Top 20 New Year Resolution Ideas Which You Would Love To Keep

New Year Resolution Ideas

New Year Resolutions are just another way of trying to make change within and around yourself. As a tradition, New Year Resolution just began as a way to recover something and now it has become the most exciting part of all the festivity and fun. Though the value of this tradition is debated but when it comes to finding something which can shape you up, i strongly believe in keeping it for the sake of our own happiness and health. Over the years i have been taking this ritual very seriously and it has changed myself completely.

It began with a daily diary writing resolution i took some 20 years ago and continued all through the years. My most incredible effort through this ritual was to revive my literary skills i lost to internet lingo, back in year 2002, when emailing and Orkut ruled teenagers. Once while chatting online with a cousin, i started showing my short hand brilliance and may have written something like HW U DOIN, HV U STRTD WRKG and OIC, to which he replied, “why are you damaging your vocabulary by following this short hand fad? i fail to understand why kids are becoming so lazy online”

And i then realized if i ever wish to be a writer or a speaker, i need to bring back my spellings to the traditional way. And till date i can’t thank enough, for having taken this as a new year resolution back then, which binds even after years and am extremely happy to have abided by it.

New Year Resolution Ideas which will help you make a better person:

New Year Resolution Ideas

Despite the debates surrounding New Year Resolution tradition, i prefer keeping this sacred and confined to myself. It is not just one day when you must think about yourself, but this whole idea of a fresh start and getting over the poor or improper choices we made in the past year to bring a better year ahead makes me feel energized and spirited to take up the resolution and abide by it. Maybe i never tried any other day for such bigger changes in my life and maybe it is easy to check the progress year on year rather than random date to random date. So let us look at some of the most incredible New Year Resolution ideas which will help you improve your lifestyle in a wonderful way:

1- Reading at least 2000-2500 words a day:

Reading at least 2000-2500 words a day

Despite knowing how important reading is, it is not a routine for us all. If workout and fitness is a routine we must abide for our physical strength and wellness then reading is an activity for our intellectual and mental wellness. We must resolve to read at least one good book every month and one newspaper everyday. And it is not just to boast of the reviews online but to enrich us in a wonderful way.

2- Writing at least one page a day:

Writing at least one page a day

Writing is the most wonderful way to connect with self, so deeply and thoroughly that it is almost like enlightenment of our soul. The more we write the better we feel about our own self. Even a diary writing activity is believed to be the most incredible stress buster along with intellectual exercise

3- Running at least 3 days a week:

Running at least 3 days a week

Running has been on my mind ever since my first attempt at 5K run, but somehow i fail to resolve to take it up as a regular activity. No matter how hard it seems, but a regular routine can help you become a great runner and more than that a fit individual. Running not just helps you in quick weight loss but also brings refreshment and peace of mind too

4- Eat one fruit a day:

Eat one fruit a day

Lately i realized simply putting it as eating healthy or fresh produce is not quantifiable and complex. So i took this as an easy and measurable resolution. To begin with eating one full fruit a day, be it an apple or a banana or a melon; i have to eat one full fruit each day. This will eventually turn up into one full meal every 2-3 days as just fruits within a span of few months. Thus the healthy and hearty fruit meals become a part of your lifestyle by simply adding this new year resolution

5- Spend one hour a day for self:

Spend one hour a day for self

I began taking this seriously only after my postpartum blues when it became absolutely necessary to sneak few minutes a day to find my sanity. And after 5.5 years it is a routine for me to have at least one hour for myself each day. Take up walk, watching favorite movie, listening to music, shopping alone or going out alone, anything you like but just yourself. This in long term gives you the strength and courage to keep your courage in any circumstance you find yourself.

6- Go for an unplanned trip at least once a year:

Go for an unplanned trip at least once a year

As much fun as it sounds, this is the most adventurous way to explore areas you never thought of. Meet new people, explore their culture and cuisines also get the element of spontaneity on, as this would make you feel revitalized in a wonderful way. Travel more this new year

7- Speak with at least one old pal each week:

Speak with at least one old pal each week

I took this up as a resolution almost a decade back, when i was one year into my first job and began missing my school friends. I always heard people say there are no friends like school friends and as we grow, the pretense factor takes over your genuine friendships. But the first 2 years of my job taught this to me and i began connecting back with my friends. Though after a few months it became less than once a week but even now i would call rather than text or email a close friend. This is a great new year resolution for it brings the fond memories from our childhood or college days alive. And connecting with like minded people is always fun

8- Develop one photo album a year:

Develop one photo album a year

With digital cameras and DSLR’s becoming popular and every cell phone having a camera it is getting more and more difficult to keep the memoirs in print. Everything we capture gets embedded in the deep down dungeon of our devices. And never really we get to refresh on those memories as we did while growing up. So a new year resolution to just develop one photo album with around 80-100 pictures from entire year must be something we all do. The year end holiday can be the best time to select and analyze pictures from entire year and by 31st we would be ready with all pictures including the holiday time we wish to get in print.

