10 Peaceful Tips To Deal With A Tough Boss At Work – Get Tuned!

Tips to deal with a tough boss
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When the going get ’s tough, the tough get going – All said and done! Let this ‘saying’ be an alarm at all those times you feel let down, de-motivated, not being treated equal or troubled by a tough boss at work.

It is a tough titty to see how a woman absorbs personal and professional hassles. Yet, if one wants to be the ‘tough one’ you have to accept the complication with your boss in order to be able to stick around. Easy said than done! Isn’t it?

To begin with, engrain the fact that no matter where you go, you will be in that circumference of finding it a havoc to either work with the odd one’s, you may juggle through targets to earn your bread and butter or you will have to play a hypocrite and smile at the tantrums of your boss. It is never going to be picture perfect, for there will be one of these issues anyhow. Lucky you if that’s not the case. You cannot be under an impression that every boss is going to be your inspiration and do you good, keep your mind blank and learn that you will have to tune yourself to a tough boss too. Given the situation that it is a tough how to roe, ask yourself if it is feasible to deal with a tough boss at work?

The answer is outrightly a ‘Yes’ . Here is an article to guide you through some peaceful tips on how to overcome being in dire straits, if you think your tough boss is the reason. Breathe a sigh of relief and follow all these tips.

Ways To Deal With A Tough Boss

Keep calm as here are the ways you can resort to and deal with a tough boss!

Tip No 1 – Hold Your Horses And Empathize With Your “Tough Boss”

Ways To Deal With A Tough Boss
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Psychology says, the people who treat you bad are may be going through their trials in life. To empathize with a boss who has behavior issues is not going to be easy for you at first because you would have your saturation point too. Having said, the foremost peaceful tip you have to learn is to hold on to your frustration and disappointment. For all you know, you may not be aware but your boss would be going through a rough patch and is subconsciously bursting out at you. Hang in there and let the phase pass by.

Never mind, turn this challenge to a solution by either empathizing and ignoring your tough boss (or) given a chance, express your concern in a one on one discussion with your boss and he/she is looking for feedback. Choose how you want to deal with this.

Tip No 2 – Do A Self Introspection

Do A Self Introspection
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There might be times when we are unaware of our flaws and mistakes. It is okay to be wrong and make mistakes. However, what is essential is recognizing them and making corrections if required. You cannot burden your boss with the blame because he would have lost his cool for your mistake that you are not aware of. Therefore, check on whether there is a scope of improvement from your end or not.

If you see that there is an area of improvement from your end, correct it right away so that you do not give your boss a chance to be mad at you or behave tough with you the next time.

Tip No 3 – Avoid Actions That Provoke Your Boss

Avoid Actions That Provoke Your Boss
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Try and learn the nature of your boss, over a period of time you would know what provokes your boss and what could be the reasons to aggravate his anger. Once you are aware of them, try your best and do not give your boss a chance to pinpoint at you.

For instance, if being in-disciplined is beyond the tolerance level of your boss then do your best to reach work on time. Likewise, there could be other things that your boss dislikes. Avoid them all and certainly, there would be a difference in his/her behaviour towards you.

Tip no 4 – Be Prompt In Delivering What Is Expected

Be Prompt In Delivering What Is Expected
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At times, your boss might be tough not because of his behaviour but his style of working might be aggressive either because he knows you are capable of more or because he is naturally that way. Having said, do your best in giving what is expected out of you. If you want better growth at work, you must see what best you can do apart from what you are expected to do. Your boss will notice the blood and sweat you are investing into your work and he/she would start to acknowledge it at some point and may not be as tough as he/she used to be.

Tip No 5 – Do Not Let ‘Work’ Play The Victim

Do Not Let Work Play The Victim
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When your mind is not at peace and you are disturbed for xyz reasons, it is natural that your work starts to get affected. That’s exactly what should not happen. Find means to snap out from that state of mind and not make work your victim.

What you can do is, ask yourself your purpose of being here and remember that you cannot let your passion for work fade away because of being disturbed. It is okay to be upset for a while. Whenever you feel that way, take a break, refresh yourself with activity and come back to work. At any cost, do not let anything impact your work.

Tip No 6 – Be Certain Of What You Know

Be Certain Of What You Know
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At times your boss may have poor knowledge about the work because it is you who is working round the clock and understands the business better. Therefore, educate yourself well enough that when your boss is stuck between questions you are in a position to answer him whatever you know and give him the clarity that he is missing to see. Just because someone is your boss it does not mean he/she would know everything. You be smart to know all that you need to know about your work.

By doing this, when your boss is doubtful about your work, you would be in a position to give your boss the right justification and be able to answer to the confusion which is going to begin to build a relation of integrity between your boss and you and you might no more find him/her as tough as he/she used to be.

Tip No 7 – Be Accountable

Be Accountable
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None of us can be perfect all the time, we make mistakes to become a pro at what we are doing. Although your boss might be a tough person when it comes to working, it is solely your responsibility to agree to the times you go wrong. Be accountable for the right and wrong you do so that your boss gets a clear picture and may not be a tough person with you but he/she could guide you through the problem. Always remember to be accountable for all your actions.

Tip No 8 – Make Optimism Your New Cool

Make Optimism Your New Cool
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What you feel is not always the truth. Having said, you may feel like quitting just because your boss is being a tough person. This is where your trait of being optimistic comes into the picture. For all you know, your boss is being hard on you because he wants you to improve and what you are considering a big challenge is, in reality, a turning point in your life.

All in all, remember to be optimistic in the toughest times as well. Reason being, maybe you have to come in terms with this toughness because you are a step ahead of success.

Tip No 9 – Have A ‘Mellow Out’ Approach

Have A Mellow Out Approach
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You need to relax even if your boss is a tough one because it is a temporary moment and it would not matter a few days from now. Therefore, why break your head or take anything to heart? Just keep your calm and go on with the flow because it is quite natural for unexpected and disappointing reactions from your boss for inevitable reasons. If it is impossible to keep calm, try and be in his/her shoes, you will be able to pacify yourself because you will get to realize that you would possibly react the same way. Always remember to calm down because everything is going to be fine.

Tip No 10 – Deal With A ‘Tough Boss’ To Learn


Do you know dealing with a tough boss teaches you and prepares you to deal with tougher bosses in the future? Yes, it is true. No matter how tough your boss has been with you, it has only taught you to either deal with a new mindset, or brought in an improvement in your attitude or has changed a challenge into an opportunity for you. In the end, observe what is it that you learned and always keep that learning fresh and alive in your mind.

Having collated peaceful tips on dealing with your tough boss, this should help all the women who are finding it tough to adjust with their boss and those women who are getting prepared to work under someone to get a clue on how to prepare themselves when they get to witness this situation. Not all women face this, while some get away with dealing with a tough boss either because they are tactful or their boss is not a tough one. Nevertheless, when you feel all let down at work because of your boss, simply follow these tips and deal with your tough boss in peace.

Stay Happy At Work!

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