain Highlights

It is recommended to use Redken extreme strengthening shampoo and conditioner on your hair once you have got the highlights done as it is one of the best for highlighted hair.

Often you will see that your highlights have made your hair dry but if you take care of them using the good shampoos and conditioners, they will barely cause any trouble to your hair.

Another way of maintaining your highlights without damaging them is by giving them the right protein treatment. It gives nourishment to your hair from the tip of your hair to the roots. One of the best products to use is Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Hair Treatment Spray.

How Often to Highlight Hair Without Damage

Precisely, every 6-8 weeks is a good enough time to highlight your hair. However, it also depends on the nature of your highlights. Sometimes your highlights may stay for longer than expected or lesser time.

Try highlights casually or do it for a special occasion! It is so cool that you can highlight your hair at home. It is fun and worthwhile experience. Ensure to take all the safety measures, try a method that interests you and flaunt with your newborn vibrant highlights.

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