Things You Need To Know When You Plan To Fly With Your Pet

fly with your pet
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There are so many pet parents who wish to carry their furry babies along with them while travelling. And all of this is not simple, while there are laws and rules that govern flying with your pet but everything can get messy for ample cases are recorded of pets gone missing while air travel. Even if you are all set to fly with your pet, there are some very significant tips and pointers you must read through to ensure your pet baby is not lost or misled in a plane. Even our luggage goes missing all the time, and some even find a due northbound stuff found at an airline due south which had absolutely no relation to your itinerary. So check out some tips before flying with your pet rather than being at London and finding your pooch at Australia.

Things you need to know if you are going to fly with a pet:

Planning to travel across cities or countries, and thinking about taking your pet too; well this can be challenging. Not all pets are permitted in a cabin and not many make it through the pet cargo

 easily. While all airlines have different rules that govern pet travel and before you buy your tickets, just look at a few of those policies to decide which one is a better pick for you and your pet. Also look at some important points you must note before flying with your pet:

1- First and foremost check airline rules to fly with a pet:

First and foremost check airline rules
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Many airlines have their own pet travel programs like United has its Petsafe, Jet Blue has it’s JetPaws and many other like Delta and American Airlines too. There is a fee collected for the pet travel and it can range from a few dollars to even $500 or more. Check the policies for ease and comfort of your pet baby, and do not weigh in the cost much for what price can be put for love. You must not go for cheaper options when it comes to life and health of your pet baby.

2- Communicate When You Purchase the Airline Tickets:

Communicate when you purchase
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You must inform before hand to the agent or airline staff while booking your tickets, for airlines never ask if you plan to carry your pets too. You need to be clear and upfront about the travel plans and how you wish for your pet to travel along

3- Prefer Cabin Allowance for a Pet:

Prefer cabin allowance for pet
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If the airline permits and your pet falls in the size category meeting cabin travel, pick this option as it is safer than most others. Also, you are sure to not miss your pet in all the airline transfers as they are just by your side all through the travel hours. Many people have lost or found their pets dead in air travel so carrying the pets in cabin is always a safer bet.

4- Read about Federal rules and regulations:

Read about Federal rules and regulations
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You must have all the details read and adhered to, when it comes to pet travel policy. The Federal guidelines will help you plan it all well in advance and also not to miss on anything significant. Federal laws state that any dog traveling by air must be at least 8 weeks of age and be fully weaned 5 days prior to flight. Similarly for cats and birds too, there are strict regulations.

5- Bring a Health Certificate Along:

Bring a health certificate along
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Be sure to get your pet checked at a Vet. Also carry a health certificate at all times during your air travel with your pet. And check with the airline if they wish for certain vaccinations to be taken before boarding the flight.

6- Pick a pet friendly carrier if you have all cleared it for cabin travel:

Pick a pet friendly carrier
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Pets generally get fussy if they are put in carrier for too long. So pick a pet carrier which looks comfortable and gives ample room to your pet. Also be sure to get the pet habituated to the carrier by putting it in there for a few hours at least a week ahead of travel

7- Pack all the pet necessities along:

Pack all the pet necessities along
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All the pet necessities like food, toys and non spill water container must be packed to be carried along with your pet. Also bring in a few extra items for keeping your pet busy on the flight. Be prepared for travel anxiety as pets do have it and they can get cranky too

8- Take your pet for a long walk just before leaving in flight:

Take your pet for a long walk
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This will help the pet in taking at least a few hours nap as soon as the flight takes off. This also ensure less fussy pets and easier on the fellow passengers too, since the pet has no energy left for all the tantrums. And curling up in the carrier for the long hours will get easier post a long refreshing walk

9- Be sure to give your pet adequate water for entire travel duration:

Be sure to give your pet adequate water
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Do not let your pet dehydrate and do not give a lot of water or fluids. Simple tricks that work here are offer ice cubes to the pets, which keeps them busy for a while and also prevents them from getting dehydrated.

10- Never Allow Your Pet to Roam Around at the Airport:

Never allow your pet to roam
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Except for the security check, you must not let your pet out at the airport. Many airports have strict laws and they do not allow pets except in a pet carrier. Only time when the pet needs to come out is, when the carrier needs to pass through the conveyor belt for check and they are to walk past the security line.

11- Check for Pet Relief Stations to Lighten the Pets:

Check for pet relief stations
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Many airports have a specific designated area for pet relief, it may not be a large space but just some fake grass adequate enough for the pet to pee quickly. It is always better to ease your pet just before boarding the flight.

12- Use sedatives only when there is no other option left:

Use sedatives only when there
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Sedatives are generally not recommended for a domestic flight with pets. But for a long haul flight when the pet gets severely uneasy you need to give them recommended dose of sedatives. Only for those pets who are nervous and fussy strictly under Vet prescribed guidelines. Sedatives may also have reactions like breathlessness and unsteadiness, so make sure to resort to this option only when nothing else seems to work

13- Stop Feeding at least 3-5 Hours Prior to Travel:

Stop feeding at least 3-5 hours
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You must stop giving food and water to your pets at least 6 hours prior to take off. This is to prevent any unpleasant incident of vomit, defecation or urination in the crete. Check with your Vet before stopping the food, for each pet has their own strength and we do not want them to suffer Hypoglycemia.

14- For the Pets Who are Sick, Air Travel Can Be Risky:

For the pets who are sick
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Many pets who are obese, old or already having any health condition, air travel can worsen it. So be sure to get your Vet’s approval and do not take any chances. Pick better travel options like renting a car or traveling by Amtrak or Greyhound. Some even pick charter lifted pet travel for long duration transfers. Do not put the life of your pet hanging out just for the sake of an international trip, proceed only if it is that necessary

15- Just sit back and relax:

Just sit back and relax
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For shipping through airline, your pet will proceed along with airline staff, all you can do is sit back and relax. You have done everything your could possibly do for making air travel easier and smooth for your pet. No point in stressing out now, just relax and be patient. You really can not do anything now


Owning pets is not just relaxing but also amazing for your heart health too. Traveling with pets can be challenging and you must read through all the rules and policies that govern details when you fly with your pet. Get health check ups done by a Vet and pick the most feasible option to ship your pet, in utmost health and wellness.

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