14 Exclusive Ways to wear the Favorite Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt
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The pleated skirt has often received mixed reviews. But with the fall of 2017, if there is one piece of clothing any girl would vouch for in order to be trendy, it would be the pleated skirt. The pleated skirt and the many ways to wear have found a way into our daily lives because of how versatile it actually is.

It has elements of both parts. Not only is it sophisticated but it is also quirky and has elements of streetwear to it which make it so very versatile. Maybe you will not go for it everyday but one thing is for sure, that when you actually do opt for the pleated skirt given any occasion, it enhances your everyday look in the way you couldn’t have imagined.

Mixed with old school nostalgia it has the finesses and the comfort level that most women will enjoy wearing it. And no matter what the situation is, the graceful pleated skirt is all you need to give you that extra confidence.

The Many Forms of Wearing the Pleated Skirt

While the evergreen ways of wearing the pleated skirt is what is famous all over the world, many may agree that not everyone wants to adorn the traditional look. Keeping in mind the changing face of fashion. We have compiled a list of 14 ways in which the pleated skirt can be worn:

1. The One With the Jacket

The one with the jacket
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Thinking of the leather jacket? Or do you want to don the aviator jacket? The coming of age transition of androgynous outfits has made life so easy and fashionable for so many women. The perfect way to compliment your pleated skirt is with the oversized jackets. The look is an instant hit because it looks trendy yet casual all at once. Give some volume to your shoulders and balance the whole feminine vibe. The skirt can ideally be mid-length and wear some trendy boots or strap on heels along with some aviators to complete the badass look. Way to look cute and edgy at the same time.

2. The one with the crop top

The one with the crop top
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The perfect way to look like you belong in fashion is to seamlessly combine two trendsetting articles together. We all know what a rage crop tops created. And they don’t just go well with denims or pants but skirts too. To completely nail the feminine look and own your entire all you need is the cutest crop top and the confidence to carry it off. Your pleated skirt can be extremely long or mid-length and you would still look fabulous. The former gives a more cute look, especially if its a mini skirt. The crop accentuates your bust whereas the skirt adds the graceful touch to complete the look. Heels and flats, both go well with this style.

3. The one with the Metallic skirt

The one with the Metallic skirt
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The Metallic pleated skirt is the latest trend to have caught the world by storm.it is every bit the disco dream that yesteryear tried to emulate. But what’s more fascinating is the gleam with which it has made a comeback. A favorite on the runways or even off the runway look, fashion lovers all over the world have been fawning over this look and for obvious reason, of course!

The metallic skirt has such a quirky vibe, that you can wear it for a formal function or you can make it look cute with a pair of sneakers. It can be just as street casual. Vesta and v neck tops are a big hit with this design.

The one with the Metallic skirt
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4. The one with cami tops

The one with cami
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Summer can be pretty trying, especially if you want to make sure that you look just as hot. But the current trend of wearing the pleated skirt can be introduced in summer with a much breezier vibe, that is the camisole tops. Yes, the way camisole tops accentuate your best parts, is unparalleled. And combined with the elegance of a pleated skirt, the entire look is the epitome of grace. Think lace, or delicate designs. A sheer shirt material, and a moody day can also be perfect accompaniments.

Midi skirts that are cinched at the waist are also perfect ways to look your chic best. Whether it’s a night out, or a casual lunch, this look is extremely fashionable and comfortable.

5. The one where you tuck it in

The one where you tuck it in
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Like we mentioned before, the favors of androgyny in the age of fashion are limitless. What looked bold before is almost the norm today, so the way in which you can wear your t-shirt are also just that innumerable. The versatility of the midi skirt is just that apparent. The high waisted skits can also be used to show off your midriff and bring in some fun element in your entire attire. Remember how Rachel Green

 wore her skirts back in Friends? You can even wear a shirt that is tucked in or a sweater. Instead of going for the crop top what you can do its probably tuck your shirt in and wear a slim belt to show off your waist yet again. This style keeps things cute and preppy and makes I you look extremely breezy too.

6. The one where its all retro

The one where its all retro
Image source: vetogate.com

Whether we are talking about polka dots or old fashioned shirts, nothing is ever out of style when it comes tot he retro look, and because the pleated skirt has made such an eventful comeback, it is almost undeniable how well it goes with the old school prints and designs. you can choose to wear a classic shirt or some polka dotted printed and keep it prim and proper. The high heels could be an added touch of elegance for the complete look. Midi skirts with tucked in blouses. Can look anyone look retro and stylish. The idea is to make it look simple yet stylish without introducing too much of today’s fashion, but if the need arises, you can also add some colourful accessories to make your look more fulfilling for you. But button-down shirt that hug you right can never go wrong with the quintessential pleated skirt.

