13 Most Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast

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It is said that as soon as you wake up, there are certain things that you must do in order to have a great day. And skipping breakfast is not one of them. Not only is breakfast the first meal of the day, it is also one of the most important meals of the day as the metabolism gets kick started right in the morning, and it is completely up to us whether we want it to star the right way or not.

But more often than not, the tumultuous demands of the beginning of the day may make us believe that breakfast is not a priority. The rush, the frenzy, so we might just settle with eating something in the later hours or skipping breakfast altogether. This is not only unhealthy in various ways, it also tends to put you at the risk of obesity.

The Effects of Skipping Breakfast

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No matter how busy our lives are, it is important that we take care of our bodies, be cause this is what that actually helps us get through out the day, if we do not have a healthy systems, and a healthy way of nourishing ourselves, there is no way that any actual work will ever get done.

The reason why people place so much emphasis on breakfast is because at the beginning of the day it is important that we can get the necessary nutrients so that we can ably function throughout the day.

Though meals that are full of adequate nutrients should be distributed throughout the day, it is equally important for us to remember that getting some fiber and protein is the beat way of ensuring that our day starts on a healthy note.

Here are the following ways in which skipping breakfast can affect us:

1. Your blood sugar will drop

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It has been proved time and again that eating breakfast helps restore glycogen and stabilizes levels of insulin. This is especially important right in the morning as we have been fasting all night long, our body may experience a kind of hunger that must be taken care of immediately. We should not ignore our body’s glucose demands as this will lead to more fatigue, exhaustion, hunger and irritable. These hunger pangs are mostly known as being hangry, and it is a real thing. Low blood sugar levels were never a good thing, and that is the sure shot way of ensuring that you stay in a low energy bad mood throughout out the day.

2. It might lead to obesity

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One of the biggest reasons why people mostly skip breakfast is because they are either in a hurry or not hungry in those early hours of the morning, now it is especially important for one to break the fast in the morning because if you ignore this meal, later during the day you will get hungrier and will end up having larger meals that are either loaded with sugar or fat-all this in the name of cravings. This will eventually lead to weight gain as the higher the hunger levels, the more food you will end up consuming which can really affect your weight.

3. Your metabolism will slow down


When the body does not get food for a long period of time it starts storing as many calories as possible it next consumes any food so that if there is a possibility of starvation in the near future, it is at least prepared. The glucose which is stored in one’s muscles are a backup source of fuel, and in times of dearth of food even these are utilized,which means that your muscles waste away. Eating breakfast actually activate the thermogenesis process which in turn stimulates the metabolism, so one can only imagine effects of not having this significant meal in the morning.

4. Brain function might get affected’


We all understand the importance of having a good meal so that we can focus on the activities of the day with lots of energy. Not only do we need energy for physical activities but also for brain activities and this will not be possible if we do not provide it with the adequate nourishment right in the morning. If we deprive our brains of the glucose that is required to create energy, right in the mornings and then starve it, there are chances that we will not be able to focus on our chores or tasks properly. This is why it is said that skipping breakfast over a period of time may affect your cognitive functioning.

5. You may also lose your hair

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Surprising right? But it is completely possible that skipping breakfast may lead to loss of hair in some individuals. If you notice that you are losing a lot of hair then check if you have been eating enough protein or skipping breakfast because this may adversely effect your keratin levels and this will obviously lead to unavoidable hair loss.it is important that your hair follicles are stimulated and for hair growth, there are certain levels of keratin that have to be maintained. And if you miss out on the proteins required for this very purpose your hair will not get the necessary nourishment it deserves to promote healthy hair growth.

6. It will also increase your cravings


If you miss your breakfast in the morning, chances are that the hustle bustle of the day made you forget about the food, but sooner or later the hunger pangs will arise, and the intensity f that will make you turn to more fatty and sugary foods in the name of cravings, this usually happens the way we mentioned it before.The urgency and low blood sugar levels that strike later during the day will make you eat the next unhealthy thing to make the pangs go away. These craving if were entertained over a period of time will lead to the formation of bad habits, which is another battle altogether. It is okay to give in to cravings once in a while, but having a healthy breakfast is a habit that should not be messed with.

