Top 11 Parenting Problems That Drive Us Crazy But Can Be Averted Too

Parenting Problems

Being a mother calls for wearing multiple hats and keeping your calm despite everything else being haphazard. Nothing makes us more happy than a smiling face of our child, but the tantrums and meltdowns come along too. As a mother we all come across so many parenting problems each moment that it gets suffocating at times. While there are not simple rules to avert these parenting issues but trial and error runs can help in getting better adjustments with our children.

All children have their own likes and dislikes and they grow at their own pace. Despite giving every bit of attention and care every child does not grow up like the other. Even identical twins do not grow up to be same in any way. Let us look at some parenting problems that drive us crazy but can be averted too

Parenting Problems Which Drive us Crazy:

When you are a mother, all you think of is your little piece of heart, all the time. But hardly a few minutes a day are truly and thoroughly enjoyed as family and the rest of them are just running around trying to accomplish at least a percentage of tasks in hand. No matter how much you plan, something or the other disrupts all your foolproof ideas too. Let us look at some hilarious and yet serious parenting problems most of us face on a daily basis:

1. Tantrums all the time:

Tantrums all the time
ImageSource: Tantrums all the time

Even an infant has the mighty powers to throw tantrums despite all of efforts to appease them. Kids crying at the drop of a hat are a serious cause of worry to their parents. And it not just aggravates a parental anger but also depresses them too.

Specially when you are at a public place or among your family or friends these tantrums can be really annoying.

2. Fussy eater:

Fussy eater
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Fussy and picky eaters are like a story of every household. I have never ever met a parent who is happy with the way their child eats. Even at age 15 weeks my little one had to go on a nursing strike and causing not just emotional but physiological upheaval in me too.

Despite all my efforts she chose to stay on her hunger strike for days before we realized it is time to switch to solids already. And then began a journey into food arts and craft which still continues after years.

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3. Nose picking:

Fussy eater
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Not many parents understand but picking nose is a part of developmental psychology. Every child comes at an age where the begin exploring their own body parts and somehow gold mining stays the most cherished act for all kids. Most of the time the place where they begin exploring their nasal cavity may not be right but no one said parenting would be free from embarrassment.

4. Disobeying Children:

Disobeying children

The word No never goes the way it is mentioned, for any and every parent. Despite our numerous NO NO the child would still be doing everything we refused in the first place. It may be annoying a well and painful to be in the situation. But only a 5% of the NO we say may be taken up by the children and that also maybe due to the fact they did not hear the no and preferred doing it.

5. Kids shouting more than talking:

Kids shouting more than talking

Ever been in a situation when a crowd surrounding you saw you and your little one in a not so kind place. And your child just begins to shout back on you or anyone else. This is a very common sight for most of us, and it may not be easy to tackle this kind of behavior.

6. Physical violence:


Specially when there are siblings or kids of same age nearby this is very common. The kids begin hitting and hurting each other which is a big cause of concern for parents. This may be due to uncontrolled expression of frustration by the kids. The most famous of these is biting each other. It begins somewhere around Pre school and stays through the kindergarten too

7. Lying:


Children lie and they do it with utmost ease sometimes. Specially in social situations it is very difficult to take it. You may always trust your little one and get fooled for long before you figure out the fact that your little one is lying. The kids may lie as they are seeking attention or they wish to get out of a difficult situation

8. Fear of monsters:

Fear of monsters

Kids as early as age 3 sometimes begin getting night sweats and shivers due to monsters. The make believe way of life and animated stories and movies they see bring them to believe that monsters do exist. This can be too frightening for the kids and also painful for the parents too

9. Regression post potty training:

Regression post potty training

The biggest milestone for any parent is to see their child go off diapers and when they regress which by the way 50% of the kids do, it becomes a big problem. Most children stay in diapers until age 3 and it takes a lot of effort on the part of parents before they are off diapers completely. But this problem is not just a few days or months but years of effort, which can be too tiring for parents

10. Addiction to gadgets:

Addiction to gadgets

In current times, almost 80-90% children are addicted to their tablets or mobiles devices. And parents also begin to accept their demands as this helps them in keeping calm, feed them or make them sit at a place. Though it looks like kids have picked this bad habit but it is actually our fault as we began giving them the access to the devices too early in life.

11. Kids not going for outdoor activities as much as they should:

Kids not going for outdoor activities

This is becoming like a trend now, kids hardly go outdoors and get involved in physical activities. As they are too busy even at age 2 to stick to their tablets and gadgets rather than explore nature.

Some ways to avert these parental problems:

  1. Set up a schedule for your child from early on
  2. Restrict their tablet or screen time
  3. Do not give in to all their demands
  4. Watch out your words, actions and behaviors and always remember the child is a reflection of their parent
  5. Follow push and pull mechanism: You must know when to hold their hands and when to let them be. Their constant urge to be independent must be supported in most feasible ways so that there is less confrontation
  6. Keep the triggers away
  7. Talk more and spend more time with kids
  8. Do not shout or spank your children
  9. Keep yourself calm, just remember “This will pass”

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