Top 19 Powerful And Interesting Valentine’s Day Facts Which We Must Know

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Come February and here we are, thinking about the way we would celebrate this valentine’s day with our beloved. But wait! Have you read these interesting valentine’s day facts yet? If not, then why not reading them here; as these interesting facts about valentine’s day are sure to charm you, surprise you and even to some extent shock you. So get set for a roller coaster down the Valentine’s day celebration path. How this day came into existence and why is it celebrated the way it is, why some groups do not like this celebration and why for some it is the most special day.

So lets make this year’s sweet nothings even more enchanting with some stunning facts from valentine’s day mention. Not all of these facts as some of them are weird too only the lovely facts about valentine’s day which would add more fun to your celebration with your beloved

Interesting Valentine’s Day Facts We Must Know About:

From the Roman times to the British traditions valentine’s day has so many interesting stories attached with it, that reading about their gripping details becomes so interesting for us. And not just the sweet nothings but the brutal and the barbaric too, which comes in as a historical fact associated with the advent of Valentine’s day. Check out some fun facts about valentine’s day here:

1- Valentine’s day is celebrated on Feb 14th in remembrance of Saint Valentine who is the patron and saint of all lovers around the world. But Feb 14th is the day when he was martyred for supporting the men in Claudius’s kingdom to marry. Roman emperor Claudius prohibited marriage and love for men as it deviated them from their path so he ordered the killing of Saint Valentine

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2- The phrase ‘wear your heart on your sleeves’ has a literal relevance to it. Historically in the kingdom of Roman king Claudius marriage was deemed illegal. For Claudius considered that men who were unattached were better soldiers thus he encouraged temporary coupling so the draw with names of women came into being. Men would draw the name for the festival, and that name stayed on their sleeves for the rest of the days of this festival which stated that women is his partner for the time.

3- In the earlier times, it was believed that if you were single you would end up marrying the first single person from opposite sex on this day of the year which is the Valentine’s day.

4- Chocolate is shared and gifted on Valentine’s day not just for its taste but it was considered to be Casanova’s favorite dessert. Casanova is known as a womanizer and had complicated affairs with them.

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5- Why red roses on valentine’s day; well! If scripts are to be believed, Goddess Venus favored red roses above other flowers and also red symbolizes love and passion.

6- Around 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged in just US every year on Feb 14th.

7- Average spending by a man on Valentine’s day is around $120 and men spend twice as much as woman on this day, for gifts. Average men spends $156 while an average women spends $80 only.

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8- Around Valentine’s day, prices of long stemmed roses spurts around 30-50% more than their regular prices and can even go upto $75 and more

9- Condom sales are highest around Valentine’s day, approximately 30-40% more than usual. Also more pregnancy testers for home are sold in the month of March than any other month.

10- Between 3-5% pet owners give gifts to their pets on Valentine’s day.

11- The symbol XOXO dates back to the medieval times when they came into being. An X was placed on enveloped, notes and at the bottom of letters to mean kisses. It signified honesty, love and faith. So symbol XOXO relates to kisses and hugs, where X is standing for kisses and O is hugs. X symbol looks like puckered up lips and when it is paired with O they look like embracing a kiss on the face.

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12- Around 75 % men and 25% women buy flowers and of those 15% women buy flowers for themselves.

13- Teachers receive the most Valentine’s day cards followed by children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets

14- Around 2.5 million proposals are given on Valentine’s day each year

15- Why did the phrase playing cupid come into existence. Cupid is the great creator of lovers in the entire universe, he is the son of Venus who is the goddess of beauty and love. Cupid is almost a mini-god of love. Cupid is a little boy with wings and bow & arrow, when we say play cupid about someone it implies they are bringing two people together to start a romantic relationship.

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16- Number of roses in a bouquet on Valentine’s day signifies something too. Giving two roses means you are apologizing, 12 roses are for marriage proposals and 36 roses imply true love and the crazy 101 roses bouquet implies craziest love ever.

17- Erotic gifts also see a rise in their sales. Around 1 sex toy is sold every minute in the first 13 days of February.

18- The world record for largest group kissing was made on Valentine’s day in Mexico in 2010 with over 40000 people participating.

19- Feb 14th 1929 is known for its Valentine’s day massacre for the shooting of 7 Chicago gangsters.

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Stellar valentine’s day celebrations from around the world:

Every country has their own specifics of celebrating a day of love, while many nations have their own specific dates when they celebrate love, but Valentine’s day continues to be a very important and romantic festival. Check out some popular ways nations around the world celebrate valentine’s day:

1- France:

France is actually the real world capital of love and Valentine’s day. Historically the celebration was barbaric and would encapsulate lust over love. “Loterie d’amour’ or “drawing for love”, as they called it, would mean single men would fill houses with women. And men will then pick their match for the day.

2- Italy:

Italians celebrate this awesome day of love with spring festivity. From enjoying music, poetry and exchanging gifts to kisses it is all what we can dream of for love. There are also some old traditions which state the first man a woman sees actually married her later.

3- Germany:

Lovers in Germany are not the usual orthodox of conventional, they gift Pigs in addition to chocolates, flowers, cards and more. Pig in German culture represents love and lust and from figures of pig to pig shaped chocolates and cards anything can be given.

4- China:

Chinese are known to have celebrated this day differently in past, but now they have come to make it almost fit in the way Western world does. Their day for celebrating love falls officially the night of seven or the seventh day of seventh lunar month. Traditionally lovers would get a chance to see each other only on one day, and women pray to find good husband’s on this day

5- USA:

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Valentine’s day is an extremely popular festival in the US. People observe a holiday to honor St Valentine and his sacrifice. People express gratitude and love for teachers, parents, spouses, beloved, partner and even friends. Thus Valentine’s day has come out as 2nd major card giving and gift sharing festival in the US next only to Christmas.

The above facts are not just weird but interesting too, while some of us just love the idea of celebrating Valentine’s day with our beloved and family for others it is more about the customs and rituals. The Valentine’s day facts compilation is a tribute to this auspicious day where love shines and smiles above everything else, no matter how old or young you are.

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