How to save your relationship from crisis

how to save your relationship

A good relationship is like a blossom in the garden, like a dew drop on the leaf, like a pearl in the ocean. It is hard to find and harder to keep. Relationship is sharing yourself with someone so special and dear that you feel the heart skip a beat when together. It takes time to build lasting relationship. Therefore, it is of utmost value to learn how to save your relationship from crisis. Relationships also follow a life cycle. It begins with infatuation, then love, then possessiveness and monotony and sometimes crisis.

A strong relationship is not based on how well you appreciate each other’s greatness, but it is about how forgiving and accepting you are. Every relationship is based on mutual admiration and trust. Sometimes the trust fails to comply with the inadvertent and sometimes the admiration is lost in the routine life.

Important Tips On How To Save Your Relationship From Crisis

1- Give space to each other

Give space to each other

Most relationships are short lived because of the suffocation they bring to people. Therefore, it is necessary to give space to each other. This doesn’t mean ignore each other, but respect each other’s like’s, dislikes and choices. Let the partner take their own decisions.

2- Have faith and trust in each other

Have faith and trustRelationships are built on trust and it is important to have faith in each other. It is important to keep the trust building on.

3- Love indefinitely

Love indefinitelyLove is not just a feeling or an emotion. It is way beyond what words can express. Love is not the moment or the person; it is staying together till eternity. Love develops stronger each moment each day and to keep the relationship safe from crisis show love and affection. Expressing love may not be same for everyone, but for a relationship, after sometime it is important to show your emotions. Expressing love is not about expensive gifts or exotic vacation, but about sharing intimate moments with each other. About holding hands, about hugging hard and keeping the passion alive

4- Be patient

Be patientAny relationship would need patients foremost. Patience to accept each other’s flaws and not react in the moment. Patience to think on every aspect before concluding anything.

“Patience is a virture, not everyone possess but those who keep it, have the best of everything coming their way”

5- Forgive often

Forgive oftenForgive each other more often as relationships confront us with situations we tend to lose our temper. It is important to value the relationship more than your ego. Trivial issues sometimes take toll on relationships, so believe in forgiving.

6- Talk more

Talk moreCommunication is the key, for any happy and long lasting relationship. Talk and express your likes and opinions. Don’t be judgmental, but keep healthy discussions on.

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7- Sneak time out with your partner

Sneak time out with your partnerSometimes after years into a relationship, with children and other responsibilities, we tend to forget about the romantic moments shared. Keep the romance alive and take time out from your schedule, for the perfect candle-lit dinner, romantic movie night, date night, holding hands and walking just the two of you

8- Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and every special day spent

Celebrate anniversariesRemembering and cherishing the memories together is yet another important aspect of saving relationship from crisis. Make time for the special days and celebrate the wonderful moments spent together, create even more memories to cherish for years ahead.

9- Surprise gifts are always appreciated

Surprise giftsRemember those days when surprises were a routine, at the onset of your relationship. Rekindle the same element and bring back those moments to life.

10- Don’t expect too much

Don’t expect too muchWith time the relationships start becoming real and routine. So expecting too much from each other may become a cause for crisis. It is better to grow and mature in a relationship. Commitment is not a just a 10 letter word but a lifetime of promise. Once you promise to share yourself with someone, start finding ways to keep it going. For any successful association, be it live-in relationship, engagement or marriage the ones that last forever are those which survived the roller coaster of life.

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Some handy tips to reignite the passion and keep the love alive in your relationship

  • your relationshipHug often, kiss frequent and love immense that’s how it should be
  • Explore new exciting things by going on adventurous expeditions together
  • Have a weekly date night
  • Keep the passion alive
  • It’s not an elaborate meal but just a cup of coffee can do the trick

Every relationshipEvery relationship goes through testing times and how well couples stand through it makes the relationship strong. How to save your relationship from crisis is a compilation, to help you revitalize the love and passion in your relationship and save it from mid life crisis.

Minu Manisha

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