How To Lose Arm Fat With These Amazing Exercises

how to lose arm fat
Wearing off shoulder outfits or halter neck is most important style pick for summer. But it can be challenging for people with fat arms. Bulging and plump arms despite all your efforts at gym and diet make it embarrassing and at the same time leave you craving for those haute couture outfits.
Don’t worry we have you covered here with some amazing and miraculous tips on how to lose arm fat and how to slim arms for perfect 10 shape. Despite your appealing figure and attractive face, flabby arms mar your physical appearance.

Causes of Arm Fat:

How to get rid of arms fat, and how to slim arms down can only be progressed ahead if we know the causes that have lead up to fat arms.
  • Accumulation of excess fat around arm area causes fat and flabby arms.
  • Also growing age causes the arms to get plump as after 20 our body tends to store more fats in various parts and specially lean muscles start to decrease. So fat accumulation overtakes the lean muscles in those areas specially the arms.
  • Decreased metabolism is also major cause of fat arms. With age our body’s metabolism rate decreases that means it sheds fewer calories than consumed. This causes fat deposition and specially in areas around arms and thighs.
  • Poor lifestyle choices also lead up to fat arms, eating more sugary foods, fried foods and gorging on junk makes it increasingly prominent even in pre-teens
  • Lack of physical activities also add up to fat arms.

Best Ways to Lose Arm Fat Quickly:

How to lose weight in your arms by controlling and improving the lifestyle is an important question. There are ample strategies that would help in reducing arm fat. How to lose arm fat at home by simple lifestyle changes are:
1. Avoid fats and carbohydrates completely:
Do not consume fat rich foods and high in starch foods. These eadd up to unnecessary calories in our body.
2. Substitute bad calories with good calories in the form of healthy carbs and necessary fats which do not get accumulated under skin
3. Allow more green foods like fruits and vegetables. The more of fresh produce in your diet the better is metabolism and digestion.
4. Proceed with a fitness regime which includes more of strength and workouts. Adopt Zumba, barre and pilate workouts
5. Take proper sleep, do you know the highest rate of metabolism in our body is when we sleep. So let the calories burn and keep yourself stress free.

How to lose weight in your arms by doing exercises at gym:

doing exercises at gym

Ways to reduce art fat at gym are simpler in terms you just need to find time and proceed at the gym. There are some amazing workouts which can help in quicker arm fat reduction. These include:

1- Biceps curl:

  1. Hold a weight in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Let your palms face forward.
  3. Bend your elbows bringing your lower arms towards shoulders.
  4. Now lower your arms slowly back with utmost control.

2- Resistance band biceps curl:

  1. Place your arms on resistance band
  2. With arms down grab the ends of exercise band with your hands holding it out
  3. The resistance bands should have ample tension
  4. Curl your arms up towards your shoulders such that you are pulling the resistance bands
  5. Lower the arms slowly in a controlled way

3- Alternating hammer curls:

  1. Hold a weight in each hand with feet shoulder width apart
  2. Keeping your arms slightly bent and palms of your hands facing inwards towards your body
  3. Gently bring your right arm towards your shoulder
  4. Slowly lower the weight back down
  5. Repeat with other arm

4- Dips:

  1. Sit on a bench with arms on bench and legs straightened on ground
  2. Now lift your bottom off the bench applying pressure on arms and hands
  3. Sit down and rise up, continue for 10 times

5- Seated overhead triceps extension:

  1. Sit of a stability ball
  2. Extend your arms up to the ceiling
  3. Bend your elbows blinding the dumbbell in hands behind your head
  4. Straighten your arms again bringing dumbbell back towards ceiling

6- Cross body:

  1. Allow warm up and warm down using cross body trainer or elliptical.
  2. Just begin with slow speed and continue up to high speeds giving traction to arms and legs

7- Swimming:

Swimming is a great way for losing arms fat, and specially lap swim. Begin with 15 20 minutes and proceed ahead accordingly.
These above arms exercises at gym require you to stay regular and focussed. At least 4 hours a week at gym is needed to get favorable results.

How to Lose Arm Fat at Home with Exercises:

lose arm fat at home with exercises
Exercises to lose arm fat can also be proceeded at home, a little focus on the time and here you go. The results can be amazing and it can also save some time you spend on reaching gym. How to slim down arm fat and lose arm fat naturally by following the below:

1- Push ups:

Allow more and more time for push ups in a day. Even if you have a few minutes begin push ups. Lie down with face downward. Now put your hands on the ground just outside the shoulder line. Spread legs over shoulder width and allow all weight of body on palms and toes. Now push up your body weight and hold then push down try to touch ground with your chin or forehead

2- Triceps dips:

  1. Have a chair and sit with hands on chair and legs stretched out
  2. Now put all weight on your hands and rise up
  3. Allow a few seconds and again come down in starting position.
  4. The whole body weight gets on the triceps and they would tone down

3- Counter push-ups:

  1. This is exactly same like normal push ups but here we need a platform or table for elevation
  2. Keep hands on the elevation
  3. Put legs together
  4. Allow all weight on hands and toes
  5. Now begin push ups
  6. Try to touch the table or elevation with your chin

4- Wrist rotation:

This is a simple exercise and can be done doing sedentary activities like watching TV too. Just begin rotating the wrists first in clockwise then anti-clockwise motions. Now add weights by holding a water bottle on both hands and begin rotations

5- Scissors:

  1. Stand straight with feet one meter apart
  2. Stretch out the arms parallel to ground in the shoulder height
  3. Now bring both the arms and legs in cross position overlapping one arm on other and one leg on other such that they for a scissor
  4. Continue with strength and speed at least 20 times a day

How to lose arm fat fast with some lifestyle changes:

Ever wondered how to lose arm fat in a week, well there are some cardio and strength exercise which can enable that, but the results may not be drastic. Some of the yoga asanas can help you lose arm fat without exercises too. But everything comes back to one simple rule of thumb; refrain from some health deteriorating lifestyle choice. These tips to reduce arms fat naturally include:
  1. Eat smaller portions in a meal, spread out the number of meals and don’t consume too much in one meal.
  2. Eat breakfast like a kind and dinner like a popper, well this saying is true to its name and proceed with the same always
  3. Green tea helps in improving and enriching metabolism so include in your diet
  4. Adopt cardio in daily workout
  5. Walk more and use stairs instead of elevator
  6. Drink plenty of fluids
Lose arm fat without exercises by adopting these healthy lifestyle changes. Share ahead and keep writing us, we love hearing from you!

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