10 Things You Can Do To Become a Strong, Independent Woman

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There is just something about being a strong independent woman, that seems so empowering. The strength of character and the resilience to work hard is all one needs. The dignity in being a self made woman, can be inspiring to many. There is a reason why strong female figures have played such an important role in influencing our minds, they are the ones who inspire us to do something better, something larger than life, every single day.

When people talk about being an independent woman, they usually mean the ability to look after oneself, be it about having a job, or the ability to pay your bills or have your own apartment and though those things do matter, they rarely do include another very big part of being independent- the mental and emotional aspects. The way you feel about yourself and your surroundings, your relationship with yourself and other people is what decides whether you are truly independent or not.

What Does it Mean to be a Strong Independent Woman?

Strong, independent women build each other up and have more and more respect and gratitude for the lives they have been given. For them working hard is the only way of life and they do not sit and feel sour about life. Because you are a strong woman, it does not mean that you do not have your own share of issues in life, or struggles- but it is your attitude in dealing with those struggles that sets you apart. The approach with which you deal with your problems is what makes you, you.

It is for you to determine the extent of your skills and abilities and the quality of life. Maybe, in the beginning, you will not see results and it will constantly seem like a struggle, but you need to trust the process and understand that your destiny lies in your own hands.

Each of us have the ultimate strength and can be strong, independent women, there are certain things that one can do to awaken their inner goddess and accomplish their goals, whilst conquering each day.

1. Spend some time introspecting


The Knowledge of self is not something that you can compromise upon. Knowing oneself is the key step for any form of progress. Whether it is your personal ;life or your professional life, if you do not understand your strengths and weaknesses just how are you going to learn how to tackle the various situations in your life?

Often we tend to give others more value than us, we tend to think about their problems or their well beings, or even spend time in simple, petty judgements. Remember, that each of us are given only 24 hours and what we do with those hours is completely up to us, t6hose are some precious hours we could be using to build ourselves, or thinking about our next step to advance our careers, or ways in which we can be more expressive in our relationships. So choose wisely, choose you.

2. Get out of your comfort zone


The human mind often tends to stick to what is familiar. We get comfortable with our routines and never push the envelope, but history has been a witness that in order to achieve some thing wonderful you have to push your boundaries. Only when you do things that you have never done before will you discover new horizons to expand your vision. To help your perspective, do something that is out of your comfort zone. Decide to run a marathon, finish a book, ask someone out- basically take charge, do something super constructive, understand what your limits are and try to smash them. This is the only way you will ever succeed.

3. Be your own person


This is not just for romantic relationships, though they do play a very important role. You must understand that you have to be someone interesting when you are on your own too. Everything is not about your partner, you should have goals and aspirations, interests and hobbies that are different from that person too. This way you will be able to become a wholesome person on your own. Which is one of the most important traits of a strong independent woman. You have to be able to define your personality outside of a relationship too, though you should look for inspiration wherever you find it, do not be afraid to think for yourself. Take a few baby steps, understand yourself and do not be afraid to stand alone. This is especially important because if there ever comes a time when you have to be lone you will not be completely unfamiliar with the feeling and will be able to think for yourself naturally. Be firm on your feet, and be proud of it.

4. Be financially independent


This one is a must, no matter when you start , remember to have some sort of financial freedom so that you do not have to rely on anyone else for your expenses. This is not some feminist rant, this is actually a smart move. don’t think about the days when you would rely on your dad or your husband, wondering where the money is coming from. Taking responsibility for your finances, actually understand them, figure where it is going and where its coming from, knowledge of your finances will not only give you more confidence but knowing that you are not dependent on someone for the basic necessities of your life- will make you feel empowered. It will also lift a weight off your chest.

