9 Comprehensive Tips To Grow Natural Hair – Follow These Tips and Take Pride In Having Natural Hair!

Comprehensive Tips
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For all of us who have natural hair, it often happens that we see our hair have the same length and there is hardly a change in its growth and we all want to know how to grow natural hair. There could be two reasons to why we are unable to recognize why is our hair not growing, either there is genuinely no improvement in the hair growth or either your hair is growing but the length is hid because the very nature of your natural hair is like a bushy nest.

Sometimes you must be thinking, is my natural hair normal and is there a possibility that it can grow like any other hair type? It is natural for this thought to swing by your mind and there is no big deal if your natural hair is different from the other types of hair, it still grows and gets damaged like the other hair types.

Let’s let that worry of how to grow natural hair vanish with the wind and you will get to witness the miraculous ways to grow your natural hair. In this article, you will get aware of effective and doable tips to grow you natural hair and it won’t be a hassle to go by these tips.

How To Grow Your Natural Hair

1. To get to your long hair, get into your hair

To get to your long hair
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First things first, one must always start following tips on any subject by deep diving from its base. The foundation has to be in place to make changes further. To work on how to grow natural hair , it is vital that one starts working on the hair roots first. Ensure that you keep your scalp clean and healthy for your hair to start growing naturally. You can try natural hair growth remedies to improvise the hair growth from your roots.

Some of the ways in which you can keep your scalp clean and promote hair growth is stated below:

  • When you wash your hair, see to it that you gently massage your scalp too so that all the dandruff or fungus on the scalp will get washed away
  • Apple cider-vinegar is a natural method you can adopt to rinse your scalp and clean it
  • Lemon juice can be used to wash out the dirt settled on your scalp, as it acts as a natural exfoliator for your hair it throws away all the dandruff
  • You can make a hair mask by mixing peppermint and avocado oil and apply it to your hair twice a week and wash it off with luke warm water.

Keep your scalp healthy and clean so that the base of your hair is made strong and nothing can stop your natural hair from growing.

2. Keep a Watch and Alter on Your Habits

Keep a watch and alter

At times, because of certain habits of ours its ill-effects show up on our health, when we tend to take our habits for granted our skin and hair is first targeted. Now, if you want to see how to grow natural hair

, start to follow good habits for your hair growth.

Here are those small things you can do to take those baby steps to correct your habits.

Keep a watch and alter
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correct your habits
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1.See to it that your eat adequate fruits and vegetables everyday. Everything healthy that we consume will leave us with something good in the body.

  • Eat nuts that have a good amount of zinc in them like, pine nut, pecan, almonds, peanuts, walnuts and hazel nuts
  • Fruits have vitamins and a high value of pottasium. If pottasium content in the body is less one can experience problems like hair fall, so ensure to keep the pottasium level balanced in the body. One must eat fruits like, banana, orange, cantaloupe, berries and grapefruit
  • If your body gets the right amount of folate, iron and vitamins. Folate promotes great hair growth and the vegetables that you can eat are, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, peas and cucumbers

2.There is a hormone called melatonin that regulates one’s sleep. One’s melatonin should be in the right quantity in your body, if it is less it can lead to hair loss. Ensure to get your sufficient hours of sleep so that the growth of your natural hair is sustained.

3. loads of water so that your natural hair grows better apart from just eating healthy foods that add to a better hair growth.

Do not wait for the right moment on how to grow natural hair. Start from today.

3. Effects of a good massage on your natural hair

Effects of a good massage
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Generically, if you massage your natural hair the right way it will grow in a span of three weeks. With the help of oil and while you are washing your hair, you can give your hair a good massage.

Do not use hair oil every day on your hair but you can use it twice a week, use oil such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil and almond oil . Dedicate at least ten minutes for your hair and gently massage each patch of your scalp so that your hair follicles are rejuvenated and this helps in a better hair growth.

4. Condition your natural hair

Condition your natural hair
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It is a plus point if you deep condition your natural hair. Some of the ways to do it are by using trusted hair sprays, serums and the right shampoos that work well on your natural hair.

Keep in mind that you use you use the serums, hair sprays and shampoo sensibly. If you condition your hair well the hair fall can be controlled and when hair fall is curbed it is a cake walk for natural hair to grow well. You can do this conditioning once a week to see good results.

Ensure that the shampoo or conditioners that you are using are sulphate free, you must use natural remedies for hair care first, then move to trying products for your hair if the natural treatment is not working well.

5. Opt to use hair masks to grow your natural hair long

There is magic in how ingredients have benefits for a good hair growth. Take a look at these videos to get better ideas on what hair masks to use that will stimulate a rapid hair growth specifically on your natural hair.

You will be able to practically see how to apply it and get to know how has it helped your natural hair.

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6. Choose To Workout

Choose To Workout
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Working out is a healthy option for your overall health for your skin, hair and body it regulates a better blood flow which in turn works good on your hair roots and scalp. A good workout will lead to increased hair growth of natural hair.

If you devote time to exercising you will not alone improve the health of your skin and hair but you will also get to keep your mind balanced.

Do not be conscious of your natural hair while exercising, just tie it up and leave it loose once you are done with your exercise, let the sweat dry.

Choose a place that is cooler while you go to exercise if issues like sweat is persistent and it is making your hair bad.

7. Find a way to moisturize your natural hair

Find a way to moisturize
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Treating your hair with hot oil treatments will help you deal with your dry hair. Moisturizing it regularly will shoot up the shine, strength and deal with all the split-ends in your hair. When all of this happens together it will lead to your natural hair grow longer.

Heating the oil and then using it on your scalp will cut down the breakage, shredding and make your scalp better. You can use Shea butter for sealing the ends of your hair, this way the moisture in your hair wont disappear, it will stay by for a longer time.

8. Trim your natural hair

When you trim your hair once in 3 months, all the dead hair and split-ends are getting chopped off which is seldom a barrier from letting your hair grow well. Trim the tips of the end of your hair that will create a scope for your hair to grow quick. This is a natural hair regimen that is known to all and a biggest secret for how to grow natural hair.

You can check out as to how can you trim your beautiful natural hair in this video.

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9. Sensibly Adopt To Styling

Sensibly Adopt To Styling
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This is a tip for natural hair care . No matter what hair type, your hair is prone to get damaged and there can be stress upon the roots which can lead to your hair getting thin too.

You will experience continuous hair loss as well as you will lose on the density of your hair and it will look bad.

Even if you are opting for styling methods such as using a hair braid, a crown, tieing up your hair tight, using an iron or curl. See to it that you do not over do it. If you over do it, you are stopping your natural hair from growing well.

Even if you are opting for styling
You have seen ways of how to grow natural hair

You have seen ways of how to grow natural hair and retain its length and strength. Sit back and notice the changes that you will see in your hair length. Hopefully, reading this article has helped you find a solution to grow your natural hair and now you can differentiate between how your hair was and how it is at the moment. Follow the simple tips and you will see changes happening.

you will see changes happening
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For further solutions on natural hair you can always tune into the you tubers who talk about natural hair.

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