12 Steps to Start Your Day in a Happier Manner

how to start your day happy
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Morning rituals are a very important part of successful people’s lives. It is how you start your day, it is what sets the mood and rhythm for the day. The person who realizes the importance of the start of the day sets themselves for an excellent beginning.

Though all the things that happen during the day may not be in our control, the way we approach them, and go about our activities is what determines the productivity and success rate for that day, and for that having a positive start to the day is crucial.

To ensure that you have a happy start to the day, you need to do a few things to ensure that you get in the right state of mind. People may have different ways to start their day, but a good wholesome approach along with the formation of good habits is what is required.

Listed below are certain fundamental steps that can guarantee that you have an excellent start to your day:

1. Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

Plan your outfit the night before
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Sounds pretty obvious right? But keeping your outfit ready the night before saves you a lot of time and unnecessary decision making in the morning. Remember to keep your bag and keys ready too. This way you will have a few important things taken care of, and your morning will not be all rush. You can also relax through the last 15 minutes before going out without having to turn around and search for things and getting into a bad mood.

When you realize how much precious time you are saving and you are being able to mindfully live the morning hours, you will be delighted. Not to mention in a good temperament.

2. Make a Proper Sleep Schedule

Make a proper sleep schedule
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This cannot be important enough, set a routine in the way that you have fixed bed timings. Ideally, seven hours of sleep is a must for your brain and body to function healthily. Also, ensure that you go to sleep early so that you can get up early. This is a must as your body will feel refreshed and much better than the morning after.

You should even manage to get up at least 15 minutes before your regular time to ensure a healthy start to the day, it also said that people who have better and regular sleep schedules experience less negative thoughts than the folks who stay up late. The feelings of drowsiness and lethargy can also be corrected with the help of a disciplined sleep schedule.

3. Rely on Music

Rely on music
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Whether it is setting your alarm to a tone that is peppy and makes you want to sing along so that you immediately wake up, or keeping some soothing tunes to ease your morning routine, music is the real lifesaver as it helps you perk up immediately. Not to mention that it also puts you in a good mood, which is vital for any morning routine.

Even if it is for a few minutes, the sure start way to start your day happy is to listen to some music that you like. The endorphins and oxytocins flowing will also eradicate any feelings of lethargy or sadness that make you drowsy and some good beats will definitely help in adding that extra swing to your steps.

4. Keep Your Blinds Half on

Oh, the importance of natural light. It is very helpful that you keep only half your blinds on so that you wake up with the help of some sunlight, even better if you can actually soak in some Vitamin D as that is an extremely healthy and great way to start your day. You will also realize that once even if you are bit awake the constant sunlight will wake you right up and stop you from hitting the snooze button again and again and delaying the process further.

This will make you more alert and will let you start your day on time without feeling any of the lethargy of the previous night by giving you a sudden adrenaline boost. If you keep doing this regularly, you will notice that your body now, or rather your biological clock has adjusted to the sun’s timing and soon you might not even need an alarm clock to get up.

5. Regulate your Breath

Regulate your breaths
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This might sound random to you, but actually monitoring your breathing and taking deep breaths on waking up is a very good way to start your day. Smile a little as soon as you open your eyes. This is done to ensure that you do not just start your day and on an auto-pilot mode. Take some time to become fully aware and mindful of the moment and start your day with wonderful thought.

Express gratitude for what you have and do not rush the getting off the bed routine. This will reduce stress and obviously meditating is a much better way to start the day but if you cannot meditate every morning just taking a few deep breaths is just as good. Remember to grateful for this day and welcome the morning with open arms.

6. Lemon Water

Lemon Water
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Another age-old practice that will help you feel good and refreshed in the morning is having a glass full of water with some fresh lime juice in it. The lime helps as it has medicinal properties that help your immune system, thanks to vitamin C, and it also helps your digestion. It also has a very good effect on maintaining weight and giving you clear skin.

The water is mandatory as you might have been feeling dehydrated while you were asleep, getting up and drinking water immediately ensures that your body realizes that now it is awake. Make sure that you drink water that is the same as room temperature and please do not consume any coffee on an empty stomach because this might disturb the equilibrium of your stomach. It helps if you just drink water and consume breakfast within the first one hour of waking up to activate your metabolism in a good manner.

