Some Mistakes That Pet Owners Make Which Are Too Risky

Mistakes that pet owners make

Being a pet parent guarantees happiness and health. But what if you just fell in love for that moment and forgot how important it is to take care of your furry baby. Check out some mistakes that pet owners make which can become too risky. Most often bringing a cuddly cute pet is just not well thought about the decision.

In an impulse, you thought about a furry creature and you just went ahead to bring it home. And then comes a time when the feeling sinks in, that you are a pet parent; irritability and monotony starts creeping in which takes over the love that you carried when you picked your furry baby.

Then you begin carrying some of the daily pet tasks like a burden which in the long run would impact you and your pet and the happy times you shared. So hang on to your new dog owner guide and follow all new dop tips to enjoy a healthy and joyous pet- parent bond.

pet parent guarantees happiness

Check out some risky mistakes pet owners do:

While being easy and fun is just the right way to keep your pet healthy and happy, but that does not mean you spoil that cute little fellow badly. Check out new dog owner guide and pick some doable tips for new dog owners for they will help you not make these risky pet parent mistakes:

1- No rules at the house:

Rule does not necessarily imply discipline or strict curriculum. If you unleash your furry baby at home and there are no rules at all for eating playing or excreting you; then this is a serious pet owner mistake you are doing.

2- Punishing them for every small thing:

Punitive ways may not very appealing for the pets and beginning with punishments for every small issue can be risky pet mistake. You are not letting your canine understand the rules and then you are making it a big deal. Allow some time for the pet to first settle in and then slowly progress with explaining and training him on the rules.

3- Not training your furry baby for he is too cute and too young:

Pet babies may always seem too cuddly and cute, this makes you not train them even when it is needed badly. If you forego the part of training then you must forget the discipline part along with happiness. Without training the pet you can not expect it to do the things it must actually be doing.

baby for he is too cute and too young

4- Do not let your baby get away with it all:

No, when he jumps off and falls on a family member, it is not right. And you just can’t let him go away with it. He is not that young, and this can not continue if you wish for health and happiness of entire family including the cuddly new addition

5- Do not keep your pet away from socializing:

Not every dog is fond of socializing and not every dog can stay away from others, so you need to figure out how your dog wants to socialize. Give them positive experiences with other dogs and take them to a dog park regularly. Figure out what they like more and continue with it every day

6- Not letting them earn their food:

Do not just offer food to your furry babies without having them to work for it. No its not being cruel but making your baby understand the importance of food and your orders. Make them sit or stand for the food or bring you a ball for the bite

7- Do not overfeed them:

Dogs nutrition must be limited to the prescribed quantity. Just because you love your furry baby do not overfeed them. Specially the treats, you can not just give treats for everything. You have to maintain their health and fitness too

Do not overfeed them

8- Do not let your dog walk you:

Make the pet learn what obedience is. And do not let it take charge of everything. You must have full control and specially when you are out

9- Do not overlook the hygiene and cleanliness of your pet:

Ticks and nits must be cleaned, dog must be given bath and it should be kept clean no matter what. You can not have an unhygienic pet at home, it not just affects the pet’s health but also of the people who stay along.

10- Do not skip any vaccination:

Pet vaccination or medicines must not be skipped at it may affect the health of your baby and your family too. Stay up on all medications and vaccines.

11- Do not force the pet to eat food you like or prefer:

If you are a vegan or vegetarian you can not expect your dog to be one, they have their own needs for nutrition and you must follow it.

Do not force the pet to eat food you like

12- Do not make your pet a couch potato:

Physical fitness and activity is extremely important for everyone including the pet. So do not skip any activity, and daily take them out for a walk no matter what weather it is

13- Do not ignore your pets:

Initially, you may give excess attention and then suddenly it all comes down to normal routine activity eventually you begin ignoring your pet. Do not ignore as these pets become irritable and fussy as they can sense that they are being ignored. Play with them and spend time with them

14- Do not leave the pets when they are with other pets:

They need supervision and don’t just leave them with other pets. Like every child, every dog is different, just try and understand their tolerance and how they will react to a certain thing. Specially in the first few months of you bring them home

15- Do not leave your pet alone for too long:

Pets do have separation anxiety and it affects their well being. So do not leave them in a crate or laundry room for 10-12 hours in a day. Doggie daycare or a canine companion can solve your problems if you have a work day beyond 7-8 hours.

16- Understand pets also have accidents:

Do not scold your baby for accidents. They are just learning and training them may take a while. So stop pushing and punishing them and begin understanding them for happiness and health

17- Do not give food that you eat to your pets:

Specially the candies and sweets you eat are not for your pets. Many pets may have allergic reaction to the food items which are not recommended for them. So do not indulge in any such thing

Do not give food that you eat to your pets

18- Do not offer spoiled or leftover food to your pets:

Pets are not a trash can and your leftover or spoiled food is not for them. Dogs who eat bad food may get food poisoning and damage their pancreas. This can be too risky

19- You do not have a disaster plan in case of emergencies:

For a tornado, hurricane or a storm, you must have your pet disaster time plan in place. Keep a note on pet friendly shelters in your area and check the local red cross if they accept pets in emergencies.

disaster plan in case of emergencies

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