Tips And Tricks On How To Get Toned Legs With Some Amazing Leg Exercises

toned legs
Wondering how to get toned legs with some stunning butt exercises which will help you tone thighs and lose weight from your legs. Worry not we have some best leg exercises for weight loss and get tones legs. These leg exercise would tighten and tone the legs helping you get those sultry sexy legs toning legs from butt to toe and also making you feel wonderful too. Getting those picture perfect toned things and sexy legs can be possible only with some leg workouts which aim to tone your lower body and helps you lose weight from legs. These are some of the best leg exercises for toning which will not just tone thighs but also makes the legs look sultry and sexy too. Losing leg fat is not a quick fix to be sure to follow these exercise for toned legs for long and compliment with proper diet and lifestyle additions.

Best exercise to get toned legs:

Best toning exercises and leg workouts aim at working towards the lower part of the body more. Strength and toning both form a basic component of the exercises to get toned legs. So get set and tone your legs with these leg exercises for weight loss:

1. Squats:

Beginning with chair squats and then complete squats, this must be the most performed exercise to get toned legs. Squats are not just easy but effortless as they do not need any specific equipment. Do at least 15-20 reps of each squats you proceed with, and be sure to not jerk proceed gently first. Feel the strength as you proceed with this leg workout to lose weight from your legs
Procedure for chair squats for beginners:
chair squats
  1. Stand beside a chair with your back towards the chair
  2. Keep the feet hip width apart
  3. Now centre your body weight on your heels and hinge forward by drawing the abs inward
  4. Lower your butt towards the chair but pause first and the sit
  5. Keep your core engaged and enriched all through the workout

2. Warrior Yoga Pose:

Warrior Yoga pose

Warrior Yoga pose is not just to tone your legs but also core too. This pose gives a lot of strength and stretch to your butts and thighs thus helping you get toned legs which are firm and strong.

Procedure for Warrior Yoga Pose:

  1. Stand on yoga mat with both the legs together and feet touching
  2. Step back with your right feet first and angle it to the right, taking full body turn to right
  3. Now sink your butt in a way that your front knee is directly over your left foot bending around 90 degree
  4. Try and pull to stretch your hips towards floor, and keep holding on to it
  5. The lower leg must be in straight line
  6. Now rotate the upper body such that hips and shoulders face straight ahead
  7. Push the feet apart and slowly rise your hands upwards over your head
  8. Try to stretch this position and exhale
  9. Try to stretch more and keep it gentle such that it does not cause any injury
  10. Inhale and straighten the pose down

3. Leg Lift or the Uttanpadasana:

Leg Lift or the Uttanpadasana
Leg lift is simple and can be performed as a great workout at home as well. It not just helps in toning legs but also strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Procedure to Perform Leg Lift Pose:

  1. Lie flat on your back which is on the yoga mat
  2. Place your hands on either sides facing down on the floor
  3. Now inhale and slowly lift your legs to around 60 degree and hold
  4. After a few seconds begin exhaling and moving the legs back to the position
  5. You may also do this leg lift on the chair by holding the chair back and lifting your leg one at a time on the sides

4. V Position or the Ballet Plie:

V position
This V position is a classic ballet move and it works great on thighs, glutes and hips also helps in toning the butt and legs

Procedure to do V position at home:

  1. Hold the back of a chair and stand
  2. Place the feet in V position keeping toes around 4 Inch apart
  3. Keep the heels pressed inward and bend your knees
  4. Now lift your heels a few inches from the floor
  5. Now slowly lower your hips until you feel the stretch
  6. Hold for a few seconds

5. Hip Bridge:

Hip Bridge
Hip bridge is a back bend core strength exercise for leg toning, also helping in improving strength and balance.

Procedure for the hip bridge:

  1. Lie down on your mat facing upward and knee bent staying close to each other
  2. Keep arms on the sides with palms downward
  3. Now slowly lift your hips towards the ceiling while belly button goes towards spine
  4. Keep the thighs and knees parallel
  5. Inhale and exhale at least 5 times and hold this pose until done
  6. Then release and repeat

6. Standing Forward Bend:

Standing forward bend
This is a simple yet very powerful exercise to tone legs, as it helps in balancing cellulite and works on the quad muscles.

Procedure for Standing forward bend:

  • Stand with feet hip width apart
  • Keep hinge forward at the hips and knees slightly bent
  • Now slowly lay your chest on upper things as you bend down
  • Let your head get down and try to stretch by touching your knees with head
  • Straighten the legs and keep the position firm
  • Hips must be centred over the feet and repeat 8-10 times with deep breaths

7. Kneeling Side Kick:

Kneeling side kick
This is a great exercise for toned thighs and sexy legs. This is for intermediate strength and training.

Procedure For Kneeling Side Kick:

  • Lie down on the mat with right side
  • Keep the right elbow on the ground and lift the upper body in around 45 degree from the ground
  • Now take your left leg and stretch it upward keeping the right leg straight on the ground
  • Both the legs must be straight and must be in split position
  • Now lift the bottom right leg also a few inches off the floor and hold
  • Knees must face forward and there must be around 12-15 inch gap between two legs which are both raised.
  • Now return and repeat

8. Toe Touch Lounge:

Toe touch lounge
Toe touch lounge helps in core strength, balance and also to tone your lower body. This can be one of the best exercises for toning your legs.

Procedure to do toe touch lounge:

  • Stand on the ground with your feet at least hip width apart
  • Place both the arms on the sides
  • Lunge back with the right leg and press your left heel keeping chest lifted
  • Now place your fingertips towards the bottom of left feet
  • Bend this knee at 90 degrees
  • Hold for a few seconds and return
  • Repeat 10 times at both the sides

9. Squat jumps of 180 degrees:

Squat jumps of 180 degrees
Simply jump from complete squat positions and land facing the opposite direction. Do it for 30 seconds and rest, again begin and proceed such at least 5-8 times. Squat jumps are high-intensity leg exercises, which conditions and tones your muscles helps in strength and balance too. You can also squat and jump on the same position or move ahead with jumps in opposite direction.

Tips and tricks to tone lower body:

Tips and tricks to tone lower body
There are some simple tips for toned legs which are helpful to get toned legs. These tips will enrich your leg workouts and thigh exercises thus making it easy for you to get sexy legs. Some of the tips to tone your legs include:
  1. Stay off sugar and artificial sweeteners
  2. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits than processed foods
  3. Skip desserts
  4. Drink more water and sugar free fluids in a day
  5. Pick those workouts with help toning legs and keep more focus on lower part
  6. Walk, swim and bike for these exercises enrich the thigh and leg part brilliantly
  7. Count your calories and do not consume much fats
  8. Monitor your progress closely and check if your leg workouts work well
Toned legs and toned thighs are a dream for every woman who loves to wear short dresses. Flaunting your sexy legs while keeping up with your butt exercises is simply easy and with some really wonderful exercise for toned legs, you can get those svelte and sultry legs which are perfectly sensuous. Be sure to follow these butt workouts and eat healthy.
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