7. Stretch and Exercise

Stretch and Exercise
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The dopamine rush and feeling of being active is all one needs for a fabulous start to the day. Nobody can deny the absolute benefits of early morning exercise, not only is your metabolism faster, the sense of accomplishment and the after feeling that you get on working out is what champions are made of. Once you wake up stretch your body for a bit and do so in a relaxed manner to increase the blood flow and send oxygen to your tissues after the long slumber.

Keep your metabolism active and your weight in check by going for a jog or exercising for about 20 minutes each day. It is also said that working out in the morning helps you lose weight faster. Working out routine in the morning also means that you won’t skip exercise as you won’t be clogged up right when you wake, and needless to say, your mood will be boosted.

8. Take a Quick Shower

Take a quick shower
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Remember to wash off and clean yourself thoroughly to shake yourself alert. The water will refresh you and make you feel clean and ready to start your day. Also, remember to wash your mouth and scrub your tongue really well so that every inch of you is clean. It’s important to start the day on a neat note so that you do not feel under-confident or not-ready at any point. A bath is refreshing and helps you become more alert and focused too. Don on the outfit planned and start your day on a fresh and brand new note to get more out of the day.

9. Relish your Breakfast

Relish your breakfast
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Now, this is the right way to get your day rolling. Most people who are in a rush in the mornings will realize the importance of a good breakfast because very often they have to skip it. Make sure that you consume a heavy, nutritious breakfast that supplies you with enough energy and nutrition to keep you on your feet and energetic throughout the day.

And this will also help you before you go for work as it will keep the hunger pangs away so you will not get any aggressive or angry thoughts and will be able to be more productive at work. Also, keep in mind to have some pro-biotic yogurt as that actually helps your guts and helps you feel more relaxed. Remember to eat your breakfast within the first one hour of the day as having it in the middle of the day is a bad idea and will only make you feel sleepy and less attentive at work.

10. Soak in Some Motivational Content

Whether it is in the form of some inspirational content or it is a cute puppy video, make sure you take a few minutes off to watch or read something that will have a good impact on your mood to start your day in a manner that is happy. This is extremely helpful as introducing an external stimulus will ensure that you stay alert and receptive to good things.

Not only will this put you in a good mood, but if you take in something inspirational your resolve to have a good and productive day will solidify and you will be more willing and active to head out and conquer the day.this is meditative almost and will definitely push any negative thoughts away so that you can have a clear and positive outlook. Try to read something that will help you feel focused and try not to scroll through social media as soon as you wake up.

11. Set an Agenda for the Day

Set an agenda for the day
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Now this one is a tip that almost all successful people have as it allows you to set the mood for the day and keeps you on your toes to be in the “achieving”: stance. Every go-getter knows this, what you do if you decide beforehand about the goals you want to achieve during the day. This obviously requires focus and prioritizing, where you note down what are the things that need to be done on a piece of paper.

Not only does this give you clarity, your day now has a direction and motive.it is essential that you do not just start your day without thinking about your life and your long time and short time goals. Assess yourself and because mornings are the most peaceful and least chaotic times during the day, take a few minutes apart to conduct this valuable exercise and this will definitely help you in having a better day.

12. Set Out for Your Work Earlier than Usual

Set out for your work earlier than usual
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This one is a useful way to ensure that your mood for the day is composed an focused as you will not rush to get to work. If the latter is what happens you will be braving the traffic and panicking about being late but if you set out at-least fifteen minutes earlier than your usual time, you can actually look around and enjoy the morning without having to rush past everything.

Also, you will be at more ease and more focused on being present in the moment. Needless to mention, things are best carried out when you are not in a hurry, and also this way you will not be irritated or nervous, just happy and completely mindful of your surrounding. Your brain will also be at peace and you will be able to finish tasks more effectively as you are in a good and calm mood.

Every Morning is Different

So do not dishearten if you can’t accomplish all these right away. Have some patience and persevere to form good habits that will eventually transform your life. The key is to honour every moment and completely utilize the hours that we are given in a mindful manner. The objective is to be positive and trust your mind and body to be your ally in this life and starting a morning splendidly is the key to that.

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