9- Turn your cell phone and devices off at least one hour in the day and talk to family:

Turn your cell phone and devices

And between 10 am to 10 pm, not at night. Digital detox is the most important activity we all must adhere to. As a new year resolution you must pick anytime which is convenient for entire family to switch off the devices or just keep them far away on silent. And talk to each other uninterrupted. I would recommend time around dinner until you sleep, say between 6.30 and 9.30pm for picking any one hour to begin with, when you keep digital devices away.

10- Express yourself more, say by hugging or holding hands:

Express yourself more

This new year make it a resolution to express your love or care for someone even if that means hugging your partner 20 years post marriage. Do it more and see how wonderful and connected you feel again. Say you love him or her and do not shy from holding hands even after decades of staying together. Loving someone and showing it are both equally important and necessary for a happy and healthy relationship.

11- Save $100 more each month, to begin with:

Save $100 more each month, to begin with

Make a New Year Resolution Bank to save and start putting $100 in it each month, keep it as a fund for your retirement. We do not plan for our retirement as much as we should do. And despite all efforts to save we end up not having enough for the life post 55 years of age. Over and above all your savings keep these $100 or more in your fund, and do not touch them unless dire need be.

12- Visit family, specially elderly relatives more:

Visit family

Visiting family more than around holidays must be your new year resolution for we have become so busy in our lives that we do not even call our relatives as much as we should. Specially after having kids and reaching middle level hierarchy in corporates, meeting family and relatives becomes extremely challenging even during holidays.

13- Pick one new hobby:

Pick one new hobby

Be it baking, craft, art or speaking just try and pick a new hobby which is something you love to do but have not found ample time. Then join any class or group even online to brush the skills needed for the hobby. At least one hour every week, you must give to this new hobby.

14- Meet one new person every month and get acquainted with them:

Meet one new person every

Be it from work or through friends, meet one new person every month and this in no way means becoming best pals yet. Just try and become more social to develop your network. Relationship building is extremely important specially at workplace, so make this a new year resolution to connect with at least one person every month

15- Make use of your free time:

Make use of your free time

Be it the time you commute or the time you sit idle in front of TV, think about utilizing it as creatively as possible from this year onward. Do yoga and stretching while you watch TV and read or talk to family or listen to music while commuting. These can be great stress busters and multi-tasking is definitely the way forward.

16- Conquer your fear this year:

Conquer your fear this year

For people who fear talking in public or sharing on social media or are afraid of rides, this is the time to conquer them. In this years resolution try coming out fearless and conquer this one fear you have held on for years. Go for bungee jumping, sky diving or join toastmaster or give a TED talk. You have to rise above this fear and not let it rule you any more

17- Try and search at least one long lost friend or relative and stay connected again:

Try and search at least

Over the decades we tend to lose contact of our friends from past. Infact sometimes our close pals go away and we do not even have their contacts. Make this year resolution to find your long lost contacts from friends or family and get in touch again.

18- Spend more time amid nature:

Spend more time amid nature

At least one trip to the forest, safari or hills a month. This will help you to feel connected to nature and also this is great way to feel rejuvenated and refresh

19- Study more, at least one online (free) courses every month:

Study more

Yes, there are ample websites giving free courses on a plethora subjects, this year you must resolve to undertake at least 12 new courses or related to your area of work and get certified. This is not just to increase your employability but also equip you with the most current knowledge about a topic

20- Reduce one cup of caffeine a day:

Reduce one cup of caffeine a day

To stay off caffeine may not be realistic, but reducing one cup of caffeine from your diet is more achievable. If you take 3 cups in a day, then this year resolve to stick with two and eventually do not let this addiction drive you. Caffeine is a lifestyle jinx and you must stay off it for a better life. It may be tough to stay off it completely but reduce consumption slowly.

The above New Year Resolution Ideas are to help you pick a better lifestyle and make choices which are not just healthy but also which would bring you more happiness and strength in the long run. Hold on to things which make you happy to bring joy to your life, and let go the things which just bring despair. Adopt change and think about making a better version of yourself, connect more with self and socialize, eat healthy and keep yourself fit.

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