5. Add value to your life


Whether it is in the form of hobbies or people, analyse whats important , positive and truly valuable to the quality of your life. As a growing adult, you have to look where you spend your time and money and how you spend it, the activities that you do should add some value to you life, experiences and adventures where you spend your resources should be something you can write home about. This will only come into being when you realize what your actual aspirations are, and then the activities that you do will align themselves according to your preferences and choices.

6. Make your self a priority


A few will realize just how vital of a point this is, the significance of weighing in your own strength and will in a situation is what makes you a strong independent woman, remember this is all a part of the self reflection process. You have to understand that it is completely okay to say no, to decline invitations, to look after yourself. More emphasis should be laid on self care and learning to think for your self. Stay in, read a book, go for movies alone, avoid toxic company, all of this is a part of the journey.

You must understand that it is is just as important that you take care of yourself, instead of constantly placing the needs of someone else over yours. To do things for yourself, to understand the dexterity of your ambitions, this is the only way you will be able to realize them.

7. Be authentically yourself


One of the strongest attributes of a confident woman is that she is unapologetically herself. She is not afraid to ask for what she wants and definitely not afraid to work for it. Thy constantly questions the norm and they never try to fit in the box. You don’t necessarily have to be rebellious but you do not have to take everything that Is handed to you with heads bowed down either. Whether it is about smashing the patriarchy or demand equal pay, strong women know their worth and they are confident about it.

They are not scared of being different, or standing out, they know that it is their USP. When one knows their worth of working hard, they are not afraid to let the world know, they proudly take credit for their achievements and are humble and supportive too. This is what sets them apart and makes them so inspiring.

8. Focus more on positivity


One of the most obvious signs of a strong and independent woman is that she is positive and believe in making things better. From her vocabulary to her actions, everything about her is constructive, about building people up and encouraging others. She lives her authentic life and wins hearts while doing the same. No negative thoughts or actions are encouraged, she doesn’t feel the need to put others down because she is confident in her own skin and self assured.

They do not give into the victim mentality and are very very focused on things that actually matter so they do not waste their time worrying about trivial things. They believe in abundance and are not weary enough to deny support to another. Its in their demeanour and attitude that one can notice a sense of gratefulness which is why strong and independent women are able to lead such wholesome lives.

9. Be assertive


Another trait that distinguishes strong, independent women from the rest is their assertiveness. They are not afraid to stick to their points, and are ready to call the big guns. This kind of confidence is admirable and it only comes after lot of hard work and faith, it comes when you trust yourself enough and are ready to take the shots. Whether it is in the workplace or major life decisions, you will always see that independent women are not hesitant and will stick to their decisions. They will make adjustments, and study hard but they will not be deterred from what they actually believe in. In fact, strong women are the only few people of actually making a legitimate change as they have the perseverance and the determination to follow through.

10. They place their careers first


Another admirable quality of strong interdependent women is that they never place things or people before their career. No matter what they are going through, strong girls have the ultimate fortitude to keep following their dreams without a second thought. They grind hard and never lose the sight of their goals. They have clear, definite ambitions and just as intense actions to accomplish those goals., they persevere consistently to meet them and do not complain or rely on any on else to realize it for them.its this hustle and the drive to be significant on their own and do something relevant that makes a woman strong and independent.

The thing about being an independent woman is that there will be times when you feel that the going is tough, but its is upto you to tackle them. Being a strong woman does not mean that you never feel weak, or defeated, but it is the strength of yours, where you can pick yourself right up and face challenges that differentiates you from the rest. Its about knowing the extent of your emotions and marching on nevertheless.

A woman is many things, and more than often she is the pillar of support that the society abides by, but her dreams and aspiration, her freedom and her imagination is just as important.

It’s in sisterhood, its present in being there for each other, it’s in empathy, it’s in free will- this is what it means to be a strong, independent woman. To understand the wide spectrum of possibilities that women are capable of, they themselves have to take the step forward to educate themselves and liberate themselves. The course of their careers or their emotional fortitude is their own responsibility, and once a woman understand s this power, this hold, she can achieve anything.

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