What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Babe


In today’s scenario, romance has drifted its true essence as exploring love isn’t that easy. With the onset of internet lingo and slangs more than ever in our dialect, it is even more difficult to understand what a person tells. Their meaning and significance might be different from what we perceive. Specially when you are with a guy in a relationship, you may not always understand the hidden meanings of what they say. What does it mean when a guy calls you babe?

Suddenly out of nowhere he just started calling you babe, or he was always calling you babe but you didn’t know why. It’s not just the meaning or reference of this word now, for you need to assess your own relationship status with him, understand how he interacts with others and how does is specially talk with other girls when you are not around.

Also, beware of calling babe may mean he is just not bothered about any feelings, and he is all about having a fun time. Babe is a universal slang and can mean different for various people. Using babe may just mean he is just about fun and nothing more kind of.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Babe:

Everyone is different and you can’t understand unless you ask them why. Not every woman means fine when she says so, similarly, even men face the words they often use. But by and large, all men mean either of the few listed below when they call you babe.guy calls you babe

1. He has Special Feelings for You:

he may have just started calling you as babe, and never before he did this ever. Suddenly he may have started feeling special about you. That special may not necessarily be love as it can be infatuation or attraction. Don’t just take it too far as love. But yes if he has suddenly started calling you babe, you may have to look for other signs into how strongly he feels for you and does he feel just like a special friend or more

2. He Is Truly Attracted to You:

This one is a definite physical charm, he may not be in love with you. He is just in awe of your persona, he likes being with you and find you extremely attractive. He must be giving you more attention than ever. He may be just using it even unintentionally but he is attracted to you

3. He May Just be Using it as a Pet Name:

Sometimes men use babe as a pet word to address you. They may not mean anything, just how they address you with their own pet word. They may be affectionate and calling anyone babe for that matter. Even their sisters or other friends.

4. He is Flirting with You:

He may be flirting with you, by calling you, babe. Babe is used to flirt as most women blush when they are called babe. He may even like you to some extent here but he is too shy or its too early to express this feeling.

5. He May be Gauging Your Interest:

This may be his style of finding do you also feel the same way as he does. If you give a positive expression for his calling you babe that’s a sign you like him too. He may also be trying to tell you to think in the direction. And when he keeps repeating babe, again and again, you would also start showing interestHe may be gauging your interest

6. He Wants to Make you Feel Special:

Calling babe may be a way of showing how much they charm the time spent together. He wants you to know that how special you are to him. He may be using it to show how he admires you.

7. Babe is Just a Hassle Free Word:

Calling babe does not mean any commitment and just goes along for the moment. As babe for that matter is a simple word which may not mean more than a hookup. He doesn’t want you to think long term and just live in the moment.

8. He is Trying to Seek Attention:

Using babe will definitely fetch him your attention. So maybe he is doing it for the sake of attention. You will stop and listen the moment he calls you babe. Also, he can call you babe in a group too, just to split your attention and bring it on back to him

9. He is Just Trying to Look a Cool Guy:

Using cool language maybe his agenda, and nothing to do with your relation with him or feeling there. He is just trying to act a cool dude. He is not even aware probably that he is calling you babe, he is just using the words which he thinks will make him look cool.He is just trying to look a cool guy

10. He is a Lazy Boy:

he is just too lazy to find you a pet name. Even after dating for long if he doesn’t find you a specific pet name and keeps using babe its time to be alert. Babe is just a universal word for everything that a guy may wish to tell a girl. And may not necessarily mean anything too.

11. He is Just Testing You:

He needs to know how you feel when he calls you babe, so he is using it even more now. He may have some reasons like are you getting too serious too soon, or are you serious at all about your relationship. All of which can be assessed well if you understand your current relationship status.

12. He Keeps Forgetting Your Name:

There’s a slight chance that he has forgotten your name suddenly in the middle of the conversation and uses babe to just proceed. He may also use babe to refer you, as its easy to remember.

13. He is Just Showing Off:

Calling you babe with other friends may be just his way of showing off. He is trying to prove to his gang that he can call you anything he wishes or he is the one for you.

14. He is Totally Hitting on You:

He is hitting on you and you must take these clues now. He may be looking for a hookup or a relationship, but calling babe is just his way of hitting on you. Do not ignore when he calls you babe, explore further and find what he is up to.He is totally hitting on you

15. He is Feeling Possessive About You:

Suddenly he started feeling possessive about you. You may have known each other for long but suddenly he started getting possessive about you. And calling you babe makes him feel secure and safe, in your relationship.

16. He Calls Everyone Else also Babe:

Maybe this is his catch phrase. He calls everyone babe too. And this does not mean he is flirty, affectionate or in love with anyone. So keep checking if he calls everyone else also babe.

17. He Wants to Date You Seriously:

he may just be a casual friend up till, but now he wants to date you seriously. He is calling you babe to show how he is in dire lookout to date you. And based on your reaction he may ask you out soon.

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18. He Doesn’t Really Know You Yet:

He is calling you babe as he may not necessarily know you very well yet. He is just trying to call babe and do some ice breaking first.He doesn’t really know you yet

19. He is Trying to Impress or Make Someone Feel Jealous:

Maybe he likes someone else, and is calling you babe in front of the other female to just make her feel jealous.

20. He Gets Nervous When He is With You:

Maybe there are some feelings or no feeling but he does get nervous when he is with you. And out of jitter he blurts babe everytime. He may not mean anything but just uses babe to keep it simple.

21. He is Just Teasing You:

He may not mean anything but you react on the word babe so he is using it to tease you all the time. He is just a good friend and like friends he is teasing

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Some More Sure Signs That He is Serious About You When He Calls Babe:

serious about you There are some more signs you can look for when your guy suddenly starts calling you babe or has been calling you babe ever since you remember. Watch out for these signs as they mean he truly feels for you:

  1. He calls you babe and tries to hold your hand.
  2. He is constantly staring at you and when you get distracted he calls you babe to bring you back to the two of you
  3. He shows too much PDA and calling babe is a part of all the affection
  4. He smiles and feels proud when he calls you babe and you blush
  5. He tries to convince you by calling babe again and again
  6. He loves to spend time with you and calls you babe always
  7. He never calls you babe in public but when together he calls you babe this means he is truly serious about you
  8. He has always called you babe ever since you met, maybe he was attracted to you at first instance only
  9. He keeps asking you for a date again and again
  10. He cant hugs you everytime you meet or say Bye
  11. He keeps discussing future plans with you
  12. He gives you top priority
  13. He cares and is worried about you
  14. He tries to be your go to friend
  15. He keeps asking about you from others too
  16. He may have asked you some surprising questions about your career and marriage plans too
  17. He is happy when he is with you
  18. He shares his personal feelings with you too
  19. He never misses any opportunity to compliment you
  20. He tries to look at you all the time.

calling babeDo not believe it as a truly serious relationship when he calls you babe. He may just be acting or flirting with you. Give some time and become more observant, there may be other signs too. It is always good to have an open communication but too early sharing of personal feeling may also not be good. So keep checking for more and more signs.

The above compilation on What does it mean when a guy calls you babe, is to help you understand why a guy calls you babe and what does that infer. Also, other signs that he may show to prove he is truly in awe of you. There are many ways on how to tell if a guy likes you.

Be sure not to jump to any conclusion as this is too misleading, keep your head upright and stay observant in any relationship. Share ahead and keep writing to us, we love hearing from you!

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