11 Realistic Ways To Beat Stress At Work – Get On The D-Stress Mode!

Beat Stress At Work
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At times it gets tough to catch up with too many things on your plate and it takes a toll on your stress levels to the core. Is there a place one can resort to an escape from stress? There is stress everywhere! be it at home or at work. Is stress naturally there or is it a state of mind? The answer is, stress is naturally never there, it is just your state of mind that defines stress.

Think over this, can you blaze a trial and turn the word stress to D-stress? It is not as impossible as building castles in planet Venus to be able to win over our stressed state of mind. There is a way out if we are certain that we need one.

Dear Ladies! Here’s a route map that will guide you through the right route to shift towards beating stress.

Causes Of Work Stress

Causes Of Work Stress
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Why all this work stress? First you need to analyse what is triggering this stress and blowing the peace out of you. To help you analyse it quicker, here are some of the possible causes of stress at work. Take a look!

  1. You are ‘In a pickle’ because of targets at work: Are you stressed because you are unable to reach your targets despite of working all round the clock? Is it pressurizing you to an extent that your mind is not at ease anymore?
  2. You Don’t like Where You are: May be because you are not satisfied with the work or unable to understand the work, you may feel like this is not where you belong.
  3. You are not happy with the people around: Your frequency might not match with people at work or probably the people around are not approachable.
  4. You lose out on your personal life: Extended work hours, too much work being assigned, expectations to work extra hours at home as well or being asked to work during weekends could possibly be one of the reasons that you do not have time for your personal life.
  5. You are not treated like one among the lot: If at work there is a discrimination on the basis of caste or race and people being biased with you might be disturbing you that is becoming a cause of stress.
  6. Fear of losing your job: If there is no job security at your work place or you have a problem in being able to perform. It can cause stress for you.
  7. When you are not open to change: In an organization there are possibilities of the management changing and the company rules changing.
  8. When you mix your personal and professional life: When you are not happy internally and constantly worried about something back at home or with yourself, your total focus from work is diverted which leads to so many other problems because of which you cannot mentally give in at work.

Signs Of Stress At Work

Signs Of Stress At Work
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Mentioned below are the possible signs of your health being negatively focused on because of being stressed at work

  1. Sign No 1 – You get insomniac
  2. Sign No 2 – You go into Depression
  3. Sign No 3 – You develop Migraine
  4. Sign No 4 – You have anxiety attacks
  5. Sign No 5 – You feel like lazying and forget what it is to be active
  6. Sign No 6 – You get stomach related issues
  7. Sign No 7 – You lose on your appetite
  8. Sign No 8 – 24/7 you are lost in thoughts

Ways to Beat Stress At Work

1: DE-Clutter your Mind

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Sit to yourself and think of what is the cause of your entire stress. Think of what is the best solution you can come up with.

If you do not find a solution, discuss your problem with someone who can relate with you and seek for an advise. Once you do so, you are DE-cluttering your mind which is direction no 1 to reach your destination of being able to cope up with stress at work.

By chance, if you do not come up with a solution, give yourself time and be patient in dealing with the phase. For all, you know, either things will get better in time or you will find an alternate to your problems in time.

2: Work A Way Out

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‘Where there is a will, there is a way’

Once you have chosen the right direction, go step by step in solving your problem. For instance, if you are stressed at work for not being able to reach your targets then figure out a plan on how to make your solutions workable.

In this context, say suppose your reason for being stressed at work is because you are not having the right knowledge because of which you are not able to deliver what is expected out of you. The solution to this would be, talking to your supervisor and letting him / her you need time to improve, getting in touch with the training team and getting yourself a refresher of the training and taking help from your colleagues who have a good grip over the subject.

Therefore, you will work a way out by taking your steps wisely and solving your problem.

3: Be Optimistic

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‘Let bygones be bygones’

One of the best ways to feel less stressed at work is to let go of what happened the previous day and start your new day with a new determination and a zeal to correct everything that did not go well the previous day.

No matter how bad the previous day ended, it does not necessarily have to continue to be a bad day the next day as well, be positive that you will deal with concerns a better way the next day. Start the next day with an optimistic attitude.

4: Take Breathers

Take Breathers
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You are not a robot and at some point of time during the entire day you need to take quick breathers in order to get regenerated rather than just staying seated on your seat and lacking at giving your best to work. When you sit in front of your system all day without blinking else where you would feel double pressurized at work and your focus tends to deteriorate which is bad in terms of your health as well as your productivity at work.

What you can do is, after every half an hour stand up and walk around your bay for a minute or so, treat yourself with a cup of coffee or tea, for two or three minutes look around and watch for trees or plants, it will help you feel fresh. However, go with anything that makes you feel good.

5: Use your Break Time Productively

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When you get a break at work. Apart from just having your meals you can do a lot more to feel at your best. Some of the ways that can help you use your breaks productively are :

  1. If you have a sport to play at your work place, try and have your meal quick and play a game for ten minutes.
  2. Go for a walk in the lawn of your office or go outside your office for a walk.
  3. If you like reading, give yourself about ten minutes to read something that interests you.

Likewise, pursue your hobby or give some time to an activity during your breaks so that when you go back to work, you are all set to do well for the rest of the day and you do not feel stressed the entire day.

6: Ensure to have the right conversations

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It is necessary to pay heed to what are the kind of discussions you are getting involved with at work . There are possibilities of getting into an unnecessary discussion which could spoil your peace of mind as well as the peace in your surroundings and this can lead to you feeling stressed at work.

Tips to have the right conversation in a professional environment

  • Do not make a statement unless you are not sure of the reality
  • Be a listener and observer, you do not have to speak always
  • Do not make your judgments based on incomplete facts and say anything abruptly
  • Think and then talk, be sensible on the words you choose

7: Be A Watch Dog On Your Habits

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Predominantly, being disorganized with your habits can be one of the reasons that adds on to the existing stress in your mind.

To make the long story short, it is essential to take enough rest so that you are active and do not get frustrated at work, it is important to eat healthy food at the right time so that stress does not trigger because of not eating or sleeping well.

8: Rest a while and run a mile

Rest a while and run a mile
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Studies suggest, exercising is one of the factors for being able to release stress by changing your mood and making you feel light. Try this out for a week, notice how you feel after you have started working out.

You will feel mentally relaxed and physically light. There will be a definite change in how you deal with stress as well. You will notice that you have attained peace of mind and your approach towards dealing with stress would be easier.

9: Relive good times

Relive good timesWhenever you are stressed and all low the best way to feel good is to think about times that have been great for you and relive those moments of achievement. It is one way to motivate yourself that you have that spark in you to over come this stressful situation at the moment.

10: Start with small goals

Start with small goalsIf you are stressed because you have a difficulty in achieving your targets at work, start with setting small goals. Here are few ways of setting goals

  • Do an easy task first and then get on to a tough task
  • Work on what interests you more and then get on to a task that is tough
  • Each day set achievable goals

When you take small steps and work towards your goals you would not feel the press

11: Do not exert yourself mentally

Do not exert yourself mentallyIt is okay if at the first go you are not able to achieve your goals. If not at once, the second time you might be able to achieve what you are striving for.

Do not feel let down and overload yourself with setting unrealistic targets just because you are failing to reach your targets that are small, when you try to take big steps there are chances of tripping over and losing the balance of yourself.

In this emerging world, whether a small one or a big one to be able to survive and balance the stress in our mind is not a doddle anymore for evitable or inevitable reasons.Be it for a man or a woman stress gets beyond control and everyone at some point in time experiences this feeling. Stress is a part and parcel of work life and it is essential to know how to cope up with it otherwise it can impact your over all health and well-being.

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