Winter Hair Color Trends Which Are Killing It Everywhere

Winter hair color trends

When it comes to winter hair color, we always expect something bright and colorful to match the chilly breezy surroundings. This year is no different, for the style shifts in winter color trends are surely mesmerizing and it is amazing to see how winter hair color ideas are inspiring one and all. From Kim Kardashian’s icy locks

 to Megan Markle’s coffee shades, the hair color current trends are truly enchanting.

Winter hair color 2018 marks a special beginning with some really experimental and yet pleasing additions by our famous celebrities. Hot winter hair color trends from cinnamon to acid to ivory, all of these shades are killing it at each gathering already. And as we set the stage ablaze more colors and contrasts are expected to bring trendy winter hair colors in 2018.

Top 20 cool winter hair color trends which are truly endearing:

From warmest of blondes to iciest of platinum, from smokiest of browns to rosiest of gold; yes the new hair color trends winter is bringing us, are truly enchanting. Check Beyonce or Kim and you would know how their style transformation from fall to winter speaks highly of the importance of hair color. For the personal embodiment of style is not just the fashion or apparels you put on but everything from hair, makeup to accessories must be in sync with the season and reason around.

Top hair color trends in winter which are truly inspiring and amazing include:

1- Multidimensional blonde:

Multidimensional blonde

A very fall and winter appropriate blonde look with dimensions par excellence is what makes this look so stunning. Use gloss and create some wonderful lowlights and depths. Specially use the golden gloss to turn brighter and medium blondes a bit more golden with emphasis.

2- Soft and contrasting roots:

Soft and contrasting roots

Get blonde from brunette just like Selena, get soft brown roots and simple baby hair for that high tough of contrast and magic. This also makes the hair growth more simple and hassle free with darker shades coming on from roots

3- Caramel Ombre:

Caramel Ombre

Ombre is a trend which is here to stay and when we talk of winter hair color trends, this ombre blended with caramel is just the sexiest touch to your boring hair color. Use complementary colors and contrasting hues for mystic appeal. A seamless bronze melt from mid lengths and continues through the end for wonderful hues

4- Surfer streaks:

Surfer streaks

Pick a bright and warm hue for this winter hair color trend does not mean to stay for summer to get that streaky blonde pitch on hair. This multi dimensional style seen on many celebs is the pick for those with mid length hair in softer textures

5- Beige Blonde:

Beige Blonde

A yet another stunning flesh toned blonde shade is a superb transition from platinum to warm for winter. A platinum blonde is a perfect light shade to look stupendous this winter. This also gives a dramatic effect to match your skin tone perfectly

6- Honey Blonde:

Honey Blonde

Pick this in between shade from brunette to blonde and stay natural and yet stunning this winter. Get notched up to a more fall friendly blonde by going brighter and darker. Pick roots darker and ends brighter for the stunning peek-a-boo appeal

7- Peanut butter and jelly:

Peanut butter and jelly

Yes you read it right, this isn’t your favorite sandwich but the most natural and yet funky hair color trend for winters. Keep it simple natural and yet fun with this striking hair color trend. Some copper showing peanut butter and purple jelly to get that PBJ look right

8- Butterscotch brown:

Butterscotch brown

Terra cotta colored hair where burnt brown meets reddish pink undertone, in the most stunningly muted ways to keep the natural glow intact. Get lighter and yet appealing with natural burnt shades of medium auburn with this hot winter hair color trends this winter

9- Rose Gold:

Rose Gold

Hair color trends for winter are not just the blondes and browns, but rose gold too. Add a twinge of platinum and and let your hair ends show the rose pink color in as heavenly manner as possible for the stunning effects

10- Acid colors:

Brighten your hair color concoction with this rainbow hue to sweep your winter style. The neon, day glow or electric effects of the 70s and 80s is back and the special pink acid shades are already running high

11- Champagne red:

Champagne red

This champagne red shade is a step ahead of darker blondes for it keeps the sexy siren look alive and yet does not add too much color to your natural hair shades. Mixed copper and strawberry along with some funky strands is what makes this winter hair color a popular pick

12- Deep brown:

Deep brown

Deep brown and red accents is just a darker auburn with a hint of red at the strands. This dark brown shade is the most natural and yet stunning winter hair color pick. This is a sure pick among winter hair color for blondes

13- Violet:


Fancy colors for this winter are truly a mesmerizing trend, deep bluish color with purple spots in between is simple and easy without the hassles of lightening your hair with bleach first

14- Rich copper:

Rich copper

For all those divas already stunning with red hair this copper tinge would bring you the most naturally pleasing and rich shades this winter. Make a simple dark to light effect and keep the hair roots deeper and the lose strands falling out with bright shimmer

15- Dark Mahogany:

Dark Mahogany

Get set on going darker with this slightly subversive shade of ultra-dark chocolate mauve. Pick for vibrancy with plum undertones and match your winter moods

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