7. The one with the geek chic look

The one with the geek chic look
Image source: glamradar.com

The plaid pleated skirt may often be associated with schools and colleges but therein lies the charm, because you cannot deny just how beautiful and sexy it looks. To completely get the geek chic look, you can combine quirky cardigans, with some cool spectacles, and some boat shoes or even oxford shoes. The geek chic look is one of the most stylish looks out there and with the onset of pleated skirts, the evergreen uniform has made an entry yet again. Short or mid-length pleated skirts are most ideal for this look. You can even wear a shirt and sweater combo to get the cool, dorky look.

8. The one with the maxi skirt

The one with the maxi skirt
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What happens when you combine two lethal forces together. The maxi skirt is a hit, the pleated skirt is a hit, the pleated maxi skirt is the stuff of dreams. It is almost as if you are walking on a cloud. The soft material and the endless pleats give the best, most aesthetic appearance ever. Whether you decide to wear a designer top or just a plain sweater is up to you, but you can be sure that you have already nailed the look. Long sleeved t-shirts or shirts with lightweight maxi skirts give you an effortlessly glam look. A look for dinners, dates, functions- the pleated maxi skirt.

9. The one with the bodysuit

The one with the body suit
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What if you have the perfect pleated skirt but you simply cannot decide on what to wear on top? The mood, the occasion all of these things do matter one thing that matters the most is you looking and feeling your fashionable best. And for this very purpose, the bodysuit is the ultimate savior. The new trendsetting piece of clothing can make each and everyone look sexy. High necks, sleeveless, turtlenecks, full sleeves, all types of bodysuits can be combined with various lengths of pleated skirts to create a look that is both flamboyant, sexy and convenient to put together. No to forget completely in trend!

10. The one with the sweater

The one with the sweater
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Nobody feels like dolling up and creating an Instagram worthy look every day, some days you just want to take a step back and feel comfortable. But what if you want to feel comfortable whilst wearing a pleated skirt, then the look to go to can be the college favorite. Yes, a half tucked sweatshirt with ankle socks and sneakers. The mini pleated skirt makes one look like a total baby an dis a much-coveted look by girls all over. The sweatshirt look is extremely comfortable and easy to put together. The bigger the sweater the cuter. The sneakers add to the college girl quotient and are an important part. This is part preppy and part comfy in the most adorable way ever.

The one with the sweater
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11. The one where its all grunge

The one where its all grunge
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So bring out the flannel, the cool boots, the chokers – because its grunge season. The look that has captured the imaginations of many contributes a lot of its success to the effortlessly sexy pleated skirts. Whether it is mini or mid length, the grunge looks that are created with the help of pleated skirts are sexiest and most memorable ones. Again, the whole vibe of the entire outfit is extremely casual, but also versatile and something that can be put together very easily. Tie a shirt at the waist on top of mini pleated skirt, or put on a cool jacket, anything goes well with the pleated skirt to create a look that is pure grunge. Accessories and grunge hats are also welcome.

12. The one where its all formal

The one where its all formal
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One for each day, here we bring you the neatest and most formal way to wear a pleated skirt. Tired of the neutral designs at workplace? Of all the ways there are to dress for work, when you get bored of the same designs -introducing the pleated skirt to the workplace is a nice way to shake things up. A crisp, white shit along with the classiest of heels can never go wrong with a mid-length pleated skirt. Any other ace top, or a sheer shirt will also be just as good when used to create a look. The idea is to keep the variables not to contrasting but something that seamlessly comes together to create a look that is both classy and elegant at the same time and one that is completely suitable for the workplace.

The one where its all formal
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13. The one with the slit

The one with the slit
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Ideal for the brunches, the casual meeting, or a night at the bar. The breezy and glamorous pleated skirt is a hit among the ladies for a reason. While relying on the custom pleats, the slit adds a personality to the outfit. It sexy, and comfortable. Again, the outfit is extremely situation neutral and as per your top references, the design can be changed as much as you want. A combination of lace tops or crop tops and elegant heels are enough to complete the entire look, and make you feel completely Instagram worthy, such is the appeal of the pleated skirt.

14. The one with all the drama

As somebody who personally loves the skirt, I cannot deny the fixation we women have with dramatic pleated skirts. After all ll of us have imagined this at some or the other point. The idea is to create an impression, an image that makes us feel like the princesses that we are. Whether its extra frills, or some other additions, everybody loves a dramatic look. The only thing important is that you should have the confidence to carry off. So the next time you get a chance to pull this off, do not hesitate, go for complimenting colours and put together a look worth remembering.

The pleated skirt has come a long way, and looking at the kind of approval its getting, it seems like the trend is here to stay, it is because of the way it can seamlessly, merge with many attire to create the perfect look. It’s versatile and its feminine, it sophisticated and it’s glamorous. The path to get into the whole vibe of owning is not difficult anymore. Now that we have laid out the best ways for you, choose your favorite and twirl your way to happiness.

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