7. It Will Definitely Affect Your Mood


We have already talked about being hangry, not only will skipping breakfast make you more grumpy but studies show that it might actually increase your stress levels too. We all understand how hectic our lives can be, do we really need another added source of stress along with low blood sugar levels. In order to do anything successfully, the first and the foremost step is to be mentally and physically healthy, for this not only do you need to have the right body but also the right frame of mind and skipping breakfast in the morning is not a step in the right direction. In order to ensure that you are at your best, make sure that you eat the necessary proteins and fiber to be at the top of your game.

8. Increases the risk for diabetes

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There is a reason that women who skip breakfast more often are most likely to develop type 2 Diabetes over a period of time, almost 20 percent more. Our bodies have to be fed constantly and properly as the energy and nutrients we get from this food is required to to maintain healthy levels of blood lipids such as cholesterol, hormones such as insulin, and normal blood pressure. If we do not break the fast in the mornings, this will put unnecessary strain on your body and may lead to glucose resistance which can never be a good things., often , this is what leads to development of type 2 diabetes. In some cases even one’s blood pressure might get affected.

9. Increases the risk for heart diseases


If you happen to make skipping breakfast a more regular phenomenon there is a chance that you might be putting your heart at risk including conditions such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. Not eating breakfast makes you 27 percent more susceptible to heart problems.not eating breakfast can clog the arteries, lead to the development of chronic cardiovascular health issues as well as stroke and increase blood sugar levels. This direct relation wit the arteries can be a major cause of concern if no immediate lifestyle changes are made!

10. May also lead to migraines


Skipping meals has always been associated with aggravating migraines and it is true , if you tend to deprive your body of the required fuel, your headaches can worsen to a level unimaginable. This usually occurs if you skip regular meals .what happens is that blood-glucose levels end up falling too low. Then this ends up triggering the release of hormones that can compensate for the low glucose levels. After this the blood pressure levels also increase, which then leads to migraines and headaches. Fasting, eating high-sugar foods, dieting too

11. May also also put you at Cancer Risk

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Skipping breakfast is one of the everyday things that can lead to cancer as what happens is that the natural metabolic process is disturbed and this can never be a good sign.on waking up in the morning after a night of slumber, there is gastric secretion in morning which stops only after we eat something healthy. If we don’t do that and skip breakfast the secretions continue and this can be extremely harmful for the stomach. Even gall bladder cancer can occur, it is just one of the side effects of skipping breakfast and disrupting the natural system of the body.

12. May actually worsen your hangover


Another major drawback if skipping breakfast is also that it will make your hangover even severe. The aftereffects of a night full of alcohol consumption can be made much better if you consume a breakfast that is rich in folate, iron , minerals and vitamins, if you deprive your body of that there is a full chance that natural order will most definitely be disturbed. To keep up the energy levels and avoid nausea and vomiting, it is advised that you have a well balanced and healthy breakfast the next morning. This will also keep your blood sugar and energy levels in check and boost your mood to be able to function properly throughout the day.

13. Will affect your menstruation cycle


One of the biggest drawbacks of skipping breakfast is that it might adversely affect your monthly cycle as it leads to irregular menstrual cycle and increase the incidence of dysmenorrhea, oligmenorrhea, premenstrual pain, anorexia and premenstrual cramps. The dietary habits of women should be aligned to attain optimum health, and skipping breakfast strips you off this right in the morning and can definitely worsen the situation., this is not just cramps but the extent till which what you eat or rather not eat, can bring about significant change sin your system.

The Breakfast Equilibrium


Think of it this way, there are certain demands that our body has, and we as functioning adults should be able to fulfill them. Because this will actually benefit us. This is about our well being and monitoring our activities and the food we put in is completely our responsibility. To be able to go through life healthily , we must do our bit. And beneficial habits such as getting enough sleep, and eating goof food and exercising- are our friends! Things that will make our lives much more wholesome and easier.

And if nothing else, a hearty breakfast in the morning could just set the tine for the rest of the day, now it is upto you- how do you want your day to be?

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