6 Tricks To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat – Unkink Your Kinks!

Straighten Your Hair
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Have you ever thought or imagined of having those silky and straight hair strands fall over your face and slide through your shoulders without a flat iron?

It seems quixotic to think of making the curls or waves straight overnight and above all without using ‘heat’. However, this overnight or hours of transformation is workable with heatless straightening techniques. You would have never thought of it but there are countable yet productive ways of going for a heatless methods of hair straightening


Amazing! Isn’t it? To get a hang of how to avoid all the heat and switch on to having pin straight hair, it’s all here in this article to assist all the ladies who want to see if the ‘no heat’ method works a way or not.

Best Ways to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

It is sensible to go for a method of straightening that involves no heat and yet makes your hair straight. It is essential to try heatless methods of hair straightening because when heat comes in contact with your hair to make it straight it tends to weaken the roots of your hair, damages the shaft of your hair and that leads to abnormal hair fall.

These ways of straightening your hair without heat may not give you pin straight hair, yet it does get straight to an extent. Here are some of the heatless ways of straightening your hair.

1. The Pillow Method

The Pillow Method
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When your hair is pressed against a pillow all night there are chances to flatten and straighten all the waves. Follow these steps to try the pillow method of straightening your hair without using any heat.

  1. Go for a hair wash before you go to bed.
  2. Once your hair partially dries, use few drops of serum or hair oil to slightly rub it across the ends of your hair.
  3. Bring all your hair together and lay straight on your hair in such a way that your hair is pressed in between your back and the pillow.
  4. Let your pillow cover be a silk pillow cover, avoid using a cotton pillow cover would leave your hair getting thin.

Although this method of straightening your hair would not make it inch-perfect, yet it will make your hair straight to a larger extent that the curls at the ends of your hair will get straight.

2. The Tucking Method

The Tucking MethodWhen you have washed your hair in the morning and after it dries you find it to be wavy and standing out like a bush, this can be extremely disappointing. To correct this and sort it out you will follow these steps.

  1. Slightly wet your hair, remove the extra water stuck on your hair, slightly brush through your hair and let it air dry.
  2. When it has almost dried and 20 per cent wet, take all your hair together and tuck it in your shirt or t-shirt and leave it for about 45 minutes.

After you have left for about 45 minutes you will see that it would get so much straighter and neat than what it was initially.

3. Wrap A Round

Wrap A Round
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Wrapping every hair strand of yours like a basket around your head will make your hair straight and flat without having to use any heat on your hair. This method is the best for the one’s who have really curly hair not just from the outside but also from the inside. Here is how to do it. Follow these steps and ensure to do it perfectly so that you can perfectly get rid of those curls within your hair.

You need :

  1. Bobby pins – about 10-12(if needed few more based on the length of your hair)
  2. 1 hard bristled hair brush
  3. 1 comb
  4. Water spray
  5. Serum(optional)
  6. Rollers

You have to do this :

Before you begin to do this you have to remember that your main idea of trying this method of straightening your hair without heat is to smoothen every bit of your hair.

Part 1

  1. Comb your hair upwards and remove all the stubborn knots in your hair.
  2. Take the water spray and randomly spray it all around your hair.
  3. Apply a serum at the ends of your hair that is not yet rolled if you find it dry.
  4. Begin with wrapping your hair from the center with two rollers, while you will continue to wrap your hair in the front, sides and add the back like a circle around your head
  5. Divide your hair into two sections at the center.
  6. Take a comb and comb that section of your hair, apply water spray as you will need it to make your hair stay still on the rollers.
  7. Now, take your roller and start to roll that wet hair bit by bit on your roller in a way that it is left neat and smooth on your roller. Once your hair is completely rolled, neatly pin up your hair on the rollers. Use another roller and repeat this same method for the next section of your hair.

Part 2

All the hair that is in the front, on the sides and behind has to be wrapped smoothly and pinned up neatly. Start wrapping your hair from the front, then go to the sides and then take it behind and pin it up at every end.

  1. Comb your hair that is in the front with a hard bristled hair brush, flatten it above your forehead and pin it up neatly.
  2. Follow this rounding about your hair all over your head and neatly pin it up.

Leave this entire set up of your hair overnight and you will see its effects on your hair.

Part 3

Wrap around your hair with a scarf:

This method will work wonders just like the roller wrap around, you will have to follow the same method of wrapping your hair. In this, you will have to cover your hair with a scarf and leave it overnight or for a few hours. You will cover your hair with a scarf after it is pinned up and when you untie your hair in the morning or after few hours, you will see the difference in your hair and it will be straighter than what it was earlier.

4. Multi – Ponytail Your Hair

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When you get all your hair together and tie it up with multiple rubber bands it makes your hair straight without having to use any heat on your hair. Rubber bands are effective to make your hair straight because it binds all your hair together that makes your hair automatically straight.

Follow these steps:

  1. Divide your hair into two halves and tie two ponytails.
  2. After every 2 inches of your ponytail, tie a rubber band on your ponytail until the end of your hair.

Leave this overnight and you will notice the difference in your hair.

5. Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Use the right shampoo and conditioner
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There are certain shampoos and conditioners available that help in making your hair straight without affecting the shape and health of your hair and what’s the best part is it can make your dream come true of having straight hair avoiding the counter effects of heat sticking to your hair to make it straight.

Here are a list of hair straightening shampoos that can make a majority of your kinks vanish.

  1. Bumble and bumble full potential hair preserving shampoo.
  2. Pura D’or Anti-Frizz Straightening Shampoo
  3. Luxe Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Here are a list of hair straightening conditioners that could help in making your hair straight.

  1. Tresemme smoothes and shines conditioner.
  2. Clinic plus soft and silky cream conditioner.
  3. Dove Regenerative repair conditioner.

These shampoos and conditioners focus on the health of your hair but they primarily intend to make your hair frizz free and straight.

6. A Natural Remedy

A natural remedy
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Natural remedies always have a solution to all our concerns. Likewise, there is a natural powerful medium that can contribute in making your hair straight. Try using coconut milk on your hair honey or eggs. It will make your hair shine and also straighten your hair.

Follow these heatless methods of hair straightening and turn and twist your straight hair. When there is an alternate to straighten your hair through natural means, it is any day a sensible decision to go for all those methods of hair straightening that is worth a try and would not leave your hair spoilt.

Try these ways out and live all your vims and fancies of straight hair without any worries of side effects showing up on your hair.

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