Two Stone Engagement Rings You Must Know About

Two stone engagement rings

Looking out for your engagement rings, well! look no further as we have something so enchanting that will make you fall in love. Every woman craves for that perfect rock on her ring finger and immense love of the man to die for. Ever heard of two stone engagement rings or still confused about a diamond

 or an emerald or a ruby.

Pick one stone or two, everything just mesmerizes us when it comes to our engagement ring, and we are confused as to which design to pick. The latest and the most trending in rings are the stunning two stone engagement rings which have the power to absolutely charm anyone. And why just settle for one stone when you have the might for two, for it takes class and appeal to craft an engagement ring which looks sparkling always and you would adorn for the rest of your life.

Why picking two stone engagement rings over the conventional:

As the popular culture yearns, everyone now wishes for that variation from classic and conventional diamond rings which are not just appealing but unique too. It gives a lot more style and substance to design your engagement ring with two stones and make it stupendous. With surrounding stones or stones forming a design, two stone diamond engagement ring gives you more power to decide your style. Reasons why you deserve a two stone engagement ring:

1- Because you’re worth it:

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends and something a woman always loves to own. Diamonds give a lot more luxury factor to your style and the designs it gets into is just amazing. Then why just satiate yourself with one stone when two are here too

2- The designs you can make with two stone engagement rings are just incredible:

One stone is by gone now when it comes to engagement rings, as the designs are mostly take up and common. For picking the most exclusive and unique engagement ring you must go for two stones which will give a lot more designing options

3- Two stone engagement rings are class apart:

Imagine the kinds of styles you can take up with two stones, all of these are class apart and scintillating. For those brides to be who simply wish for the most stunning piece of jewel on their finger, here is your muse

4- One huge solitaire is old fashioned now:

Many would go by the belief that a huge ring is no more that big of a deal for everyone else has it. Even the celebrities have started opting out from only one stone rings to more than that.

Some popular designs of stunning two stone engagement rings:

There are some wonderful designs of stunning two stone engagement rings which are not just worthy but truly enchanting in appeal and style:

1- Classic two stone engagement ring design:

Just like the solitaire from the conventional design, but with a twist of two stones instead. It gives a distinct look to the ring. Thus making it a true artistic endeavor for your engagement

2- Two stone with multi-stones embedded:

Not just settle down yet, for the stones keep adding on and on. Get creative and dare yourself, smaller diamonds to add on more delight to your two stone engagement ring. Arrange the diamond layers around or make a specific design from them, you have the power to do so.

3- Bezel setting two stone diamond rings:

bezel setting gives the an appearance of one diamond set but it actually is two diamonds shaped in pear and set to make one stylish ring for your engagement

4- Customized two stone diamond rings:

There are multiple apps and engagement ring designers which can help you customize your style in your own ways. Just add the two stones at places you deem perfect for your ring and look how stunning it turns out

Two stone engagement rings designs which are truly wonderful:

Wondering which style of engagement ring would suit you the best and still confused about narrowing down the choices, well worry not; we have two stone diamond ring designs in addition to some more glittering gems which will make you swoon over them. The mystery of engagement ring selection just got better to resolve, with two choices for stones in the design. Get set for a touch of vintage, a hint of classic, some hues of contemporary and pure luxury of owing something sacred and special:

1- Two together forever:

Two together forever

The design just creates an inexplicable feeling of the bond of togetherness. Just the right addition of smaller diamonds adding upto the two bigger stones placed right next to each other like holding hands until eternity

2- Two stones in square shape:

Two stones in square shapeA thin cut band with two sparkling delights in square shape meeting each other at the centre, is a perfect minimalist two stone diamond ring

3- Two hearts in two colors:

Two hearts in two colors

Two hearts bonded together in pink and silver is the right dose of style and strength. A sheer appealing addition to your finger which ushers appeal and captivates everyone

4- A big and a small stone:

A big and a small stone

Asymmetrical is the way ahead, why going for two similar shapes of diamonds when one big and one small just make up for the most scintillating engagement ring

5- And its not just two and bunch of few small:

And its not just two and bunch of few small

A lovely and stylish ring with not just a few but a million small diamonds studded everywhere all around and the two bigger stones just at the right angle. Disjointed ring for comfort, style, luxury and also for the times when you may gain some flesh

6- The two fuse:

The two fuse

The union of you two is reminiscent with this engagement ring design. Together forever as one

7- Two for infinite:

Two for infiniteThe most stunning creation of an infinite ring with two studded diamonds just at the length of the circle depicting bonded till eternity and beyond

8- Two in layers:

Two in layersYet another piece of marvel where two diamonds are layered to make a fuller and scintillating appeal

9- Two stone diamond mens ring:

Two stone diamond mens ring

Why just women, when men can also adorn a two stone diamond engagement ring. Just centered and bundled amid the band these two stones make up for a minimalist yet mesmerizing appeal.

10- A heart into diamond shaped as a bow or a butterfly:

A heart into diamond shaped as a bow or a butterfly

Just too many styles and designs but this ring is for keeps. Perfectly heart shaped two stones joined at the tip making a butterfly or a bow and banded together forever

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