Reasons Why Women Wear Make Up? What’s About The Hype? – Study It !


Blush on your cheeks or gloss on your lips, I am sure each of you loves a bit of this or a lot of this. No matter how old or how young a woman is she would has always been surrounded by looking at another woman being engrossed into makeup. What could be the psychology behind why a women wants to wear makeup? Take a few seconds and relate with why do you do it?

In general, when we have to make an analysis about why women wear makeup it is simple for reasons such as covering discolored skin, making the texture of the skin better and trying to mask imperfections on the skin to make it appear perfect and that’s a fair deal as we all want to look presentable at the end of the day, don’t we?

Having mentioned, is it always about just this or could there be a deeper study as to why women wear makeup? The study of understanding this is ongoing and it does not come to an end here. In this article, you would get to give your brains some good information about what is the science behind why women want to wear makeup. Here you go!

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Why Do Women Wear Make Up? Here Are Some Of The Psychological Reasons!


The reasons as to why women wear makeup varies from person to person, one part of the crowd is simple, whereas one lot of the crowd loves dressing up, while few of the women love wearing makeup because they think they look presentable and they find it good for some self-grooming only.

Although the intention as to why each one wears makeup is different, there is a deep study done and here are some of those reasons as to why do women wear makeup. Do you think it is all too much hyped by us to give that importance to make up or can we do without too much of it?

Reason No 1 – History Repeats


As it is mentioned in the introduction of this article that make up has been there since ages now and each of us have always seen someone or the other with makeup.

It has been there for almost 5000 years now that Egyptians and Sumerians have been using betel crushed leaves and kohl pencil to accentuate their features. For a fact, it has been there and the history is being followed in the form of applying cosmetic make up now. We are all learning it from the other women and we are teaching it back.

Reason No 2 – It Is A Mindset


How did we ever know or who came to the conclusion that wearing make up makes one look beautiful? Is it all got to do with the mindset. It is all in the mind, you generally cling to certain beliefs that seem all the more approving to you. For a few women, it is just a mindset that makeup is a source to complete your look.

Reason No 3 – To Accentuate Existing Beauty


There are a woman who wants to stand out in the crowd having all eyes on them and they make that extra effort to apply makeup. It is not about just looking good enough but they want to be the best. Just another way of making their existing beauty look all the more attractive.

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Reason No 4 – Just A Mode To Do Self Pampering


For those of you who think that makeup is done just to impress a man then that is an absurd notion although it must be true in some cases. There are tons of research as well as studies done wherein the take away is that women do makeup to make themselves feel confident, happier and it gives them inner happiness. Therefore, it is just a feel-good factor and has no logic backed up to it.

For instance, there was a study done in the year 2012 asking women as to why they considered it important to wear makeup and the conclusion was that 44 per cent of the crowd found it to be a means to mask their flaws, 48 per cent of the crowd thought that makeup is an art that they enjoy doing once away while the remaining crowd though that it is important because that is what the society demands from you.

Reason No 5 – Complex About Appearance


Some women think that the only way to get over a flaw is to hide it well and those who have this feeling that they are not perfect in any way and good enough prefer covering those insecurities about themselves in their compacts so that they are not looked upon the ugly way. This is not the right approach but this is one kind of a psychological study.

What Does Make Up Say?

Well, there are a lot of beliefs in the make up a world like if you apply this colored foundation it means you look the most attractive and it says this about your personality so on and so forth. Having said, yes there are studies and analysis on what is revealed about you through the make up you do. How much of it is just a vague analysis and how much of it is true is on you to decide. Here are some of those analysis done!

What Does Red Lipstick Say?

Well, it is believed that red lipstick is supposed to be the most seducing color for a man to get attracted to a woman’s beauty. There are two ways to look at this.

  • Any colored lipstick looks nice based on what goes well with your skin tone.
  • Red is supposed to be the color of lovemaking so that is why it is a man’s favorite

Evidence to this is a study done by two men and they came to the conclusion that men at a party approached more of women wearing a red lipstick. This is a fictional fact! But that’s how it works in case of a few men.

What Does Your Kohl Pencil Talk About You?

It is believed that women who make their eyes look attractive by highlighting it with a kohl pencil and eyeliner are said to look full and bright. If you are someone who is used to applying a kohl pencil and an eyeliner every day I am sure you are someone who is used to being asked if you are doing well or not if you missed applying a kohl pencil some day. It is not that your eyes aren’t pretty naturally but this cannot be denied that when you get your eyes used to highlighting them it makes it look brighter and bold.

What is the thought behind pink blush on your cheeks?

A pink blush on your cheeks can be connected to the times you blush and your cheeks get pink. It is believed that a man is sexually aroused when he sees the pink blush on his woman’s face. Pink blush has had different meanings and evolved over the years. Forget the part that men are attracted to pink blush, even woman consider it to look cute on their cheeks.

Is There Relevance In Wearing Make Up?

Having gone through a little about the psychology about makeup, what do you think? Is it important for women to do makeup?

To come to a definite answer if makeup is important or not is debatable. Here are some of the reasonable and logical reasons as to why wearing make up is important for women. Have a look and decide if you want to do a makeup or not.

1. Wonders Linked To Foundation

Foundation does not just make your skin lighter and brighter it also acts as a sun protector only if you use it in the right quantity as a medium to keep your skin protected. This is one of the scientific reasons to do makeup.

2. Do It Right For It To Stay Right

This means that a little of makeup won’t do any harm to your skin. There is nothing superficial about doing a light touch up of makeup just to tap on the spots or imperfections on your skin. Think about it? You would anyway apply a lip balm to soothe your chapped lips, it is similar to that.

3. Rejoice Your Beauty

It is fun to do a little makeover when the occasion calls for it. Isn’t it? It is not that you are going against your natural self but it just means that you are celebrating your beauty with a nice touch up to feel nice. Do it at times, it feels great!

4. A Brownie Point To Your Grooming

If you need to do makeup to groom yourself a bit then be it, you need to look nice when you are meeting your clients or going to work. When you look nice, will you feel confident and nice about yourself as well.

To conclude it all, women wear make up for their own reasons and every detail about make up defines an aspect of our inner personality and how men feel about women with a particular kind of makeup.

Coming to the point if makeup is important or not is a 50/50 answer. On certain aspects you need to do a little makeup to look and feel confident in occasions that demand it from you and at the same time make up does not have to be like your oxygen either you can do without it as well. You can do without it if you take good care of your skin and health well.

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